How much does it cost to study English in Canada?

Canada is a bilingual country, with English and French being the official languages. However, there are more English language speakers here than any other. This makes it a good place to learn and improve your English. So, how much does it cost to study English in Canada?

The cost of studying English in Canada will depend largely on the program. But the average cost of a language school in Canada is $3,446 to $4,083 for a 12 weeks program depending on the location. This doesn’t include the associated living costs. There are also several programs and steps to take.

Studying English in Canada allows for cultural immersion and interaction with native speakers. This can be very beneficial and encourage faster learning. Here, we discuss the cost of studying English in Canada, the types of programs available, and what it means to study English as a second language.

Studying English as a Second Language

English is a global language for business. It’s the most spoken language globally, with almost 1.35 billion speakers worldwide. However, if you’re planning to learn the language, the best place to do so is a country where it’s being spoken. Canada is one such country, and there are many programs for non-native speakers. These English as a Second Language (ESL) programs help non-natives master the fundamentals of the language and speak it fluently.

You’ll find several ESL programs in Canada, some offering free beginner classes to students while others charge fees. Top-rated programs have flexible schedules with teachers who give students individual attention in an immersive environment.

Cost of Studying the English Language in Canada

The average cost of attending a language school in Canada is $3,446 to $4,083 for a 12-week program in major Canadian cities. If you are not based in Canada, this cost doesn’t include what you’ll have to pay for housing and feeding.

The cost of these programs usually varies significantly. They can be as low as $230 at ILSC Language School or as high as $22,425 at Centennial College. Generally, the cheaper programs are more specialized and last for a shorter period. Some universities and colleges also offer extensive programs for those who want to learn English as a second language.

When you consider the cost of transportation, accommodation, and feeding during your stay in Canada, it’s expensive to study the English language in the country. But you can lower the cost by using homestays for accommodation. Regardless of the cost, studying in Canada is beneficial.

Types of English as a Second Language programs

With several programs available, your purpose will generally guide you in picking a program. ESL programs include:

1.   Academic English Programs

These programs help students meet the requirements of English-speaking universities and colleges. They are normally preparatory classes to help students pass English language proficiency exams such as IELTS, TESOL, etc.

2.  Business English Classes

With English being the language of business globally, learning the language provides more opportunities. This is what the business English programs are all about. They focus more on terms and topics relevant to the business. In addition, these programs emphasize presentation, conversation, and communication.

3.   Conversational English Courses

These programs focus on spoken English. Thus, they helped students with dialect, pronunciation, cultural reference points, turn of phrase, etc.

Why Do You Need to Learn English in Canada?

If you’re planning to live in Canada, learning English is essential. Even though Canada is bilingual, the number of English speakers far outstrip French speakers. Moreover, 12 out of the 13 provinces in the country have English as their official language. So, unless you’re settling in Quebec, you’re going to need to be able to communicate fluently in English. Even in places where people speak French, you’ll still find that many French speakers can also speak English. The population of English speakers in the country also makes it easy to learn and practise.

Where to Learn English in Canada

There are several language schools in major cities in Canada where you can easily learn English. Most major cities here, such as Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, etc., have various options. CourseCompare tracks available English learning courses across private training organizations, universities, and colleges in the country. Places you can study the English language in Canada include:

1.   ILSC Language School

The language school offers IELTS Mastery Program, Business English Program, Business Interview Skills, etc. Each of these programs costs $230 and lasts for four weeks.

2.   University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

The University offers English for Business Communication and English for Effective Communication. Each of them costs $2,020 and lasts for four weeks. There’s also an Academic English program costing $6,060 for a 12 weeks duration.

3.   University of British Columbia Extended Learning

UBC offers a Business English (BE) that costs $2000 and lasts for three weeks. The school also offers English for Academic Purposes (EAP) for eight weeks at $7100.

4.   George Brown College, School of English as a Second Language

The English for Academic Purposes program is available at the college. The program costs $5,478 and lasts for 48 weeks.

5.   Centennial College

The college also offers an English Language Learning course, a two-year program that costs $22,425. There are still several other places to learn English, whether part-time or full-time. The part-time programs usually cost less than the full-time ones.

Visa Requirements for Studying in English in Canada

A study permit isn’t necessary if you’re not staying in Canada for beyond six months. Any language program that’s six months or less doesn’t need a study visa. So, it’s less paperwork for you. However, you’ll likely still need a visitor visa which you should easily get as a foreign student wishing to learn English in Canada.

Steps for studying the English Language in Canada

Here are the three simple steps for studying the English language in Canada:

1.   Choose Where You Want to Study

There are usually various language schools and universities offering English language courses all over the country. Pick the place that suits you the best.

2.   Select The Program Type of Program You Want

Your reason for learning English will determine which program you opt for. For example, you can go for university classes, a cultural immersion experience, part-time study, etc.

3.   Get All the Documentations to Study Legally in Canada

There are requirements for studying in or visiting Canada. Make sure you meet all these requirements and get a confirmation letter of enrollment before moving. You’ll also need to prove you have enough funds to survive during your stay.

In Conclusion

Studying the English language in Canada is a great decision as you’ll have to practice and improve. Even though it could be costly, it’s an experience worth having if you can afford it.

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