Is Canada goose cheaper in Canada?

Winter jackets are a common sight in Canada. But when it comes to luxury jackets, there are only a few. Canada Goose belongs to that category, with a cost usually around CAD 1,000 or more. If you’re thinking of owning a Canadian goose jacket, it helps to know where you can get a bargain on it. So, Is Canadian goose cheaper in Canada?

You can get Canada Goose for lower prices in Canada than if you buy them in Europe or US. But it’s still costly at more than CAD 1,000. However, its qualities such as lightweight and warmth, durability, Canadian-made, lifetime guarantee, and fashionable make it a good choice if you can afford it.

Of course, there are other alternatives capable of providing the warmth you need at a lesser cost. Here, we discuss the cost of a Canada Goose, why it’s that expensive, and whether you should buy it.

Cost of Canada Goose Jacket

Canada goose jacket has been around for ages. The brand started in 1957 and was a working-class jacket then. Today, it’s a luxury brand, and the price has increased, and it’s now worth as much as CAD1,550. You can’t get a genuine Canada goose jacket for cheap, and if you find any that cost below a thousand dollars, it’s likely counterfeit. But buying and shipping it within Canada is less costly than doing it overseas. To buy a Canada goose jacket in Canada, you’ll have to be within the country. Compared to the cost in Canada, the Canada goose jackets usually cost between an extra CAD500 – CAD1000 to buy in other countries. The variation will depend on the location. US and UK typically have lower costs than other Eurozone countries and China. It’s nonetheless still expensive.

Why is Canada goose now expensive?

Nothing much has changed in the technology and material used for making Canada goose jackets over time. But the price has jumped significantly. The brand uses 800 Power Fill Hutterite down. What makes it pricier now is that it has gotten international recognition, and celebrities have endorsed it. So, it has become more of a luxury brand than regular winter wear.

The brand has grown significantly over the years. In 2001, the CEO Daniel Reiss, the founder’s grandson, expanded the brand outside of Canada into Europe. The jacket also got popular when film crews in cold weather locations wore it during film festivals such as the Berlin film festival and Sundance in 2004. In 2013, it became a famous brand in the US when Kate Upton wore it on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

What is the Canada Goose jacket from?

Canada goose uses down insulation or fill power for its jacket. This is the fluffiness of a down product or measure of the loft. Canada Goose jackets have standardized fill power of 800, 750, 675, and 625. The most expensive jackets have the 800 Fill. The jacket’s outer material is from “Artic Tech,” the brand’s standard fabric of 15% cotton as 85% polyester with durable water repellent finish.

Why buy a Canada Goose jacket

Despite the high price, many still buy the Canada Goose jackets. There are many reasons for this as you’ll find, some of these reasons are valid.

1.   Light and Warm

Most times, winter jackets are dense and heavy to keep you warm. So, while they’re doing their job, they still feel like a load. But the Canada goose jacket isn’t like that. It’s very light like you’re wearing feathers, but it still keeps you warm all the same. The brand claims that the jacket can withstand temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius. So, it’s as warm as light can get you.

2.   Durable and High-quality Materials

When you’re buying Canada Goose jackets, the common belief is that they’ll last you for several years. This is so because of the high-quality material and craftsmanship that goes into making one. The fabric is excellent, and it has a coyote fur trim in the cap that prevents frostbite and airflow.

3.   Made in Canada

The jacket is made in Canada, and that’s enough reason for some people in Canada to buy it. Factories in Toronto and Winnipeg manufacture these parkas. Fortunately, it’s also cheaper for people in Canada. So, if you’re thinking about supporting Canadian brands, buying the expensive Canada goose jacket might not be a bad idea.

4.   Lifetime Guarantee

The company gives a lifetime warranty on the jacket to the original owner. So, if you buy it from an authorized retailer, you have a full warranty against any defect in workmanship and material throughout the product’s life. This means that if the product fails because of a manufacturing defect during its customary wearable life, the company will fix or replace it for you free of charge. Likewise, if the exact product is no longer available, it’ll replace it with a similar style and value product. Of course, there are exceptions that the warranty won’t cover, such as normal wear and tear, negligence, improper care, and accidents.

5.   Luxury and Fashionable

When you wear a Canada goose jacket, you’re not just trying to keep yourself warm. You’re also showing you have taste, and even winter won’t dampen your style. If you can put a price on that statement, it’s the price of a Canada goose jacket.

Cheaper Alternatives

Canada goose has many selling points. But it has one critical weak point, the price. If your goal is to stay warm and not care much about brand names, you may not need Canada goose. There are less expensive brands that’ll keep you warm and last almost as long as Canada goose. Such brands include

  • The North face
  • Eddie Bauer
  • Moncler
  • Patagonia
  • Mountain Hardware

In Conclusion

Spending over CAD1,000 on a coat isn’t for everyone. But the general truth is that higher quality and warmer coats are always expensive. When you add luxury to the mix, the price could go up by hundreds of dollars. It’s now up to you to decide if it’s worth it or not.

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