How To Move to Canada with No Money

Are you planning to migrate to Canada? A quick look at the requirements will show you that you need substantial money to prove that you can sustain yourself and your family members when in the country. But not everyone can afford this money. So, how do you move to Canada with no money?

When moving to Canada, the authorities require that you have enough money to live there. But it’s not in all cases that you need this. Exceptions include when applying through CEC, spousal sponsorship, live-in caregiver, trade agreements, IEC, visitor visa, or you have a work permit or job offer.

Regardless of all these, you’ll still need to spend money on moving. It’s only that this money won’t be as much as you need for proof of funds. You’ll generally need to have a visa, and depending on where you’re moving from, you’ll need flight tickets. This article discusses ways to move to Canada with no or less money.

Can You Move to Canada with No Money?

Generally, moving into Canada requires you to show that you have money. Apart from the regular expenses of moving, the Canadian authorities require that you provide proof of funds when applying for migration. The proof of funds shows that you can support yourself and family members who come to Canada with you. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) also uses the proof of funds to determine your eligibility for the settlement program.

Each settlement program has its funds requirements, and the program you’re applying under will normally determine how much you need to apply. For example, express Entry programs generally require proof of funds. But there are still few instances where you don’t need to have money to move to Canada.

When Can You Move to Canada Without Proof of Funds

There are seven instances where it is possible to move to Canada without providing proof of funds. Since proof of funds shows you have money, not having to present it means you don’t need the money to move to Canada. The instances are

1.   When Applying Under the Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is for those who already have experience of at least one year working in Canada in the past three years and want to apply for permanent residency. Thus, this option is available only for those who have had temporary residency and work authorization in Canada during which they gained work experience.

2.   When You Have Work Permit and Valid Job Offer

Suppose you’re currently authorized to work in Canada and have a job offer from a Canadian employer. In that case, you’ll not need to provide proof of funds even if you’re applying through the Express Entry programs such as Federal Skilled Trades Program and Federal Skilled Worker Program.

However, moving to Canada through this option can be very difficult. Finding a Canadian employer willing to employ someone migrating can be quite dicey due to the stringent rules around it. But it’s still an option worth trying because if it works, you don’t need proof of funds to move to Canada.

3.   Trade Agreements

Canada has trade agreements with some countries that make few exceptions when it comes to immigration. Countries such as the US, members of the EU, Jordan, Chile, South Korea, Norway, Iceland, Mexico, etc., all have trade agreements with Canada. Citizens of these countries may be able to move to Canada for work if they work for a company that has a contract with a Canadian company or one that has a Canadian office. This is an intra company transfer that’ll enable you to work in Canada. If you work here long enough, you can qualify to apply for CEC or other permanent residency programs.

4.   Spousal Sponsorship

This is another way to move to Canada without any money. If your partner or spouse is a permanent resident or citizen, they can sponsor your permanent move to the country. But this is only legal when the relationship is real, and the authorities don’t support sham marriages and relationships. So, you’ll need to exhaustively prove the validity of your relationship before you can make use of this method to move to Canada.

5.   International Experience Canada

You can also move to Canada through international experience or working holiday. This only applies to citizens of select countries who are within a certain age range. People from countries such as Australia, Japan, Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica, and most EU members can use this option. It’s open to people between 18-35, with some countries having an age limit of 29 or 30. There are three types of IEC available, and you can use the experience gained through this program to secure permanent residency.

6.   Live-in Caregiver

If you’re not a skilled worker, this is one of the cheapest ways to move to Canada. You’ll need between six months of training or a year of caregiver experience and a job offer to apply for and get a work permit. The Live-In Caregiver program is a career-specific pathway to move into Canada even without having money.

7.   Visitor Visa

If you need a work permit and job offer to move to Canada, you can use a Visitor Visa to secure this. Even though you can’t work using a visitor visa, you can still communicate with potential employers. Visitor Visa usually lasts for six months or less and is generally used for vacation. So, you can plan your next vacation for Canada and use that opportunity to talk to potential employers before returning home to start your work permit process.

How Much Do You Need to Move to Canada?

Apart from these cases, moving into Canada will require proof of funds, which means you need to show you have money. Proof of funds is how to prove you have enough money to settle in Canada, and the amount you need to show will depend on your family members. Presently, it ranges from $13,213 for one family member to $24,553 for family members to as much as $34,967 for seven family members. You’ll need to provide proof of funds for all family members who are dependent on you, even if they’re not moving to Canada with you.

In Conclusion

Moving to Canada will cost you some money, at least for transportation. But there are ways to move without having settlement funds since this can be very expensive and might delay your ability to move.

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