Is it difficult to immigrate to Canada?

I have been asked for many people, how difficult it’s to immigrate to Canada.

The short answer for the question how difficult its to immigrate to Canada is: It is easy to get the Canadian residency if you have under 30 years old, have a master’s degree or higher credential education, At least three years or more of qualified work experience, good English skills and a good amount of money in your savings accounts. In general, immigrate to Canada it’s not that easy. Not everyone is eligible, but most of the people can become eligible at some point. Some from abroad, prefer to enroll in a Post-Graduate program in Canada. As a result, they get one to two years of Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) and then apply for a permanent residency. This option is not cheap, so expect to invest a lot of money and time.

Canadian immigration system allows you to come here, and Canadian people think that is an easy process. but it’s not. Here are a few reasons why it is difficult to immigrate to Canada.

Immigration is difficult

Immigration is difficult, but it’s something that you do only once in your life unless you are an adventurous person who maybe emigrates a couple of times in your lifetime. It’s a challenging process not only because of the immigration process but the adaptation and overcoming the language barrier. Settling down it’s a huge process, it does take time and a lot of money. Be prepared to make the maximum effort and be patient about it.

During the immigration process, you will have to get all of the necessary documents, check your qualifications, and check if you are eligible. The difficult part is not to collect all the documents, but it is become pre-qualified, which means you will need to have the experience, education  Canada government requires.

To make things simple, Canada’s immigration program, most of the time, focus on the following types of people:

  • Students
  • Investors
  • Skilled Workers
  • Refugees

If you don’t belong to one of those groups, don’t worry, there is hope. I strongly recommend hiring an immigration professional to check your eligibility. It will help you to determine if you are eligible or what you need to do to become eligible or find other provincial programs that you might be eligible for.  A good first step can try to calculate how many score points you have for the express entry. More info:

If you feel, that you are not eligible for any of the immigration programs, the easiest path to get your permanent residency, is to enter Canada as a post-secondary student. Once you receive a letter of acceptance to a college or university, the temporary resident visa process is straightforward. Once you finish your studies. you will be able to work with any employer. Working in Canada will improve all the chances that you have to stay in the country forever.

Make sure you meet the main requirements

Your main priority should be, meet the English requirements. Without English, your chances to emigrate to Canada is almost none. Also, another important requirement is, if you have foreign work experience, and also Canadian experience. The more qualified work experience you have, the better.

Be patient

It took me almost 3 years to save the money to come to Canada, and after living in Canada for almost 24 months, I finally got my permanent residency. It was a long process, but in the end, totally worth it.

Many people think only about the immigration process, but find a job is also a challenge once you arrive in Canada. You literally, might have to start from the bottom so be patient because thins will get better. You will probably hear some people saying that you are so lucky to be in Canada, but in reality, there is no luck. There is only your hard work and effort to come here and make it work.  it’s not easy.

Find The Immigration Program Who Fits With Your Profile


When comes to immigration program, Canada has a large number of federals and provincial programs. There are a set of programs that you can choose from.

Sponsorship: family sponsorship, spousal sponsorship sponsoring your kids, that would be the easiest one if you are getting married or if you have someone who could sponsor you. Sponsorship programs are considered “easy” because they don’t require you to pass a language test, The only thing you need to do is to collect all the documents and wait for the final decision.

Express entry: Express entry attract federal skilled workers, and you will need to meet the minimum language requirements, education, work experience, age. Those four combined, you got your human capital which will allow you to apply through this system and if your score is high enough, you will be invited and will need to pass your medicals exams.

Provincial programs: These programs are connected to the Express Entry. The is you will need to difficulty really because meet the minimum requirements of the federal skilled worker program through Express entry. You also will need to meet the requirements of the provincial. If you meet all the requirements, you will get 600 points, which is enough points for you to receive an invitation to apply(ITA).

Finding a company to sponsor you

One option to facilitate your immigration process is to find companies interested in applying for an LMIA. A good website to find eligible companies is Using a job, you can filter your choose job by NOC. It’s not easy to find a company willing to sponsor you, but if you have a lot of experience in areas like IT, you have a big chance to find a company willing to do it.

Feel free, to apply to jobs using other resources, in some fields, make sense to speak with a recruiter and ask if they have any opportunities that match your profiles. You certainly will receive a lot of no’s, but eventually, you will get a positive answer.

For big companies, the sponsor visa process is not difficult. For tech companies, the process is much easier since there is a lot of demand in the teaching field. Unlike the US, the process is simple to sponsor a professional from outside of Canada. The only difficulty is to find a company willing to sponsor you.

Keep in mind, for a company sponsor you, they need to prove that there are no professionals like you. They need to try to find someone with your profile first, and if they didn’t succeed, they can sponsor you.

Make sure not having problems with the police and serious health issues

Even if you have a perfect profile, make sure no have problems with the police. If you have committed or been convicted of a crime, chances are you are inadmissible to Canada. You can check all the things that make you eligible in this link.

Another factor for inadmissible to Canada is a serious health condition. In all immigration processes will be required a medical assessment, to check your health status.


Just know that if you’re coming to Canada it’s going to take a lot of effort it’s going to be difficult. You would have to learn English, go through a long immigration process, and handle the uncertainty of what going to happen. Be prepared to go to a place where probably you don’t know anyone. Canada is a country where you can find the freedom you gotta, equality, good salaries. People do not care where you come from, what’s your origin religion or your sexual orientation.

In Canada, you get the freedom of speech of rights, protection from the government and lots of benefits. Do not give up, and I hope you can achieve your Canada dream very soon.

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