Gift Ideas for Canadian Friends

No matter what the occasion, getting a gift for your friends can be tough. It can be even harder when you aren’t sure what to get for your Canadian friends.

You can never go wrong with mugs, pillows, jewelry, sports gear, or food-related gifts. GIfts that have the nation’s flag, maple leaves, or even sayings from their country can help make your Canadian friend feel right at home. Etsy and Amazon offer a wide variety of options for you to choose from.

Let’s take a look at the best gifts to get your Canadian friend.


Mugs are great gifts to give because of how versatile they are. They can be used for tea, coffee, hot chocolate, wine, or even to hold pens. You can get them personalized or with the Canadian flag on them.

A great example of a mug for your Canadian friend is this mug from Etsy. The I’d Rather Be in Canada mug is great for those friends who might be feeling a little homesick who have a sense of humor. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe. The image won’t fade. This particular mug is also available in other sizes.

You could also get your friend a more traditional style mug. This Colorful Maple Leaf Mug is perfect for those who are more simple in what they like about their home country. It’s also dishwasher and microwave safe.

You can find a variety of mugs here on Etsy. 


Throw pillows can make a wonderful gift for Canadian friends who might like a little extra flair in their homes.

Take a look at this Canadian Flag throw pillow from Redbubble. It’s available for $19.84 for just the cover, and $26.77 for the cover and insert. The cover comes off the insert for easy cleaning and has a concealed zipper for a sleek design.

This Canada Country Pillow is a simply designed cover with insert that sells on Etsy for $42, and shipping is free. The great part about this brand is that they offer pillows for different territories of Canada. So, if there is a specific region that your friend is from, you can get a pillow for them. 


There are various choices in jewelry from the flag to the maple leaf. You can get necklaces, rings, tie clips, or earrings in just about any style that your friend will like.

This Inukshuk Rock Formation necklace is a beautiful display of Canadian culture. The Inukshuk people used to make these stone formations to communicate with other humans in the Arctic. It’s become a cultural symbol for Canadians, and this one can be purchased for $6 on Etsy.

If you’re looking for a gift for a tie-wearing friend, these Candian Flag tie clips could work. They are made with the same proportions as the Canadian flag so that it looks as close to it as possible. They’re available on Amazon for $9.99. You can even get them matching cufflinks.

The great thing about jewelry is how many options there are. You can find maple leaf earrings on Amazon and Etsy, as well as many other vendors.

Sports Gear

Gifts from your friend’s favorite Canadian sports team are great options for a sports enthusiast. Even though the country is big on their ice hockey, they have a few different sports to choose from.

Ice Hockey

Canada is considered the birthplace of ice hockey, making it perfect for your Canadian friends. You can get them sports memorabilia such as posters, sports cards, or signed pictures. Jerseys are a popular gift item as well.

The most popular hockey team in Canada is the Toronto Maple Leaves, closely followed by the Montreal Canadiens. However, you can also find a list of ice hockey teams on the official NHL website. 

Apart from getting a jersey at a game gift shop, you can also get them from Amazon. This Toronto Maple Leaf jersey is available for $125. It’s an authentic jersey and one that your Canadian friend is sure to love.


Even though they are known for their hockey, it’s their baseball team that ranked the highest when it came to Canadian sports based on the number of Google searches. 

This Toronto Blue Jays jersey is a great option if you’re sure what their favorite player is. However, if you happen to know who their favorite player is, try to get them something that sports that person’s name.


Despite being invented by the Canadian James Naismith, there is only one basketball team in Canada. There have been only three teams in Canada since the game was invented, and only the Raptors are left.

The Raptors won their first world championship game in the NBA in 2019, and this 2019 Raptors Flag makes for a great gift for any Canadian basketball fan. They can hang this in their office, living room, or bedroom. It’s the same dimensions as the flag that hung in the stadium after they won the championship.

Ice Wine

If your friend likes food, you might want to consider getting them a food-related gift. Here are a few options you could try.

Maple Shortbread Cookies

Canada is known as one of the leading suppliers of maple syrup. They produce more than 70% of it for the entire world. You can, of course, gift your Canadian friends some syrup straight from their country or get them something just as tasty.

These Maple Shortbread Cookies are $6.99 from Hidden Springs Maple and will give your Canadian friend a little taste of home with every bite. 

Ice Wine

For those Canadian friends who are of drinking age, a nice ice wine could be just the gift you’re looking for. It’s a sweet, dessert wine that is made from frozen grapes. Canada is the largest producer of this type of wine, but it can also be found in Germany and Austria.

The Ganton & Larsen 2010 Vidal Icewine is a great wine to pair with cheesecake. It’s filled with pears, caramel, and spices while leaving behind hints of apricot and honey. It’s one of Canada’s best ice wines and can be purchased from CraftCellars for $41. 

Other Ideas

There are also other ideas that you can try if none of the gifts listed above seem like the right fit for your Canadian friend.

Throw Blankets

The stripes on the Hudson’s Bay point blanket are almost as iconic as the maple leaf in Canada. These blankets were first used among the First Natives to trade for beaver skins and other goods. Now they make wonderful gifts for anyone who likes to snuggle under a warm blanket.

The only downside to these blankets is the price. On Amazon, they’re available for almost $600. If you can afford an authentic Hudson’s Bay blanket, this could be just what you’re looking for. If you can’t afford an authentic, this fleece replica could work just as nicely. 


Sometimes when you are missing home, all it takes is to smell something to bring it all back. Everyone will associate different smells with their homes, but there’s no denying that a candle can be a great gift.

Homesick Candles makes them for different countries, and Canada is no exception. This Canada Candle is the perfect gift to curl up next to with a good book. The top notes of butter, maple, and vanilla are sure to bring a piece of Canada into your friends’ home. These candles are available on Homesick’s website for $34.


Whether it’s for Christmas or to simply show that you care, buying a gift for your Canadian friend can be hard. Hopefully, this list of gift ideas can help make the choice easier.


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