Best Place to Live in Toronto

Are you planning to move to Toronto? Then you’d be looking to live in the best places in this metro city. So, what’s the best place to live in Toronto?

The best place in Toronto for those who want the urban lifestyle is Kensington Market. Other amazing areas in the city include West Queen West, East Chinatown, The Annex, Bloordale Village, Liberty Village, High Park North, King West, Roncesvalles, and Davisville Village/St. Clair, and Scarborough.

Each of these areas is unique and has features that define it. But they’re all prime real estate spots offering you the best sides of the city. This article discusses the best places to live in Toronto.

1.  Kensington Market

This neighbourhood is one of the most diverse and famous in the city. You’ll find restaurants, cafes, bars, thrift shops, and food outlets here. What makes this great is that everything you need is easily accessible, and Downtown is close. As a result, the Kensington market has a unique feel to it. But the streets are pretty narrow, so driving here might not be advisable. You can easily go through the area on foot without any problem, of course.

2.  West Queen West

This area was once on the list of coolest neighbourhoods in the world, according to Vogue. That only goes to show how amazing it is. West Queen West offers several facilities for its residents, and when it comes to entertainment, this is one of the best places you can be. This neighbourhood has art galleries, vintage shops, boutiques, and more, ensuring that residents never get bored.

3.  Davisville Village/St. Clair

This area is in midtown and an excellent residential area. You’ll find several families and professionals living here because it’s also affordable while still being serene and peaceful. There’s a high park here where several locals usually spend their evenings. St. Clair isn’t the most bubbly neighbourhood in Toronto, but it has the homely feel that makes it a great residential area.

4.  East Chinatown

Chinatown is primarily the home of the Chinese community in Toronto. Over time, it has become a crowded market, with everything from fruits and vegetables to knockoff fashion items available. But when it comes to a place to live, East Chinatown is gradually becoming the home of many as it offers the quiet that’s hard to find in Chinatown proper. There are also several locations nearby with great entertainment options, so if you’re feeling bored, you only need to drive out for a night of fun.

5.  Roncesvalles

This area has a large polish population, and the polish heritage is deeply rooted in the community. It has become the home of creatives and professional artists in Toronto these days. Despite its popularity, rent here is cheaper than in other popular parts of Toronto. Most of the neighbourhood is residential, but a commercial strip hosts the area’s bars, coffee shops, and restaurants. The only negative here is that it’s far from Downtown, and the only way to easily get to the city center would be to live close to the Dundas West subway.

6.  Scarborough

This neighbourhood is like a suburb of Toronto and offers some of the best rental rates in the city. It’s very popular among new immigrants, which has contributed to the diversity and vibrancy of the area. The multiculturalism of GTA reaches a whole new high when you get to Scarborough. It’s one of the best places to live in the city as it offers all the facilities needed for a comfortable lifestyle. The crime rates are also low compared to other parts of Toronto, making this area an ideal place to raise children.

7.  The Annex

This neighbourhood is in the West End of Toronto and is home to young creatives and professionals. It’s also home to the students and staff of the University of Toronto. The main part of The Annex mostly consists of old houses and several eateries and bars with a student-friendly budget. But the area isn’t only for students. It’s an attractive area for people of all age groups with several new businesses opening up in the neighbourhood. In addition, the Annex is close to three subway stations – Spadina, St George, and Bathurst – which makes it easy to move from here to other parts of the city.

8.  Bloordale Village

This family-friendly neighbourhood has a lot to offer residents in terms of amenities. It’s in between Lansdowne street and Dufferin street, which means you can easily go to Dufferin mall, which has lots of shopping options for residents. Transportation is convenient here, too, because both Lansdowne and Dufferin have subway stations. So, you can easily check out other parts of the city.

9.  King West

This is one of the most exciting neighbourhoods to live in the city, and if you want to have a feel of the city, it’s a good place to start. But it’s also very expensive, and if you plan to live here, you’ll most likely be living in a condo. There are several high-rise apartments here too, and most of these residential blocks come with parking and gym facilities. The benefit of living here is that you get premium value for your money as you have easy access to the Downtown. That means you can easily check out the nightlife options, yoga studios, restaurants, and more available here. The Rogers Centre, Echo Beach concert venue and Air Canada Centre are close to here. So, residents can attend various events.

10.              High Park North

This neighbourhood is a good change from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s mostly residential buildings with high-rise apartments. High Park is to the south of the neighbourhood and is one of the biggest parks in North America, around 400 acres.  As a resident in High Park North, you can explore all the amazing facilities and the serene environment that the park offers. Transportation from here to Downtown is easy, especially during the day. But you might find yourself paying more at night.

11.              Liberty Village

This neighbourhood is mostly made up of high-rise condos on the end of King West. Most of those who live here are young professionals, and liberty village has become popular. There are several businesses here to meet the demands of the growing population, and it’s close to the BMO Field.

In Conclusion

Toronto has several amazing neighbourhoods for residents, whether in the city or the suburbs. The only challenge of living here is the high accommodation cost in most parts.

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