How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Private Jet in Canada?

What can be more luxurious than renting a private jet? A private jet is a way to get to your destination in comfort, style, and as quickly as possible. Because Canada is a large country with limited transportation options, some people might consider renting a private jet. 

But, how much does it cost to rent a private jet in Canada? Generally speaking, it is quite expensive, but it can vary a lot depending on where you are going and your purpose for renting.

It’s interesting to note that more Canadians have become interested in renting private jets during COVID-19. It’s possible that as more people become interested in it, it will become cheaper and more widely accessible as well. 

Before getting into the specifics of how much it costs to rent a private jet in Canada, we should look at the reasons why to rent one. Then, we’ll look at the prices, and finally, how to go about renting a private jet in Canada.

Why rent a private jet?

There are a number of different reasons why someone would want to rent a private jet. The most obvious reason is privacy.

With a private jet, you are flying either by yourself or with your immediate party, instead of a group of people on a commercial flight. 

Another reason to rent a private jet is because of the comfort. It is so much more luxurious than a commercial airline.

There is also a lot more room, so you can spread out and be comfortable in a private airplane. 

Another reason to rent a private jet is that you can go exactly where you want to. It’s possible that some communities and places are not serviced by regular commercial airlines—or they require a lot of difficult connections—and so a private jet can take you exactly where you want to go.

This is a problem in Canada a lot of the time, as many northern or remote communities are not well-service by commercial airlines and travel options.

How much does it cost to rent a private jet?

Renting a private jet is an expensive way to travel, there’s no way around it. It is more expensive than even flying business or first class on a commercial airline.

The price of renting a private jet will vary quite a bit depending on the size of the airplane, the number of passengers, and the distance you are flying. 

In general, a private jet will cost anywhere between $2,000-$18,000 per hour.

Again, this will depend on the type of aircraft (i.e. a propeller aircraft is the cheapest and smallest airline), and the range it can go, which can vary from four hours of flying to 16 hours. 

To determine how much it costs to rent a private jet in Canada, let’s look at a sampling of the companies in Canada and how much their prices are:

  • Sunwest Aviation offers private jet rentals within Canada. For example, a private flight from Vancouver to Toronto (about seven hours in the air) costs around $60,000 (round-trip). A shorter flight, Toronto to Montreal, is around $37,000.
  • evoJets is a company that has a variety of planes available for private charter. Their flights are a bit cheaper than Sunwest, averaging $31,300-$38,300 for a flight between Vancouver and Toronto (round-trip). A shorter flight, Toronto to Montreal, is around $9,600-$12,300. 

Prices can vary quite a bit, especially depending on what kind of airplane you are using.

The examples above were just quotes, and do not guarantee the prices. It does, however, give you an idea about the cost of renting a private jet in Canada.

It might be helpful to research private jets and learn more about what type of aircraft you want to use. If you are flying by yourself and just a short distance, you only need a small airplane.

However, if you are going with your family or with a group on a longer flight, you’ll need something much larger. 

This website provides details on different types of aircraft and compares them to one another.

There are also price estimates for how much each aircraft will cost per hour.

Prices per hour are between $2,000-$16,000. This is quite a range, so you can see why it’s important to do your research and choose the right aircraft.

How to rent a private jet?

Renting a private jet is fairly easy. There are a number of companies and airlines that own a fleet of small airplanes that will fly you to your desired destination.

Typically, the process to rent a private jet would be to contact the company and get a custom quote. Prices will vary based on the size of the plane, the number of passengers, the destination, and when you are going. 

Here are some companies that offer private charter flights in Canada. You can look online to receive a custom quote for your flight. 

Unlike commercial airlines that fly on specific schedules, private jets and planes do not.

They will fly based on the demand. This is a pro to flying private because you can go whenever you need. However, if the company is booked up, you might not be able to go. Or, prices might fluctuate dramatically based on the demand.

The most important thing is to inquire in advance with a company to ensure you get the flight you need.  


Renting a private jet is an amazing way to travel! Private jets are private, of course, but also more comfortable to travel in.

They also can take you to exactly where you need to go and are available on-demand, unlike commercial flights. 

However, there is a high cost to rent a private jet in Canada, with prices ranging anywhere between $2,000-$16,000 per flying hour.

Make sure you do some research and ensure you are selecting the right option before booking something. But, once you do, you’ll have the experience of a lifetime!

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