Best Region to live in Vancouver

If you’re planning to live in Vancouver, you must already know that it’s an amazing place. But every part of the city isn’t the same. Some neighbourhoods are nicer than others. So, what’s the best region to live in in Vancouver.

The best region to reside in Vancouver is Downtown. It’s the central area of the city and where you’ll find most of its commercial and fun spots. You can also live in other amazing places, such as North Vancouver, East Vancouver, South Granville, Kitsilano, South Vancouver, and West Point Grey.

However, you need to know that living in Vancouver is expensive, especially if you’re living in a great area. That said, these regions offer the best access to amenities, and most are also family-friendly. This article discusses the best regions to live in Vancouver.

1.      Downtown

The Downtown or central area of Vancouver is the best area to live in the city. It’s a thriving and popular neighbourhood with most of the city’s attractions.  Young professionals usually prefer living here due to the bustling social scene. In addition, the region is only a few minutes away from business, entertainment, and main shopping districts. Stanely Park and the Seawall are also nearby, and it’s the commercial center of the city.

Another reason a Downtown is an amazing place is the diversity in the area. Residents here are of different cultural groups, and the LGBT community is quite vibrant here too. So, if you’re looking for a friendly community to call home, you can consider living here. Other places Downtown includes Gastown, Coal Harbour, Yaletown, etc.

If you’re planning to live Downtown, you should be ready for the high rents that come with these areas. West End is the most affordable neighbourhood Downtown, and the closer you are to the center of Downtown, the more expensive the rent gets.

2.      Kitsilano

Also called Kits, this area is on the western part of Vancouver and contains Kits Beach and Jericho Beach. From here, you can get a great view of North Shore and Downtown here, and it’s a great place for several young families and students moving to Vancouver. This region is especially bubbly in the summer, with the yoga studios, cafes, and organic markets at full capacity. Vancouver’s Greektown is also here.

Rent in Kitsilaiano varies based on which part of the area you opt to live in. For example, the neighbourhood around Kits Beach is the most expensive. But you can find cheaper rents around West Broadway Street to the south or neighbourhoods closer to the University of British Columbia on the west.

3.      East Vancouver

This is where popular neighbourhoods such as Main Street and Commercial Drive are. If you plan to live here, you’ll do well to avoid the Downtown area immediately after Main Street to the east. These areas, such as downtown eastside and East Hastings, are known for homelessness, poverty, crime, drug use, and prostitution. But once you head farther to the east, you’ll discover the eclectic East Van neighbourhoods with amazing conditions and reasonable rents.

East Van is like an antithesis of Downtown. The hippy vibe that characterizes Downtown is absent here. What you get instead is a quiet and down-to-earth community where everyone goes about their business without any hassle. It often houses blue-collar workers, families, young couples, and students, all of which help keep its rents low. Even though it’s not as loud or wild as some other regions in the city, it still has several attractions. Mainstreet, for example, is like the mecca for art, design, and fashion boutiques in Vancouver. You’ll also find several restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores.

If you’re an artist living in Vancouver or you’re interested in buying local handmade art, Mainstreet is where to get all that you need. Commercial Drive is a blend of commercial and residential buildings. Just as there are many businesses here, you will also find social housing and various heritage buildings. If you’re looking for an affordable home with a nice backyard, this is the kind of place you can get it. However, rental houses are usually split into separate quarters, which means you’ll probably share homes with other people.

4.      North Vancouver

Neighbourhoods in North Vancouver are becoming more popular in recent years, especially among newcomers. This region is a city in its own right, and it’s ideal for families. In addition, North Shore mountains are very accessible from here, and the rents are affordable too. So, if you’re working in the local mountains near Vancouver, staying here is ideal for you.

Transportation services from here to Downtown are easily available, with the SeaBus leaving for Downtown every 15 or 30 minutes, depending on whether it’s peak hours or not. There are also bus services which mean you can stay here and still work Downtown.

5.      South Vancouver

Here is another family-friendly region for those who want to stay in Vancouver. It is usually quiet, with trees lining the street and several parks where children play. You’ll also find several large homes here that have been built for decades. Communities in this area include Kerrisdale, Marpole, Collingwood, Renfrew, etc. The last two communities especially have very affordable accommodation, making them a great place for lower-income families to stay.

6.      South Granville

The attractive neighbourhood of South Granville is only a few minutes from Downtown Vancouver. The transportation system in this neighbourhood connects it to every part of the city. Beyond that, the neighbourhood itself offers upscale shops, art galleries, boutiques, bookshops, and it’s also a foodie paradise with several innovative and unique restaurants. All these make it a thriving social environment.

7.      West Point Grey

This is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the city, and it’s an incredibly scenic environment. It’s the kind of place where there’s always an instagrammable moment each time you step out. There are two beaches here Jericho Beach and Spanish Banks. Point Grey Village, one of the top shopping districts in the country, is also part of this neighbourhood.


There are several great regions and neighbourhoods in Vancouver. Each of these areas has amazing amenities with a serene environment. Even though some have very expensive rents, the positive qualities far outweigh the negative ones, and they all contribute to making Vancouver the amazing city that it is.

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