Is Windsor, Ontario, as bad as Detroit?

Is Windsor, Ontario, as bad as Detroit?

Every city that shares proximity with another is always thought of as having similarities. Whether good or bad, some people almost see these kinds of towns in the same light. Windsor and Detroit are perfect for this description. So, since the public perception of Detroit is negative, you might be wondering, is Windsor, Ontario, as bad as Detroit?

The quality of life in Detriot is considered below average. However, quality and safety of lives and property are two essential things residents of Windsor enjoy. Generally, the negativity and insecurity found in Detroit don’t spill over into Windsor, Ontario.  So, Windsor isn’t as bad as Detroit.

Beyond this, understanding the circumstances of both locations requires you to understand metrics such as crime rate, employment rate, and quality of education. As such, in this article, we explore the things you need to know about Windsor and show you why it isn’t as bad as Detroit.

Is Windsor, Ontario As Bad As Detroit?

Residents of Windsor instantly realize the difference between their city and Detroit the moment they cross the border, which separates both cities—of different nationalities. So, yes, Windsor, Ontario, is far from as bad as Detriot. Here are some of the things that makes Windsor better than Detroit:

1. Safety

Detroit’s reputation has as a neighbouring city doesn’t help Windsor regarding safety, even though it’s a significant misconception. Undoubtedly, no place is immune to crime, but there are places where the protection of life and property is better than others.

In turn, your chances of being a victim of crime in Windsor is 1 in 468, while your chances of being a victim of crime in Detroit is 1 in 51. This glaring difference gives you an idea of the state of safety in both cities, which you can trace to several reasons that border around the decline of order.

2. Quality of Life

The variety of things that define quality life are all inherent in Windsor, Ontario. From safety to affordability, diversity, accessibility, and so much more. Residents of Windsor enjoy all the benefits of a city which is in a continuous state of growth and transformation. Additionally, they get the best of both their city and the little they can get from Detroit due to their proximities.

The cost of living, which is around $1,546 in the city, is 13% lower than the national average. Residents even enjoy a relatively low price on other things like sports, transportation, and housing. 

3. Culture

The cultural scene in Windsor is alive and heartwarming. The city is the home of the only Caesars casino in the country where there is gaming and dining all time of the year. Some cultural festivals celebrated in Windsor include Bluesfest, Windsor Colour Run, and Summer Fest.

Arts is another feature of this city because of the beautiful Art Gallery of Windsor, which has some of the most artistic collections in the country. On the other hand, Detroit offers slightly as much in culture due to its diverse ethnicity and religiosity. The advantage for residents of Windsor is that they can experience both culture and art.

4. City Services

The services available for residents in a city are essential while considering a move. These services may include public transport, hospitals, emergency response, and other relevant amenities. Precisely, in Windsor, all these services are available with optimal efficiency. 

With Transit Windsor, you have more than enough options to move around 14 different routes every day of the week. The city’s healthcare is also covered with Windsor Regional Hospital and Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare. Windsor also has four school boards which give parents enough options in specialization for their children. 

In Detroit, most of the city services require massive improvement. Education, for instance, is terrible. There is a high record of school absenteeism, which grossly affects the quality of education in the city.

Things to Know About Windsor, Ontario

There are varieties of things that make a place less attractive to residents. Although some of these things can be relative, if you live in a city where law and order are faltering, and your safety is constantly threatened, then you should know you’re in a bad town. As much as these don’t exist in Windsor, the following are some drawbacks to consider:

1. Bad Downtown 

As remarkable as the level of growth has been in Windsor, the downtown isn’t so pleasant as it needs so much revitalization. Most places here are an eyesore, which has considerably affected the city’s image except for the casino. So, it might be a huge turn-off for you if you’re considering a move.

2. Job Market

Employment opportunities are an important reason to consider before making a move to a place. And as far as Windsor is concerned, it isn’t so great. The unemployment rate in this city is considered the highest within the province. However, it also competes with other places in the country. 

However, as there has been a rise in online job opportunities, there has been a significant improvement in a short time as the rate, which was 11.2% in December 2020, has reduced to 10.3% in January 2021.

3. The Weather

This is a thoughtful inclusion as the weather condition in the city is standard and entirely predictable than other places in the country. The winters are cold as they should be, and summers are as hot as they should be. But the city experiences several tornado hits, which can be worrisome. Windsor is reported as the city with the most tornadoes in Canada. So, this is something to know if you want to move to the city.

The Bottom Line

Like every other city, Windsor has its advantages and disadvantages, but it’s the place you’d prefer compared to Detroit. The safety of life and property, the energy of the city, wellness, and its proximity are some of the things that make it better than its neighbouring city.

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