Is Toronto bigger than New York?

Many of those who live in Toronto are fond of comparing the city to New York City. But that doesn’t mean it’s similar; it’s more about the fact that it’s the biggest city in Canada and NYC is the biggest in the US. But is Toronto bigger than New York?

Toronto is smaller than New York both in size and population. But the cities still have similarities such as the cost of living, climate, status as financial hubs, and fast-paced lifestyle. But there are also differences such as location, transportation system, and ethnicity of their population.

Regardless of the comparisons between the two cities, New York is a distinct city almost incomparable to any other. This article answers whether Toronto is bigger than New York and discusses the similarities and differences between the two cities.

Size of Toronto and New York

Toronto is the biggest city in Canada, but it’s not as big as New York City. New York City is bigger than Toronto, whether in size or population. The whole city has a landmass of around 778 kmand a population of over 8 million. This makes it the most densely populated major city in the US. The actual New York city consists of five boroughs: Queens, Brooklyn. Staten Island, the Bronx, and Manhattan. These boroughs became one city in 1898. Toronto has a landmass of 630 kmwith a population of about 3 million

When the metropolitan area of New York City is factored in, the population grows to around 20 million. That’s far more than the population of the Great Toronto Area, which is just over 6 million and around half the population of Canada.

Similarities between New York and Toronto

There are several similarities between the two cities which explains why they’re frequently compared. These include:

1.      Economic Capital and Biggest Cities in respective Countries

Both Toronto and New York City are the biggest cities in their respective countries. But what even makes them more alike is that they are financial behemoths. Toronto is the economic capital of Canada and contributes one-fifth of its GDP. Almost all the major companies in Canada have their headquarters in Toronto, and the city has a significant impact on the country’s economy.

The same thing can be said about New York City, even though the US economy is much more diverse and decentralized compared to Canada. NYC is the financial capital of the whole, with a GDP of $1.5 trillion. The city contains two of the biggest stock exchanges globally, and all major companies worldwide have their offices here. As a result, the city contributes around 7.7% to the US GDP.

2.      Climate

Both New York City and Canada have similar weather conditions. They both have four seasons, and when it comes to how cold the city gets during the winter, there isn’t much difference. NYC has slightly better weather than Toronto. But there’s no sharp difference in their weather conditions to make a city far better than the other.

3.      Lifestyle

New York City might not be the entertainment hub of the US, given that there are cities like Los Angeles. But it’s still a major hub for arts, culture and entertainment in the country. It has lots of incredible venues, from Broadway to some of the biggest museums in the country. Its nightlife is quite great with several bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. The same thing applies to Toronto, which has Canada’s most vibrant entertainment scene. The fast-paced lifestyle of major metropolitan areas is common to both cities too.

4.      Cost of living

Both cities are incredibly expensive to live in. While the general real estate market in the US is less expensive than that of Canada, the opposite is the case in NYC. Real estate here is around the same price as what you’ll get in Toronto, and almost every other thing is expensive too. Even though the average wages in the city are high, the cost of living means that you have to be a top earner to fully enjoy living in the city.

Differences between NYC and Toronto

There are also major differences between the two cities, and that includes:

1.      Location

One of the most significant differences between the two cities is their geography. Both cities are near a body of water, but it’s a great lake for Toronto, which means it’s on the mainland. On the other hand, New York is a coastal city built on many islands.

2.      24-hour city

Both cities might be major hubs with vibrant nightlife, but NYC is the city that never sleeps. Unlike Toronto, the city is truly a 24-hour city, making it the kind of place where you can be out all night. Most of the 24-hour cities in the world are in the US.

3.      Ethnic Composition of its Diverse Population

Both Toronto and New York city are diverse, but the ethnic composition is significantly different. For example, while Toronto’s diverse population is mostly Indians and Asians, New York is mostly of Latinx and black populations. But both of them are as diverse as diversity goes, and no matter your cultural background, you’ll find a group of people that you can connect to in any of the two cities.

4.   Transportation System

Toronto might have one of Canada’s most extensive transportation systems, but that pales in comparison to what you’ll get in New York. The public transport system in Toronto mostly operates within the city’s core, and if you’re on the outskirts, you might need a car to get around. In New York, the transportation system is so wide that you can easily access the transportation system no matter where you live. In addition, the subway system in NYC is a lot more efficient. But you might come to hate New York if you ever have to drive a car due to the traffic.

In Conclusion

While there are many comparisons between Toronto and New York, both cities aren’t that close. New York is much bigger than Toronto, and it has a unique feature that you’re unlikely to find in other cities. But the status of both cities in their respective countries makes it easy to compare them. As Steve Martin said on 30 Rock, Toronto is like New York, without all the stuff.

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