Can a Canadian live in the US and work in Canada?

Canada and the US share the largest land border in the world. The proximity between the two countries makes it possible for residents to move easily from one to another. So, can a Canadian live in the US and work in Canada?

Canadians living in the US can still work in Canada. Since citizens can’t lose that status no matter how long they live in another country, you won’t need a work permit to work in Canada. Revocation of citizenship affects this right. Residing in the US and working in Canada has tax implications.

However, Canadians living in the US might lose their provincial healthcare benefits once they don’t have tax obligations in Canada. This article discusses citizenship and the nuances of living in the US as a Canadian and the best places to live in the US while working in Canada.

Does a Canadian living in America need a work permit to work in Canada?

A Canadian living in America doesn’t need a work permit to work in Canada. Part of the benefits of citizenship is the freedom to work anywhere within the country as long as you’re qualified. So, unless you’ve renounced your citizenship or it has been revoked, you can work anywhere in Canada from the United States.

Tax Implications

Canadians who live in another country may still have to pay territorial or provincial income taxes in Canada. This is because Canada usually bases taxes on residency. So, you need to visit the Canada Revenue Agency to determine your residency status. If you’ve severed residency with Canada totally, you won’t need to pay income taxes. But that also means you can’t enjoy benefits such as healthcare in Canada.

In the US, tax is based on residency and citizenship. So, a Canadian living in the US and working in Canada will have to pay tax to the US. Normally, a non-resident who works and earns in Canada has to pay taxes on his income in Canada. But you can apply for exemptions from the withholding taxes in Canada. In that case, you’ll have to pay income taxes in the US to meet the tax obligations. However, to claim that you’re not a resident of Canada for tax purposes, you must spend more than 183 days in a calendar year.

To fully understand your tax obligations, you might have to speak with relevant tax authorities or even a tax expert. The most important thing is to ensure you don’t go against the tax laws. Regardless of where you pay your income taxes, you’ll still have to pay property taxes if you have properties in Canada.

How Long Can a Canadian Live in Another Country?

Once a citizen of Canada is always a citizen. Your citizenship is irrevocable no matter how long you live abroad. Thus, persons born in Canada can’t stop being citizens because they stop living in the country. But it’s possible to renounce citizenship.

Revocation of Citizenship

It’s possible for a naturalized Canadian, i.e., dual citizen, to lose Canadian citizenship. This will happen if the person is found guilty of committing fraud in the process of applying for citizenship. Citizenship is also revocable when the person is guilty of crimes against humanity, high treason, spying, or serving in an enemy armed forces during the war.

It’s the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration that commences the revocation process. The person will get a letter notifying them of that revocation of citizenship under consideration. What usually comes next is a long process during which Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada review the case. The person can submit a written statement in response to the allegations directly or through a lawyer. The matter may even get to court if there are questions regarding the evidence.

The person will retain the rights and duties of a citizen throughout the process. But it’s impossible to renounce citizenship once there’s a notice of possible revocation. The authorities will serve a notice once there’s a decision. The minister only decided on revocation due to fraudulent activities in citizenship or permanent residency application. It’s the Federal Court that decides on more serious crimes. One can appeal the Minister’s decision in the Federal Court within 30 days.

The revocation can have either of two consequences:

  • If the fraud leading to revocation was from citizenship application, the person would go back to being a permanent resident
  • If the fraud was from a permanent residency application, the person would no longer have any status in Canada, even if that’ll leave the person stateless.

Best Places to Live in The Us While Working in Canada

As a Canadian who wants to live in the US while still working in your home country, you’ll need to consider several things, including the daily commute. That’s why it’s best to live in the border towns and cities. Depending on where you’re working in Canada, the closest cities to live include:

1.   Detroit, Michigan

Detroit is one of the biggest US cities close to Canada. It’s only about 7 minutes from Detroit to Windsor, Ontario, through the Detroit Windsor Tunnel. Passing through the border doesn’t even require a passport on most occasions. You need to show your government-issued means of identification, and you’ll easily get through.

2.   Buffalo, New York

Buffalo is also quite close to Canada, depending on which part of the country you’re going to. Its proximity to Ontario and major Canadian cities makes it a great place. With only a 2 hours distance between here and Toronto, you can work in Canada’s financial hub and live in the US. There are several transport options including ferry, buses, and trains. Of course, Toronto is just the biggest Canadian city close by. There are other closer cities such as Hamilton, Mississauga, etc.

3.   Niagara Falls, New York

This scenic town is less than 20 minutes away from its twin city in Ontario, Canada. It’s only over an hour from Toronto as well. So, it’s a worthwhile option to consider when looking for where to live in the country.

4.   Seattle, Washington

Seattle is another major city in the US that’s close to Canada. It’s slightly 2 hours from Vancouver, British Columbia. Of course, there are several small towns in Washington closer to Canada.

In Conclusion

There are thousands of Canadians who live in the US. Most times, people who move to the US do so for better jobs. But if you’re in the US and get a great offer from Canada, you can still take it. Of course, the commute might be a little inconvenient, but you can get used to it.

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