Best Place to Live in Canada for a Single Female

There are lots of amazing places to stay in Canada. But when it comes to access to opportunities for single women, all places are not the same. Some offer more opportunities than others. So, what’s the best place to live in Canada for a single female.

The best place to live for a woman in Canada is Victoria.  It’s the best based on factors like access to leadership opportunities, education, economic security, healthcare, and safety. But there are other amazing cities, such as Quebec City, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Hamilton, and St. John’s.

All these cities aren’t just amazing because of their performance on the gender equality index. They also contain a large percentage of the young and single population which makes them great places for young professionals to find economic opportunities and love. This article looks at the best places in Canada to live for single women.

Best Places to Live as a Single Woman in Canada

In choosing which city is best for a single female, we consider several factors. First is the gender equality index, which deals with equal access to opportunities and positions for men and women. But there’s more than that. Most of these cities are also relatively safe, have above-average employment conditions, affordable housing, and other qualities that make a city livable. Here are the top cities to stay in if you’re a single woman living or planning to move to Canada

1.      Victoria

According to the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Victoria is the best metropolitan area for women in Canada. The city offers many opportunities for women, both in terms of economic opportunities to leadership roles. The wage gap between gender here is also very low, and there are more women in schools here than men.

For a single woman, equal access to opportunities, wages, and social services is essential, and Victoria appears to have prioritized its women, especially when it comes to political leadership. For a comfortable city like Victoria, the cost of living is only slightly above the national average, with housing costing less. As a capital city, there are several economic opportunities here too. Although the crime rate is statistically above the Canadian average, the city is quite safe. 34.69% of the city population of over 85,000 people are single.

2.      Quebec City

This is one of the country’s oldest cities and one of Canada’s best places to live as a woman. With a livability score of 81, this city performs well on many levels. The crime rate is low, which means women don’t have to worry about their security in the city. The cost of living is also very low for a city its size, but that’s not surprising considering Quebec. Employment conditions are average, and housing is affordable too.

About 600,000 people live here, and of that number, 31.5% were single in the city as of 2017. This means you, single residents, here will get the chance to meet several other people any day, any time.

3.      Toronto

The economic capital of Canada surely offers tons of opportunities for a single woman. Whether you’re looking for schools or work, there’s no limit to what’s achievable here. There are several universities, and some of the highest-paying jobs in the country are right here. In terms of dating, the city has a population of about 3 million, with almost a million of them being single. The population density works in favour of anyone who’s trying to find a partner here because there are lots of options.

However, Toronto is a very expensive and competitive city with unaffordable housing. So, if you’re planning to move, there must be ready for the high cost. But, beyond that, everything seems alright in terms of safety, livability, and opportunities.

4.      Vancouver

There’s no way we can talk about the best places for single women in Canada without mentioning Vancouver. The city offers plenty of opportunities for young professionals to explore, and its bustling nightlife is the ideal setting to find a romantic partner. It’s a beautiful city with lots of amazing and romantic places to check out.

It’s not only your dating life that will improve with this city. Vancouver offers several economic opportunities, which makes sense given that it’s an expensive city to live in. Unfortunately, housing isn’t that affordable either, but you can take solace in the below-average crime rate.

5.      Montreal

Montreal is one of the biggest cities in Canada, and it’s number 6 when it comes to the best cities to live for women. The city is very affordable, which means your economic security is assured here. Housing is affordable, too, and you don’t have to worry about personal security because the crime is far below the Canadian average. However, employment conditions are below par even though the livability rating is excellent.

If you’re looking for a partner, this city might be ideal for you too. The glamourous city of Montreal is quite romantic and offers several opportunities for you to find love. In addition, 36.89% of its over a million population are single. So, you’ll find a lot of eligible, like-minded people here.

6.      St. John’s

St. Johns is one of the finest cities in Newfoundland and Labrador, and if you’re a woman, it’s one of the best places to live. A substantial percentage of residents in this east coast city are single. The city also has a growing coastal economy with opportunities available for residents. However, its biggest advantage is the low cost of living.

7.      Hamilton

The city of Hamilton has an excellent livability score of 74. When you consider the factors that contribute to this score, such as low crime level, affordability, above-average employment conditions, and affordable housing, you understand why it’s a good place to live for a single female.

Of course, romance is in the air here too. The city is growing fast, which means lots of young and single people are moving here.

In Conclusion

Victoria is the best city to live in as a single female in Canada. But there are other amazing cities too. All the cities perform well in terms of equal opportunities for genders by providing women with access to leadership positions, economic security, personal security, and of course, love.

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