Is it safe to live in Mississauga?

Safety is one of the primary factors that we all look out for when thinking of where to live. Generally, Canada is a safe place; after all, it’s one of the safest places to live in the world. However, it’s also important to consider the specific city or province you’ll live in before choosing. So, is it safe to live in Mississauga, the 6th largest city in Canada?

Mississauga enjoys the service of the Peel Regional Policethe third-largest municipal police service in the country and the second-largest in Ontarioto reduce its crime rate. Hence, this city is one of the safest places to live in Canada, with its crime rate 37% lower than the provincial average.

As exciting as this is, no city is perfect. There are some sketchy areas you wouldn’t find appealing to live in Mississauga. In this article, we explore the features of this municipality to show you the best places to live and the sketchy places to avoid. 

Is it Safe to Live in Mississauga? 

Generally, Mississauga is a great city to live in. The city has a livability score of 84%, which you can consider exceptional when compared to other cities. The neighbourhoods, schools, amenities, and property values are some of the city’s aspects that stand out. 

The crime rate is 37% lower than the Ontario average. This is largely thanks to the 2,000 Peel Regional Police officers in the municipality. They’re the primary security apparatus in this city. So, whether you are a citizen or a prospective immigrant hoping to move here, you have little or nothing to worry about your family’s safety. In addition, the last citizen satisfaction survey held in 2019 shows that 77% of the citizens believe the city is on course to be a dynamic global city. 

Safest Neighborhoods in Mississauga 

Although most places in Mississauga are safe, some places are much more desirable than others. Some of the safest neighbourhoods in Mississauga include:

1. Streetsville

This neighbourhood boasts a sense of community living where residents see themselves as families. It is calm, fun, and serene. The cost of living here is also reasonable as it’s 3% lower than the provincial average.

2. Erin Mills 

The central Erin Mills is another safe and exciting place in Mississauga. There are varieties of affordable houses in this area, unlike Heartland that doesn’t have many buildings. The crime rate here is 5% lower than the Mississauga average. It’s a very excellent place to live and have a family. 

3. Erindale

Erindale is a very serene neighbourhood located in the eastern part of Credit River Valley. It has vast lush areas for family activities like picnics and outdoor games. It’s safe for citizens and immigrants as it boasts a 7% crime rate lower than the Mississauga average. As well, houses are structured perfectly for families with young children. 

4. Port Credit 

This neighbourhood is close to Lake Ontario. It’s a waterfront community with a 74% livability score, which is excellent. The crime rate is also very low here, even though the cost of living is a little high. All-round, it’s a safe neighbourhood to live in and raise a family. 

5. Lorne Park 

This is quite an exclusive neighbourhood in Mississauga. It’s quiet, beautiful, elitist, and spacious. Housing here is a little expensive when compared to several other places in the municipality. If you have a minimum income, you might want to consider other places, but it’s a very safe area to live if you can afford it. 

Some Things to Know About Mississauga?

Whether you’re moving here alone or with your family, here is an outline of the things to expect in Mississauga:

1. Moderate Weather

Due to the city’s proximity to Lake Ontario, the city experiences relatively good weather. During summer, the temperature is usually 20°C, while the snowfall rate is lower than the rest of the country during winter. Sometimes, there are foggy mornings, so while driving early, you must be very careful. 

2. Dynamic Neighbourhood 

A distinctive characteristic of Mississauga is that it has a place for people of different backgrounds and walks of life. There are upscale neighbourhoods and other affordable ones with an attractive atmosphere for family living. So, there’s a neighbourhood that fits perfectly into your plans and reflects your personal and family requirements. 

3. Multiculturalism 

As it’s a feature spread across the whole country, Mississauga is famous for being home to people of multiple cultural backgrounds. This is because it has so many minority groups of Chinese, Indian, Scottish, Italian, and Irish descent. There’s even a festival dedicated to celebrating this multiculturalism known as Carassauga. 

4. Sport and Outdoor Activities 

Although this city doesn’t have a central league team, it has a moderate sports culture. There are also local league basketball and hockey teams all under the Mississauga Sports and Social Club. Also, there’s a Celebration Square where cultural and other outdoor activities are held. 

5. Proximity

Mississauga shares proximity with other provinces which make up the Greater Toronto Area. This gives residents access to different lifestyles whenever they engage in other places. The Toronto Pearson International Airport, which is close, is also another benefit of living here. 

Some  Sketchy Places to Avoid in Mississauga 

The truth is most of these places some people consider as dangerous in Mississauga don’t qualify to be in the real sense of the word. However, if you’re the type of person who can’t deal with an uncertain atmosphere, here are some of the neighbourhoods you should avoid in Mississauga:

  • City Centre 
  • Malton
  • Village Centre 
  • Applewood
  • Dundas
  • Hurontario 

The Bottom Line

If you’re still in doubt, you should have no problem living in Mississauga, as this place is generally safe. You can always count on the Peel Regional Police to protect life and properties. Also, if you enjoy city life with varieties of laid-back neighbourhoods to choose from, this is a place to be.

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