How Much does it Cost to Rent a Boat in Toronto?

Boating is a fun pastime, but not a lot of people own their own boats. They can be expensive to buy and maintain, so renting a boat is a good short-term option. The cost to rent a boat in Toronto will vary quite a bit based on the type of boat you plan on renting. It can cost anywhere between $30/hour to $300+/hour to rent a boat in Toronto. 

Toronto is located on the shores of Lake Ontario, one of the Great Lakes. This offers so many opportunities to get out on the water and enjoy a day boating! This article will look at the different types of boats you can rent in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) as well as the best areas to go boating. It will also include some specific companies you can rent from with the prices they charge. 

Getting out on a boat is a fun way to spend an afternoon or even a few days! Whether you live in the GTA or are just going for a visit, you can use this guide to help you decide what you are going to rent.

Renting a powerboat in Toronto

If you’re looking for something to get your adrenaline pumping, a powerboat is the way to go! You can satisfy your need for speed by cruising around Lake Ontario and having a blast. It’s also the best choice if you plan to do any water sports like waterskiing or wakeboarding. 

There are a number of companies that rent powerboats in Toronto. Reputable companies include Boat Rentals Canada (which has locations all over the country as well as Toronto), Toronto Boat Rentals, and Harbourfront Centre. Rates are between $100-200/hour for a powerboat that can seat up to six or eight passengers. Companies will vary slightly, but this is the expected price at most major boat rental agencies. 

Renting a sailboat in Toronto

Renting a sailboat is a fun way to spend a day out on the water! It does require more skill than other types of boats, so make sure you know how to sail, or are with someone who does. 

One of the top places to rent a sailboat in Toronto is Harbourfront Centre. If you don’t want to sail the boat yourself, you can have a Skipper come with you and sail for you at an additional cost ($55-75/hour). The price of renting a sailboat varies significantly based on the size and capability of the boats. It costs approximately $50/hour with a minimum three-hour rental. 

Renting kayaks and canoes in Toronto

For a more relaxing option, try renting a canoe or kayak in Toronto. Going for a calm, peaceful paddle is one of the best pastimes on a sunny day. This is a popular activity in Toronto because of the proximity to Lake Ontario. It’s a great way to enjoy the scenery, get some exercise, and do something social with friends. 

There are a number of companies that you can rent a boat from in Toronto. Some of the best options include Toronto Beach Kayak, Lake Shore Boat Rentals, and The Boat House. The average price to rent a kayak or canoe in Toronto is about $30-40/hour.

There are a number of islands off the coast of Toronto on Lake Ontario, so many people will take their kayaks and canoes to explore the area. 

Renting luxury boats in Toronto

If you have a special event coming up, renting a luxury boat or yacht can be a really fun way to celebrate! This is, of course, the most expensive type of boat to rent in Toronto, but sometimes it’s fun to splurge and treat yourself. Renting a luxury boat or yacht will cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars an hour to thousands, depending on how large the capacity is. 

There are a few companies in Toronto that offer yachts for rent and charter. Top choices include Gone Sailing Adventures, where yachts can be rented starting from $449/two hours, or Topaz Yacht Charter where yachts can be chartered by the hour or day. Another company is Cityscape Charters, which rents yachts starting at $2,712 for four hours and 12 guests.

Where to boat near Toronto

Toronto and the GTA are located on Lake Ontario, so this is the spot where you would go boating. It might be a lake, but it is one of the Great Lakes, so it is absolutely massive. There are a number of cities and towns all along the shore of the lake, so there are lots of places to explore by boat. Lake Ontario is 18,960 km² and so there is a lot of lake to explore!

The major cities of Kingston, Belleville, Oshawa, Mississauga, and Hamilton are all located along the shores of Lake Ontario, with many other small towns in between. It’s possible to dock your boat, get out, and explore some of these areas!

Lake Ontario is partially in Canada and partially in the United States. So, there is an international border that runs right through the middle of the lake. Keep this in mind when boating and make sure you have proper documentation with you. You can utilize the whole lake while boating, but cannot dock in the United States without reporting to the border services.


Boating is a fun activity and there are a lot of options in the GTA. The weather in Toronto is very warm during the summer, so it’s a great time to go, as are the Spring and Fall (although you probably won’t want to swim!). If you want something relaxing, try kayaking, canoeing, or sailing. If you want some speed and adrenaline, try a motorboat. Finally, if you crave a little luxury or have a big event to celebrate, try a luxury yacht! 

The cost to rent a boat in Toronto varies significantly between these options, ranging from $30/hour to well over $300+ per hour. But, it’s a fun way to spend the day and explore beautiful Lake Ontario! 

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