Gift Ideas for Canadian Citizenship Ceremony

If you know someone who is getting their Canadian citizenship, you’ve likely asked yourself what kind of gift to bring to their ceremony. The good news is there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

You can give your newly Canadian friend classic Canadian gifts such as maple syrup, Canadian Ice Wine, Aboriginal artwork, a wool blanket, or Canadian sports gear. You can also try other gifts such as a mug, a flag, a padded folder or a frame for a citizenship certificate, or even a passport cover. 

Let’s take a look at the different gifts you can give at a Canadian citizenship ceremony.

Gifts to New Citizens

Before you buy any gifts, you need to know that there is a list of standard gifts given to new citizens at the ceremony itself. 

Each new citizen is given:

  • A program folder that includes a message from the Minister, a “Becoming a Canadian Citizen” brochure, and a national anthem card
  • A Canadian flag
  • A gold-plated maple leaf pin
  • A letter from the Prime Minister
  • A Cultural Access Pass (CAP)
  • A Parks Canada welcome brochure: 1 per family
  • A copy of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Classic Canadian Gifts Ideas

Canada is full of rich heritage and culture, so giving a new citizen a gift that embodies this will make them feel right at home with their new country. Here is a list of various items that can be given as gifts.

Maple Syrup

Canada produces 85% of the world’s maple syrup, and the two are often thought of simultaneously. If you are looking for a gift for a new citizen who loves food, bring them a bottle of maple syrup.

One thing to consider when purchasing syrup is the color. There are three types available: light, amber, and dark. These are then additionally divided into other grades, but they are graded based on their color.

The lightest colored syrups are delicate in taste, while the darkest colored are more intense. When buying for your friend, try to keep in mind what their preferences are.

There is also a difference between pancake syrup and maple syrup. Pancake syrups are usually corn syrups mixed with maple flavoring.

Canadian Ice Wine
Ice Wine

Ice wine is a drink that’s famed around the world. It has won international awards and has given Canada a name in the world of winemaking. This is a great gift option for wine drinkers who like a sweeter wine.

The rich taste, intense flavors, and smoothness make it perfect for dessert wine and set it apart from other wines. Similar to other wine, ice wine is made from grapes. The difference comes from how they are harvested.

The grapes are picked by the end of autumn when temperatures reach below 46℉ (-8℃). The frozen fruit is then picked and pressed, giving it a distinct flavor, unlike regular wine. It’s a practice that began in Germany in 1794 when farmers were trying to save their harvest from frost.

Aboriginal Artwork

Unless you have a couple of million dollars, it’s unlikely that getting an original piece of Aboriginal (Indigenous) artwork is something you can afford. However, a copy can make a wonderful gift for any art enthusiast who is becoming a Canadian citizen.

The Aboriginals of Canada and their history can date as far back as 12,000 years ago. Some of the earliest pieces can date back to 5,000 years ago.

The Aboriginal work inspires many Canadian artists, and that inspiration can be seen in their artwork. Some of their pieces could also be a nice gift for your art enthusiast friends.

If you are looking for copies of Aboriginal artwork, you can find many at the Museum of Anthropology

Wool Blankets
Wool Blankets

Apart from maple syrup, Canada is known for cold winters. Another great gift for a new Canadian citizen is a woolen blanket. Not only do these blankets keep the cold away, but they make great keepsakes as well. 

An example is this authentic Canadian wool blanket from Giftagram. The blanket is made by a family run company and uses raw wool that makes them both durable and warm.

Canadian Sports Gear

Ice hockey
When you think of Canada, many think of the sport of
ice hockey. If your friend is a sports fan, getting them some gear from their favorite Canadian sports team could be a great gift.

As far as ice hockey goes, Canada has many teams to choose from. If you’re looking for a gift for a hockey fan, take a look at a jersey from the Montreal Canadiens. Their team was founded before the National Hockey League (NHL), making them the oldest team in the entire NHL.

Apart from ice hockey, Canada also has a major baseball team in Toronto called the Blue Jays, and they even play in the American Major League East Division. There’s also the Toronto Raptors, a famous basketball team in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

You can get mugs, jerseys, hats, and t-shirts, among other memorabilia, for anyone who’s a fan of Canadian sports. 

Other Gift Ideas

The items listed below are gifts that work no matter what nationality you are. If you’re not sure if a classic Canadian gift will work for your friend, give one of these a try.


Mugs are a great gift for any occasion and can be found in every gift shop, store, or gas station in almost every country you visit.

Something that makes them perfect for a citizenship ceremony is you can sometimes get them personalized with a date of your choice. This means you could use the date they became a Canadian citizen to make the mug special to them.

Mugs also make wonderful gifts because they have an endless variety of uses ranging from coffee drinking to pen holding. It’s a gift you know will get used in some way and not simply stuffed in a drawer somewhere and forgotten about.


Your friend will get a small Canadian flag on a stick at their ceremony, but a full-sized version can make for a thoughtful gift. They’ll be able to fly it outside their home or display it inside.

You can also consider gifting it to them in a flag frame, so they can safely display it in their home. Frames like this can also have the possibility of personalizing them with a meaningful date of your choice. 

Certificate Holders

When you become a citizen, you’ll receive a certificate to commemorate the day. Some people will want to put this in a frame or a nice folder to keep it safe.

You can find different kinds with the country’s seal on them, or just plain with a plastic protective cover inside to keep the documents safe.

A personalized frame can make a great gift as well, so your friend can display their proud moment on a wall in their home. 

Passport Holder

If your new Canadian citizen friend is a big traveler, getting them a new passport holder for their Canadian passport can make a wonderful gift for their citizenship ceremony. 

You can also get these personalized with a quote or date that holds special meaning to them.

Summing Up

When it comes to choosing a gift, it can be quite overwhelming. It never hurts to go with a classic Canadian gift, but other ideas can also be given. Now, you have a list of gift ideas for a Canadian citizenship ceremony.

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