Is Toronto fun to live in?

Are you planning to move to Toronto? Then, there’re lots of factors to consider when moving to a new place. One of them is the entertainment options that the city offers. So, is Toronto fun to live in?

Yes, Toronto is a fun place. This diverse city with vibrant places. Activities for residents here include a trip to Niagara Falls, attending festivals, going to sports events, using the parks for outdoor activities, exploring the entertainment venues, and checking out the museums and galleries.

No matter your interests, Toronto is the place to satisfy them. It’s the entertainment capital of Canada, and its young population makes it a great place to meet people. Here, we discuss the various fun things you can do in Toronto.

Things to do in Toronto

The best way to know how fun a city is is by the activities you can get involved in while living in the city. No matter the season, there’s always a place to visit or an activity to do in the 6.

1.   Take a Trip to Niagara Falls

The largest waterfall in North America is one of the most pristine natural spots you visit, and fortunately, it’s right here in Toronto. There is more than one way to explore the falls. You could opt for the self-guided tours that let you navigate about 300 kilometers of bike trails cycling or get a view from the top through the Table Rock site. There’s also the Journey Behind the Falls, where you get to descend through a lift within a rock next to the sheet of water, or you could fly in a helicopter to get a Birdseye view of the falls.

A trip to Niagara isn’t just to see the falls. The area is a top wine-producing region in Canada. So, you can check the picturesque and delightful vineyards that are all over here. Of course, if you’re not driving, it won’t hurt to go wine tasting too.

2.   Attend Festivals

Toronto receives millions of tourists every year, and one of the reasons they come here is because of the festivals. The festivals are an opportunity for a resident to experience the city at its bubbliest and make the best memories. Popular festivals in Toronto include the Toronto international film festival, Toronto Jazz Festival, Toronto Comic Arts Festival, Luminato, Beaches International Jazz Festival, Veld Music Festival, and Toronto Summer Music Festival.

Of course, there are many more festivals and from around July to October usually has one festival or the other that you can attend. Each of these festivals has its perks; there are several music festivals where you’ll see the best Canadian and international acts perform. The film festival is also noteworthy as Toronto is the film capital of Canada. The winterlicious and summerlicious food festivals are also to die for here.

3.   Sport Events

Canada might not be very big on sports, but Toronto is. The city is home to several professional, semi-pro, amateur, and university football teams. What’s better is that most major teams are affiliated with the US sports leagues. For example, the Raptors play in the NBA, Blue Jays play in MLB, Maple Leafs play in NHL, Toronto FC play in MLS, Marlies play in the AHL, etc. The city offers many sporting events and centers for any sports fan, and you can feel the excitement each time these teams are in action.

4.   Check out the Museums and Galleries

Toronto has a vibrant arts and culture scene, and you can find proof of this everywhere. But if you want more concrete evidence, you can check out the museums in the city. More than 30 museums are here, specializing in everything from arts and history to sports. Popular museums in Toronto include the Royal Ontario Museum. This is perhaps the best cultural scene in the city, housing a collection of thousands of historical and cultural items. Everything from fossils and gems to first people art and Roman antiquities is here.

The Art Gallery of Ontario is also a fine place to visit. It houses 95,000 works, making it one of the biggest on the continent, and entry is usually free on Wednesday nights. The Hockey Hall of Fame is another place to visit, especially if you’re a hockey buff. These are just a few of the strategic centers where you can experience Toronto’s art, culture, and history scene.

5.   Outdoor Activities in the Parks

Toronto is a city of parks, with more than 1,500 parks; no wonder many call it a “city within a park.” Almost every neighborhood in the city has a park. Thus, residents have the needed space to involve themselves in outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, dog walking, picnic, or just sitting on a bench enjoying the atmosphere. There are several neighborhood parks here, but there are also many big and popular parks.

High Park is a good example of such a place. It’s one of the largest parks in North America, spanning 400 acres with facilities that combine recreation and nature. It consists of a zoo, gardens, playgrounds, sporting, educational, and cultural facilities. The Grenadier Pond is also within the park, and people come here for fishing contests and other water activities. The Trinity Bellwoods Park is another amazing site that gets very lively in the summer.

6.   Explore the Entertainment Venues in the City

Toronto is one of the few cities in the world with an Entertainment District. This district is one of the most concentrated party scenes you’ll ever find. There are also clubs, restaurants, pubs, breweries and more all over the city. If you’re thinking of live music, the city that has produced Drake and The Weeknd, two of the biggest music superstars of this 21st century, definitely has a lot of venues.

Whether you’re looking for some groovy place to listen to jazz or want to attend a major concert, Toronto is the place to be. No North American tour of any musician is complete without a visit to Toronto. There are several theatres and cinemas here, including alternative venues like Bad Dog Theatre, Buddies in Bad Time Theatre, Elgin and Winter Garden Theater Center, etc. The National Ballet of Canada is also here.

In Conclusion

As far as fun goes, Toronto is one of the most fun cities to live in North America. This diverse city has a lot of attractions and venues for residents. There are so many options that you can spend your whole life in the city without seeing all of it.

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