Is Calgary or Edmonton Better To Live In?

A lot of people chose the province of Alberta because of its low cost of living, stunning scenic views, and good weather, with Albertans soaking up more sun than any other province.

If you’ve done further research, you must now have two particular cities standing out in your mind: Edmonton and Calgary. These two cities are great; The Economist Intelligence Unit currently named Edmonton as one of the best cities in the world to live in, and Calgary as the 5th most livable city.

Calgary has also gained recognition for being the cleanest city in the world.

A lot of people favor Edmonton as the better place to live in because of its festivals, concerts, sporting events, and overall better nightlife. It is also a political and industrial capital, but Calgary can also be quite a great place to live in.

What is the difference between these two cities, and which one is the best fit for you?

The Landscape

Despite the fact that Edmonton is the province’s capital, Calgary is the larger of the two cities in total area. Calgary has a total landmass of 825.56 km² and a population: 1,635,000 (1.6 million+); with Edmonton having a population of 1.4 million in a 767.85km2 area.

Calgary’s topography is more varied, with countless hills both to the north and west. With the exception of some ravines, Edmonton has a large river valley but is mostly flat. Edmonton has more trees and is greener.

Calgarians have a quicker route to three national parks: Banff, Jasper, and Waterton, which are all around a two-hour drive from Calgary.

The city’s parkway system, which includes approximately 460 parks and 160 kilometers of trails, is used by Edmontonians.

The Weather

While both cities have harsh winters, Calgary’s winters are shorter due to the Chinook winds that sweep across the city.

Winters in Calgary are bitterly cold, although not as harsh as those in Edmonton. Edmonton has snow for more than 88 days a year, whilst Calgary has snow for 65 days per year.

Calgary has a grasslands climate, to put it simply. As a result, inhabitants of Calgary enjoy bright weather, with moderate rainfall in the summer. Calgary residents also benefit from the city’s breezy climate.

Edmonton, on the other hand, has cool temperatures even in the summer. As a consequence, Edmonton has a dry climate with few summers and low humidity.

This is what makes it difficult for Edmontonians to live elsewhere.

Job Opportunities

Certain job profiles are in high demand in both regions. When compared to Calgary, Edmonton has a fraction of the oil and gas jobs, despite the fact that Calgary has a much larger number of firms.

Medicine (Pharmacists, Dentists, and Doctors) and Education are the only areas that are similar. Both provide similar possibilities. However, if you want to work in business, finance, engineering, consulting, or any other field, Calgary has a lot more opportunities.

Because of the nature of white-collar jobs, job conditions in Edmonton are usually more stable than those in Calgary.

In Edmonton, several industrial processes take place, as a contrast to mostly office occupations in Calgary. When layoffs occur, Calgary employees are among the first to be laid off.

The Cost of Living

Calgarians make more per family than Edmontonians on average. The cost of living in both cities is roughly the same, however, housing in Calgary is more expensive.

According to Numbeo, in Edmonton, $5,366.25 would be required to maintain the same quality of living as $5,600.00 in Calgary (assuming you pay rent in both cities).

Expect to pay about $1,263.49 per month for a one-bedroom apartment in Calgary’s city center, and $1,176.87 per month in Edmonton, depending on location, size, and type.

A comparable home outside of the city center will be less expensive. In Calgary, you’ll pay an average of $1,048.00 a month and $971.62 in Edmonton.

Residents in Calgary and Edmonton pay $201.35 and $223.12 respectively for utilities (basic power, heating, cooling, water, and trash) for an 85m2 apartment.

In Calgary, a minute of prepaid mobile rate local (no discounts or packages) costs $0.25, while in Edmonton, it costs $0.38. In Calgary, Internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) costs 84.03 dollars, whereas, in Edmonton, it costs 87.20 dollars.

In Calgary and Edmonton, you may purchase monthly transit passes for public transportation. In Calgary, a pass costs $99 and gives you unlimited trips on all Calgary Transit routes.

A day pass for an adult costs $9.50. In Edmonton, a monthly ticket costs $91.50, while an adult day pass is $9.25.

Things to Do

If you enjoy animals, a visit to the Calgary Zoo is also worthwhile. The majority of travelers like participating in this day excursion with their children and families.

Take photos of the Calgary Statue, Canada’s Hall of Fame, Military Museum, and Heritage Historical Park, among other exciting attractions. The town’s nightlife is also a hot topic. Cowboys Nightclub is a one-of-a-kind experience in Calgary.

For starters, the River Valley Parks in Edmonton are the greatest. These lovely parks provide ample opportunity for a stroll with your significant other.

For art enthusiasts, the Art Gallery of Alberta in Edmonton is also a must-see. Take some time to look around and admire the incredible artwork on display.

Take a tour of the Snow Valley, which is especially beautiful in the evening!

Restaurants and Nightlife

In Calgary, restaurants such as The Bow Valley Ranche and River Café make you feel at ease while also providing the genuine essence of a wonderful holiday.

The OEB Breakfast Co. Bridgeland and The Himalayan, according to locals, are recognized for serving fresh cuisine. Food lovers should stop by the Blue Star Diner and SS106 Aperitivo Bar for a delectable meal.

Workshop Kitchen+Culture, Santorini Greek Taverna, and Minas Brazilian Steakhouse, to mention a few more tourist favorites, are all excellent choices!

You’ll fall in love with these eateries after you’ve eaten here.

Some of Edmonton’s most popular restaurants are Padmanadi, ATLAS Steak+Fish, Café Amore Bistro, and Vaticano Cucina.

Delicious delicacies may be found at the Dadeo Diner & Bar, the Guru Restaurant, Homefire Grill, and the The Canadian Brewhouse.

These restaurants have gotten rave ratings on the internet, and regulars frequent them. Bistro Praha, La Ronde Restaurant,  Smitty’s Family Restaurant, and Ruth’s Chris Steak House are among the other notable establishments on the list.

These selected establishments provide the greatest service and cuisine quality.

When compared to Edmonton, Calgary’s nightlife is superior; yet, both cities are unique in their own right. When it comes to nightlife, Edmonton also has some of the busiest months. At some of the most popular nightclubs, you’ll be blown away by the crazy crowds, outrageous costumes, loud music, and limitless drinks!


Calgary is the place to be if you enjoy nature, mountains, adventure, and snow-covered vistas. Calgary also has some of the best museums in the world, each with its own unique collection of art and artifacts.

You will be captivated by Edmonton’s picturesque beauty. The River Valley, which is centered in Edmonton North, contains the longest stretch of urban parkland in North America, which is one of the reasons why Edmonton has grown in popularity.

You will find happiness in each city, no matter where you choose to live. You must make your decision based on your particular preferences and requirements.

Find out what it’s like to live in Calgary or Edmonton by talking to folks who have moved there. Before making that life-altering decision, do some more research.

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