Are Immigrants Happy in Canada?

Every year, thousands of people migrate to Canada. These are even the lucky ones as thousands of others are denied entry. This might make one wonder about what attracts immigrants to the country. So, are immigrants in Canada happy?

Yes, Canadian immigrants are quite happy. They are the 7th happiest immigrants globally. Factors responsible for this positive review include inclusive attitude, strong economy, universal healthcare, excellent educational system, environment, multiculturalism, safety, and stable political system.

All these factors generally improve the quality of life for residents. Most immigrants move to Canada for a better life, and they’re not disappointed. Here, we discuss whether immigrants are happy in Canada and, if so, why?

Why is Canada a Great Place for Immigrants

There are several reasons why this northernmost country continues to rank high on the list of every migrant. These include

1.   Inclusive Attitude of Residents

Canada is one of the most inclusive places to live globally and has strong support for diversity.  In 2005, it became the 4th country to legalize same-sex marriage and was the first non-European country. This legalization reflects the majority’s view in the country, with 74% of Canadians supporting marriage between two people of the same sex in a 2017 poll.

This inclusive attitude isn’t restricted to same-sex marriage; it also reflects the nation’s approach to women’s involvement in decision-making. Basic women’s rights have been in existence for a long time here and continue to improve. For example, when Justin Trudeau became the prime minister, he committed to making 50% of cabinet members women.

2.   Strong Economy

Canada’s economy may not be as strong as that of the United States, but it’s still one of the largest in the world. Even though its population is quite small, its economy is currently number 9 globally. Moreover, the strong economy is service sector-oriented despite the wealth of natural resources in the country. As a result, immigrants from less developed countries have better opportunities than they did in their home countries.

3.   Top-notch Educational System

According to a UNESCO report, Canada is the most educated country in the world. Even though it doesn’t have an Ivy League university, it spends heavily on education per capita. This has made its K – 12 public education system far better than other countries. The universities, too, are excellent with renowned institutions such as the University of Toronto, McGill University, University of British Columbia, and McMaster University, which are among the top hundred universities globally.

The education system isn’t only excellent. It’s also very affordable. Of course, citizens and permanent residents enjoy this educational system the most. But international students pay less here than they do in other developed  countries.

4.   Universal Healthcare

This is one of the best things about this country. Citizens and Permanent residents enjoy almost free access to healthcare, with 70% of their healthcare costs borne by the government. Universal healthcare means they spend less on healthcare than other countries such as the United States. The high quality of healthcare also means that the life expectancy is quite high. Despite the healthcare system’s challenges, such as long wait times, many Canadians will still choose their provincial and territorial health insurance program above any other.

5.   Peace and Security

Many immigrants leave your country of origin because of insecurity or political unrest. Moving to Canada guarantees increased peace for these people as the level of safety here is very high. The country is very keen on gun control and quite diplomatic compared to several other nations. Canada is currently the 12th ranking nation in terms of the global peace index.  The country’s crime rate is very low and gets lower in suburbs and small towns. This is generally a good chance for immigrants moving from unstable countries.

6.   Beautiful Environment

It’s hard to discuss why immigrants love Canada without mentioning its beautiful scenery. This country is pro-conservation and has managed to keep most of its forest areas pristine despite the population growth and economic development. There are thousands of parks here, with almost every community having its park. The natural wonders here are very numerous that one can dedicate years to seeing them without being done.

It also has a stunning coastline where residents get the best views of the wild seas. It has the largest coastline in the world at about 20,000 kilometres, four times larger than that of Indonesia, which is second. The environment here is very clean, and despite the cold, the beaches are still a delight to visit. Beyond its natural beauty, there are many amazing and historic structures here. Several parts of the country reflect the old European architecture with massive structures built from stones. Living amidst such beauty will surely make anyone happy.

7.   Stable Political System

If you’re moving from a totalitarian country into Canada, the stable democracy practiced here will surely be a welcome development. The government here is controlled by either the Liberal or Conservative parties. While both are different in some ways, there appears to be a rather centrist view when it comes to hot button issues. Issues such as immigration, environmental concerns, abortion, LGBTQ, etc., which can be divisive even in some democratic states, rarely get controversial.

Like all political systems, Canada has its fair share of scandals and controversies, but they rarely get out of proportion. The country practices a form of socialist democracy that allows capitalism but regulates it to not harm the citizens.

8.   Multiculturalism

Canada has adopted a multicultural approach to immigration since the 1970s and continues to practice it in full swing. It accepts a large population of immigrants every year, whether temporary or permanent. This ensures that a significant proportion of residents aren’t natives or they’re foreign-born. Cultural diversity has helped to build several communities all over the country where people maintain their cultural identity and also integrate into Canada.

In Conclusion

Canadian immigrants have several reasons to be happy. The country offers some of the best quality of living while also encouraging diversity and multiculturalism. As a result, immigrants feel very welcome when they move to Canada.

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