Is G2 driving school worth it?

Are you new to Canada, or you’re just about to start driving? They should know about obtaining a driver’s license in the country. You’ll usually need some training to qualify for each stage with several driving tests. So, is G2 driving school worth it?

Obtaining a driver’s license in Canada is a multitiered process that can take up to 4 years. You can make it easier by enrolling in a G2 driving school. Passing driving school provides benefits such as reduced insurance costs, adequate driving knowledge from experts, and more practical experience.

While it’s possible to learn how to operate a car from a friend or even your parents, driving on the road is more complex and requires theoretical knowledge and practical experience. In this article, we discuss the process for getting a driver’s license in Canada and why you need to attend a G2 driving school.

How To Get a Driver’s License in Canada?

Obtaining your driver’s license in Canada is a long process that ensures that you’re fully trained to drive. There are training to attend, tests to take, and multiple license levels. Before you can even drive here, you must be a minimum of 16 years, and if you’re visiting the country, you’ll need an international driver’s permit or valid driver’s license for your country. But as a new resident of Canada, you must know that the driver’s permit eventually expires between 60 – 90 days which means you’ll need to get an actual driver’s license.

Classification of Driver’s License in Canada

A driver’s license in Canada comes in different classes depending on what you’ll be driving. The classes are from Class A to Class M where A is for tractor-trailer combination and M is for Motorcycle. Usually, anyone with a driver’s license for one class can drive vehicles in one or two other classes. Class G is the applicable class for those driving cars, small trucks, vans, or a combination of vehicles.

You need to have a Class G license before getting the license to drive any other type of vehicle except a motorcycle. Recreational vehicles may also have a license requirement, so make sure you’re aware of these rules before driving them. The only vehicle without any licensing requirement is the bicycle.

Levels of Class G Driver’s License

The driver’s license for the Class G category is multitiered, and each level comes with its requirements and perks. The levels are

1.       Class G1 license

This is the first level, and you’ll need to be at least 16 years, pass a test on traffic signs and rules of the road, and a vision test before you can get the G1 license. The license lasts for 12 months, and it’s advisable to take an approved driver education course where you’ll get all the knowledge and skill. You’ll also need to know how to drive, so you need training, preferably from a driving school. If you pass the course, you’ll get a G1 driving license. Rules applying to drivers at this level include:

  • The blood-alcohol level must be zero.
  • You can’t drive alone; there must be an accompanying driver in the front passenger seat who has at least a valid Class G license with a blood alcohol level of not more than 0.05% and a minimum of 4 years of driving experience.
  • You can’t drive on any 400-series highways with a posted speed limit above 80 km/h, and there are also certain high-speed roads you must not drive on, except the accompanying driver is a driving instructor.
  • You can’t drive between midnight and 5 a.m.

2.       Class G2

This stage also takes a minimum of 12 months and comes with more freedom in terms of when and where you can drive. But there are still rules such as:

  • Blood alcohol level must be zero.
  • Everyone in the vehicle must have a working seatbelt
  • You have to spend 12 months with a G2 license before you can take the test for the Class G driver’s license.

Why do you need a G2 driving School?

After obtaining your G1 driver’s license, you may think that all you need is some informal training before you can start driving, but that might not work. The best way is to enrol in a driving school where you can learn from a certified instructor. There are many benefits of doing this, and they include:

1.      Save On Insurance

Insurance is usually more expensive for new and young drivers. But when you complete a government-approved training program in a driving school, you get the chance to save between 10 – 25% on your insurance. This makes it completely worthwhile to spend your time and money learning how to drive from a driving school. Moreover, the savings on insurance doesn’t end with the first insurance. Anytime you’re renewing the policy, you also get discounts.

Beyond the fact that you’ll get discounts on your insurance, learning from driving schools also prepares you for real-life situations. You learn how to avoid accidents while driving safely and ensure other road users are safe. With driving schools, there’s no trial by error. Instead, you learn what you need to know before taking the car to the road.

2.      Get Adequate Driving Knowledge from Experts

No matter how experienced a driver is, they can all the information you’ll get from a trained driving instructor. Instructors have a combination of practical experience and theoretical knowledge; they know everything about road rules and regulations, signs, how to drive, etc. By enrolling in a driving school, you’ll learn all this and fain awareness about driving issues that you wouldn’t know if you learn any other way. It also helps eliminate any bad driving habits you might have acquired before.

3.      Obtain Practical Experience

With driving schools, you practice all your driving skills and acquire new ones. Changing lanes, turning, going straight, parking the car, and lots more are things you’ll learn in driving school. As you’re learning them, you’ll also have an instructor who’ll make you practice multiple times till you get it, so you have the experience you need while still learning how to drive.

 In Conclusion

Obtaining your driver’s license in Canada is a complicated process that may take about 2 – 4 years before you’re fully qualified. Learning from a government-approved driving school is the best way to know everything about driving.

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