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Vancouver is one of the most popular cities in Canada and has the third-largest population. There are lots of amazing qualities that make it a delightful place to live. So, what’s it like to live in Vancouver.

With over 600,000 residents, Vancouver is an attractive place to stay as the standard of living is high. But it has its issues. Therefore, it’s important to know what living here is like by examining factors such as weather, cost of living, economy, safety, and available activities in the city.

If you’re planning to live in Vancouver, you need to be familiar with the living conditions. That way, you can prepare yourself for whatever you encounter. We discuss what it’s like to live in Vancouver.

What is living in Vancouver like?

Living in Vancouver is generally a great experience. But if you’re considering moving to a new city, there are several things you’ll generally consider. We consider those things:


Comfortable weather is very important when picking where you live, and as far as Vancouver is concerned, it has one of the most comfortable weather in the country. While Canada is notorious for its cold winters, Vancouver has a very comfortable and warm winter, making it desirable. The summer months here are very dry and sunny, with the temperature rarely going higher than what’s comfortable.

The only serious issue about the Vancouver weather is the rain which can be very dreary and regular during the fall and winter seasons. Steady rain is common here from around November to March. Beyond that, every other month is very dry and comfortable. Even during the rainy months, you can go to the nearby mountains where it’s usually snowing to participate in several winter sports such as snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing, etc.

Cost of Living

Everyone always wants to know the living expenses of the city they’re planning to live in. For Vancouver, the answer is very expensive. Both Vancouver and Toronto are the two most expensive cities to live in Canada. Accommodation especially is very expensive in Vancouver, making it impossible for most people to own their houses. However, if you opt to rent a house that will be the most likely choice, you can still expect to pay very high rent.

The cost of living here would have been almost unbearable if not for the high salaries in the city. But even the high salary isn’t enough for most households. So, if you’re planning to live here, you need to make sure that your salary is very high as that’s the only way to live a comfortable life in the city.


The public transport system in the city is great, which makes it easy to get around even if you don’t own a car. There are buses, rapid transit trains, commuter rail, and sea ferry which can get you almost anywhere in the city. You can get a Compass Card if you’re a regular commuter as this allows you to load on the card and pay your fare easily each time you take public transport.

Each transport system has its schedule and routes that you have to be familiar with. For example, Vancouver metropolitan area is divided into three zones, and the number of zones you go to determines your fare. Still, transportation here is quite great.

You can also opt for taxis or other cab-hailing services like Uber and Lyft. Another option to consider is biking. Vancouver is bike-friendly, making it easy to cycle around and use dedicated bike paths or on the roads where bike paths aren’t available. Riding on the sidewalks isn’t allowed in Vancouver. If you’re getting a bike, make sure you invest in a strong lock because cases of bike stealing are common here. You can also enroll for Mobi, the bike-share program.

The last option for getting around the city is by driving, but this is not necessary. The heavy traffic and lack of parking space make it better not to have a car. But, of course, you can always rent one if you need a car.

Things to do in Vancouver

Vancouver is an amazing and fun city to live in. There’s no boring time even though the nightlife doesn’t compare to that of Toronto. There are thousands of restaurants, zoos, parks, museums, cinemas, theatres, and other social and cultural centers in the city. In addition, the city’s ethnically diverse population makes it an incredible place to live for those who’re just moving into Canada. There’s no need to worry about whether the people here are friendly or not because diversity is ingrained in the city’s culture.

Except in the winter, Vancouver is outdoor with a beautiful environment where people can participate in various physical activities. The fact that it’s a coastal city further contributes to its charm. Whatever your interest is, whether it’s sport or nature, arts or music, movies or theater, you can get it all here.

Economy and Job Opportunities

Vancouver has one of the best economies among Canadian cities, as almost every major employer has an office or headquarters in Vancouver. Its major economic sectors are technology, trade, TV and film, natural resources, construction, and tourism. Its thriving economy means that employment opportunities are numerous here, and the employment conditions are far above the national average.

According to a survey, The average salary in the city is $88,416, and the most typical salary is $59,307. This makes it one of the best-paying cities in the country. The most paid career here is technicians and engineers.


Vancouver isn’t the safest metropolitan area in the world. But it’s quite safe nonetheless. The total crime rate here is only 25% above the national average, and this is because of the high property crime in the city. As well, violent crimes here are lower than the Canadian average, which shows the level of security in the city. However, the homeless population of this city is quite high. East Hastings is the area where most of these homeless people congregate.

In Conclusion

Vancouver is an amazing city to live in. But if you’re planning to move there, you need to know how life is like in the city. When you consider all the factors necessary to have a good quality of life, it’s easy to determine if Vancouver can offer you that.

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