Best Cabin to Rent on Airbnb in BC

Everyone needs a getaway every once in a while. Airbnb has absolutely revolutionized the tourism industry by allowing people to rent out their homes and vacation homes to customers looking for something other than a hotel to stay in. There are a lot of great places to consider on Airbnb. If you are planning to visit British Columbia, you might just ask, “What is the best cabin to rent on Airbnb in BC?”

The answer to this question is, of course, totally subjective. People will always have a different answer since a definition of “best” might mean something different to different people. So, to answer what the best cabin is to rent on Airbnb, we’ll look at a few different things, including location, price, ratings, and uniqueness. 

At the end of the day, there might not be one single best cabin to rent on Airbnb… There are a whole bunch! Let this article help guide you when you’re making up your mind on where to stay in BC!

Popular locations to rent an Airbnb in BC

Airbnb has dominated most of the world, at this point. Well, you can at least find an Airbnb in any city or town! The same is true for BC—there are Airbnbs all over the province. BC is a beautiful province with diverse landscapes and lots to offer. What Airbnb you choose will ultimately depend on where you are staying and what kind of vacation you’re looking for.

Here are some of the popular locations in BC for an Airbnb cabin getaway:

  1. Vancouver Island: located off the coast of the mainland, Vancouver Island offers so much for visitors to enjoy. It has beautiful scenery and is more secluded and quiet than the mainland. There are some great options for cabin Airbnbs, such as these ones:
    • Shipwreck Cottage in Tofino, a popular surfing spot (rated 4.98 with over 100 reviews)
    • The Cedar Nook in Sooke, a quiet spot on the ocean near Victoria (rated 4.89 with nearly 200 reviews)
  2. Gulf Islands: while Vancouver Island is remote, the Gulf Islands are even more so! It’s the perfect spot to cozy up in a cabin Airbnb and just get some R&R. One top-rated Airbnb cabin is the Forest Haven BNB on Pender Island (4.94 rating with over 150 reviews).
  3. BC Interior: the central region of BC is home to lake country—great spots for a summertime getaway to spend some time relaxing lakeside. There are some great Airbnb cabins in this area as well, including:
  4. Whistler: most famous for its world-class skiing and snowboarding, Whistler is an iconic getaway spot. Whether you like hitting the slopes or just want to stay somewhere cozy, a cabin in Whistler is the place to do it! One top-rated Airbnb cabin is this ski-in/ski-out spot! (4.88 rating)

There are so many other popular destinations in BC, but these are some of the top spots with amazing Airbnb cabins. 

Top-rated Airbnb cabins in BC

When looking for an Airbnb, make sure that you consider the rating left by other people’s reviews. Reviews are usually one of the main factors in determining the best place to stay! 

When looking at Airbnb cabins in BC, some things to look for are:

  • The overall rating. The best options are ones that are rated at least 4.5/5.
  • Other clients’ reviews. What are other people saying about their stay? Is it positive? Is there anything to be concerned about?
  • The host. Some hosts are “superhosts” as marked by Airbnb for their commitment to excellence and trustworthiness. It’s a good thing to look out for to make sure you are choosing a top spot. 

Best priced Airbnb cabins in BC

Another way to determine the “best” cabin to rent on Airbnb in BC is the price. For a lot of people, the price is actually the most important factor if you are on any kind of a budget. So, it’s important to keep in mind the price when you are choosing somewhere to stay. 

Here are some things to keep in mind regarding price when choosing an Airbnb cabin in BC:

  • How many people can stay there? If there is room for four, six, or even eight guests, then you can split the cost with a bunch of people. This can make it more cost-effective overall.
  • When are you going? Consider planning a trip during the off-season, as prices are generally lower.
  • How long are you staying for? Some Airbnb hosts will offer long-term discounts if you are staying for a few weeks or months.
  • Keep an eye out for fees. There are both booking and cleaning fees on Airbnb, and some listings have additional fees as well. Just keep an eye out for the total price to ensure that you are staying on budget.

Unique Airbnb cabins in BC 

One of the benefits of Airbnb is that you can really choose something unique! It’s much more fun to stay in a one-of-a-kind Airbnb instead of a regular hotel. Here are some of the most unique Airbnb cabins in BC:

  • Cob Cottage: Located on Mayne Island, this place is one of a kind! It’s super unique and quirky, and customers love it—they have nearly 600 ratings for an average of 4.98!
  • The Treehouse: Located in Chilliwack, this interesting Airbnb is a treehouse! You’ll love climbing up to it and channelling your inner child while being immersed in nature. They have a 5-star rating with over 162 reviews!
  • The Rainforest Yurt: Located in Courtenay, this spot is super cool. It’s a yurt, which is like a giant tent, that is decorated beautifully. It strives to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces so you can feel like you are really getting away from it all. They have a 2.99 rating with nearly 100 reviews.


Planning a trip can be so much fun. If you are planning a visit to BC, there are tons of great spots to visit! It’s a beautiful province with diverse landscapes, cities, and activities. Depending on the type of holiday you want will determine where you choose to go.

Airbnb offers unique getaway spots if you are looking for something out of the ordinary. There are some really amazing cabins on Airbnb throughout BC. While it may be hard to say what the absolute best cabin to rent on Airbnb in BC is, this article gave a few different options. Additionally, we looked at some factors that make an Airbnb the “best” choice. Whichever place you choose, we hope you have a good trip to BC!

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