Best cities to live in Canada for immigrants

Canada welcomes thousands of people every year. If you’re planning to migrate here and don’t know where to stay, you’re not alone. So, which cities are best for immigrants in Canada?

The best cities for immigrants in Canada include Ottawa, Richmond, Calgary, Burlington, Toronto, Halifax, Vancouver, Mississauga, Gatineau, and Surrey. While all these cities have unique characteristics, they share similar features such as diversity, opportunities, safety, and high quality of life.

Beyond all these cities, there are still others that offer similar qualities for immigrants. Where you live will depend on several factors and your family’s needs. Here, we discuss the best Canadian cities to live in for immigrants.

1.      Ottawa, Ontario

The capital city of Canada is also one of the best places for immigrants in the country. Its low crime rate, minimal population, and exceptional public transport mean an excellent quality of life for residents. Ottawa also has one of the best educational systems in Canada, with several high-ranking universities in the city. 

The unemployment rate here is low, and most jobs are in education, applied science, management, law, and community.

Since English is the predominant language here, you won’t have any trouble integrating. It also has a large percentage of immigrants, with 20% of its population being immigrants. Even though the cost of living is above average, it’s still very affordable.

2.      Richmond, British Columbia

Richmond is a suburb of Vancouver and close enough to the downtown. It’s one of the best cities for immigrants in the country, with almost half of its population being immigrants.

The cost of living here isn’t as high as what you’ll get in other areas of Vancouver, and the average salary is high. You can live here and work in Vancouver, as public transit is available.

If you’re moving from a tropical country, this place is lovely because it is part of the Greater Vancouver Area, with the warmest weather.

3.      Calgary, Alberta

It’s the third-largest city in Canada and one of the best places for immigrants. The oil industry here has contributed to its massive growth, and anyone in the engineering, mining, or mechanical field can easily find opportunities here.

Entrepreneurs are also welcome. Even though its oil and gas industry is its driving force, Calgary’s economy is becoming more diversified, which means more opportunities for everyone.

With several parks and playgrounds in the city and its excellent school system, Calgary is a good place to raise kids. The crime rate is low, and unemployment is getting better. The cost of living here is affordable compared with other major cities, and the high wages make things better.

4.      Burlington, Ontario

This city is open to immigrants, with around 18% of its residents falling into that category. Unemployment is low, and there are many great outdoor and natural sites.

The quality of life here is excellent, with the residents having access to healthcare and educational facilities.

Even though it’s one of the most expensive cities in the country, its pleasant weather, low crime rate, ease of finding jobs, and high income make it a great place.

Thriving industries here include food processing, transportation, packaging, electronics, environmental sector, chemical, and business services.

5.      Toronto, Ontario

This might be the most expensive city in the country, but it also offers an exceptional quality of life. Toronto is excellent in healthcare, security, ease of doing business, and innovation.

As the commercial hub of Canada, there are thousands of opportunities in almost every industry here, and the wages are also great.

All these make it one of the happiest places to work and live. The unemployment rate is low, but the cost of living here, especially when it comes to accommodation, is through the roof. So if you’re looking for jobs in the ICT sector, Toronto is the place to come.

6.      Halifax, Nova Scotia

The provincial capital of Nova Scotia is also one of the best places to live. Its low property tax and safe and clean environment make it one of the best places to live.

The city is a blend of rural and urban, making it different from other major cities in the country. The harbour town welcomes thousands of immigrants every year, and its housing options are quite affordable compared to other major Canadian cities.

Major industries in Halifax include agriculture, mining, natural gas extraction, forestry, and fishing.

7.      Vancouver, British Columbia

This metropolitan city is a delight in many ways. It has the warmest weather among major cities and is ethnically diverse.

Neighbourhoods here offer amazing sights and opportunities, whether recreational or employment. In addition, Vancouver’s educational institutions are excellent, which makes it a great place to raise children. The only downside to living in Vancouver is its cost of housing and living.

These are very high but might be affordable since the average income is quite remarkable.

8.      Mississauga, Ontario

This is the biggest satellite town in the Greater Toronto Area. It has a population of around 800,000 and is very diverse with several immigrant communities. Over 50% of residents here speak other languages apart from English.

The economy of this city is also booming by all standards, with several large corporations having their headquarters here. Pearson International Airport is partly here, making it a key center for the aeronautics industry in Canada.

Top sectors here include computer and electronics, pharmaceutical, transportation and equipment, and banking and finance. The cost of living here is high, but still lower than in Toronto.

9.      Gatineau, Québec

If you speak French, this is a city to consider. Its unemployment rate is low, and almost 10% of residents are immigrants. The cost of living here is very low compared to many other cities in the country, and it’s relatively safe. What further makes this city great is its proximity to Ottawa.

10. Surrey, British Columbia

Here is another city in Metro Vancouver that is open to immigrants. South Asians, Chinese, and Southeast Asians account for almost 50% of its population.

Over half the population have a mother tongue that isn’t English. Agriculture used to be the major industry here, but the television and film industry has also grown significantly. Its tech sector is growing, and so is the health industry.

While it might not be a cheap city, its cost of living is lower than that of major cities, and it’s close enough to Vancouver.

In Conclusion

Migrating to Canada can be a challenging adventure which is why knowing where to live is important. Fortunately, there are several immigrant-friendly cities in the country.

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