Is British Columbia a Good Place to Live?

Is British Columbia a Good Place to Live?

British Columbia is one of the most picturesque provinces to settle in Canada. It boasts vast opportunities and an abundance of amazing sights and living experiences. B.C. is home to several large cities like Vancouver and Surrey, reflecting Canada’s multicultural and diverse identity. Its location is between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. 

Is BC a Good Place to Live? Yes, it is. There are a number of factors that make it an attractive place, including the temperate climate and beautiful landscapes. However, many people want to know if BC is really a good place to live for them before they commit themselves. This blog post will explore some of these questions and help you decide whether British Columbia is the right province for you.

B.C. is Canada’s third most populous province, and it occupies ten percent of its total land surface. The capital of British Columbia is Victoria, and its largest and most prominent city is Vancouver. The cultural diversity, low crime rate, and employment benefits make British Columbia one of the best places to live in the world. Desirable places to live within the province include Saanich, Kelowna, Fort St. John, among others.

Several factors come into play when deciding how pleasant the living experience of a province is. Read on as we analyze why British Columbia ranks high on the list of best places to live.

Standard Of Living

British Columbia has a higher standard of living compared to other places in the country. Living in B.C. means highly diversified employment opportunities in industries including health, manufacturing, tech, film agriculture, and many others. Competitive wages, extended workers’ benefits that included medical and dental care coverage offsets the high cost of living associated with accommodation. B.C. offers a healthcare system that is affordable and dependable, in part because B.C. produces some of the best doctors and scientists available in the country. 

British Columbia is currently experiencing its lowest rates of unemployment ever. It has a range of low-skilled and high-skilled in-demand jobs for its residents and immigrants. Remuneration is competitive, and residents enjoy a high standard of living. However, your income depends on your education, experience, and occupation. Some skills are more in demand than others.


British Columbia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Canada. A tourist attraction with beautiful places to visit; islands, rainforests, mountains, picturesque towns, and cities. Vancouver is usually the starting point for most people touring B.C., as it is the largest island on the Pacific coast of North America. Vancouver is home to some eye-catching lakes, beaches for year-round surfing, coastal scenery, and more. The touring does not end at Vancouver, which is a mere peek into the beautiful scenery the whole of the province offers. 

Because of its mountainous terrain and coasts, British Columbia is ideal for hobbies like hiking and camping, mountaineering, hunting, and fishing. Water sports such as sailing and kayaking are also widely appreciated in the province. Consistent with increased tourism and expanded participation in diverse pastimes by British Columbians, more lodges, Airbnb, and relaxation centres such as motels and camps are on the rise. 

Whistler is a beautifully modern and upscale town that makes a perfect destination with year-round hiking trails and beautiful scenery. The Yoho National Park offers scenes pretty as a picture, like the striking view of the Takakkaw Falls, one of the highest falls in North America. What is British Columbia without a mention of its fine dining? B.C. is a happy hunting ground for food lovers. 


British Columbia has one of the lowest crime rates in Canada, making it an ideal place to live, work and raise a family. The province has effective crime regulations, ensuring that criminal activity is at the barest minimum. British Columbia has relatively low crime rates despite its cultural diversity and vibrant population, and residents are unlikely to experience break-ins or assaults. 


The excellent public education system in the province is one of its biggest attractions. It is also home to several world-class universities and colleges, with the University of British Columbia ranking 3rd in Canada and 45th globally. Amongst the other high-ranking schools are; Little Flower, Brentwood College, Corpus Christi, Simon Fraser University, University of Victoria, and others. Using the Education Quality Assurance, British Columbia assesses and standardizes post-secondary education, ensuring quality and giving a competitive edge to post-secondary institutions at an international level. 

B.C. is also one of the most welcoming provinces to international students with a perfect blend of expensive and affordable top-notch schools. International students often opt to go to school in British Columbia because of the better weather. Canada is known for its wicked winters, but B.C. offers one of the mildest weathers in the country, Vancouver being a city of preference because of its rainy and less snowy seasons.

The Not So Fun Part 

Nothing with pros is without its cons neither is the case of living in British Columbia. One factor that drives people away from the idea of living in B.C. is the high cost of living. From renting an apartment to owning a home, bill payments may put a slight dent in your pocket. Not to worry though, the minimum wage and employment benefits more than cover your expenses.

Why Should You Move To British Columbia?

Asides from the above, there are also other perks associated with living in British Colombia, namely:

  • A variety of High-Quality Neighborhoods 

Whether you choose to settle in Fort St. John or Vancouver, one thing British Columbia boasts of is a large selection of good neighbourhoods to live in. These range from downtown City areas to family-friendly suburbs. The houses are affordable, so people with limited income and those looking to splurge have options.

  • Weather Conditions 

If you’re hesitant about moving to Canada because of the cold winters, then think again! British Columbia is often acknowledged as having the best climate in the country, and with good reason. The weather is milder in the coastal areas of British Columbia, with heavy snowfalls rare during the winter. 

Due to this part of the province being so close to the ocean. The inner and central regions experience warmer summers, recording temperatures of about 30℃ in July. On the other hand, coastal regions of the province experience colder temperatures during the winter. In the north, winters last long and feature heavy snowing and short summers. Along the north coast, there is a lot of rain in the spring, summer, and fall, and the winters are bearable.

  • Excellent Health Care

British Columbia has a reliable and accessible health care system. Its public health insurance is available to everyone eligible. Citizens and permanent residents can apply for the provincial health insurance known as the Medical Services Plan. This insurance policy covers all medically necessary services. There is also easy access to prescription medication through the PharmaCare program. The province spends about twenty-one percent of its budget on healthcare, one of the highest in Canada.

  • Ease of Transportation

British Columbia has many transportation options to help people get around the province. British Columbia’s public bus system is the most commonly used mode of transport as it services most of the areas. Taxis are considered fast and convenient for travel, and there are many taxi companies available in and around the cities. 

For an enjoyable way of travel, a ferry is a good option as it allows commuters to experience the spectacular views of the ocean and is a fun way to get to the Islands. Senior Citizens and Differently abled people can get an annual British Columbia bus pass at a discounted rate.

Another great reason to move to British Columbia is the friendly and helpful nature of its residents. Canada has a time-tested and trusted reputation for being incredibly friendly. British Columbia is no exception. So, you’re guaranteed to feel right at home in the province. British Columbia benefits from the seafood offered by the Pacific Ocean. As a result of its mixed climate, there are a variety of fresh fruits and produce. These make for an unrivalled culinary experience.

Per the reasons above, the Canadian province of British Columbia is one of the best places to live in the world. The quality of life, as well as the vast range of options available, from career to education and leisure, make British Columbia the ideal place for anyone.

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