Living in Toronto vs NYC

Toronto and NYC are both metropolitan areas and the most populated cities in Canada and the US. This is why both cities draw a lot of comparisons. If you plan to live in a metro area, either of these cities will be part of your choices. So, what’s it like to live in Toronto vs NYC?

Toronto and NYC are similar but different cities. Anyone who has trouble deciding where to live can look at the livability factors. Toronto excels in areas such as living costs, family-friendliness, safety, and cleanliness, but NYC is better for economic opportunities, entertainment, and weather.

Although Toronto seems a slightly better option than NYC, the difference in certain areas is only slight. Therefore, this article looks at the livability factors to determine which city is better.

1.  Cost of living

Toronto is one of Canada’s most expensive cities. Canadians moving to the city from other parts of the country have complained about several things, such as the higher cost of consumer items and real estate. For example, the average rent for a 1-bed apartment in Toronto is around $2,000, except you opt for places outside the city centre.

However, the cost of living in Toronto is child’s play compared to New York City. The city is also one of the most expensive in the US but clearly, what’s expensive in Canada is still relatively cheap in the US. Everything here costs more than they would in Toronto, including consumer prices, groceries, health services, and even rents. The cost of living in NYC is over 28% higher than that of Toronto. So, if you’re looking for a cheaper city to live in, Toronto is your choice.

2.  Economic Opportunities

One of the reasons people move to big cities such as Toronto and NYC is because they want better opportunities. Both cities excel in this area. Toronto is the economic hub of Canada and contributes about 20% to its GDP. Key industries in the city include finance, manufacturing, media and entertainment, tourism, and technology. In recent years, many have dubbed Toronto the Silicon Valley of Canada due to the city’s growth of tech-related jobs and startups. The average salary in the city is CAD89,018 ($70,546), but the most common salary is CAD59,307 ($47,000).

New York City is the number one economic hub in the world. This city has the largest regional and municipal economy in the US and is the premier global financial center. The New York Metropolitan area generated a gross metropolitan product of around $1.33 trillion. Top industries here include finance, technology, real estate, media, trade, manufacturing, and healthcare. No matter how you look at it, NYC dwarves Toronto when it comes to economic opportunities. The disparity shows in the wages. The average salary here is $98,873, while the most common salary is $102,000.

3.  Safety

One of the factors you have to consider when choosing a city to live in is safety. In this area, Toronto is far ahead of New York. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit Safe City Index, Toronto is the second safest city in the world. The city only comes second to Copenhagen and ranks well in digital security, personal security, infrastructure, environmental, and health security. Compared to Toronto, NYC is 12th on the list. Toronto also has a lower crime rate than NYC.

4.  Cleanliness

An issue that New Yorkers regularly complain about is how dirty the city is. Due to the lack of funds for waste management agencies, there’s reduced efficiency, which reflects in various ways. For example, the sight of trash bags waiting to be collected is quite common in NYC compared to Toronto. Although several factors are considered in determining the city’s cleanliness, such as the environment, air quality, waste collection, etc., Toronto appears to be a slightly better option. Its lower population might also be a factor.

5.  Housing

Finding the right accommodation in a big city is a major issue because the prices are usually high while the space is small. Given the higher population of NYC, it’s not surprising that spaces are smaller here, and homes cost a lot more. For example, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in New York varies between CAD3,949.88 for the city center and CAD2,815.10 outside the center. On the other hand, Toronto is a cheaper place to consider because the same apartment costs CAD1,692.24, respectively.

For those planning to buy, the price of homes is quite similar in the two cities if you’re buying outside the city center. But getting an apartment in the central area of NYC will cost you almost double what you’ll spend if you’re to do the same in Toronto.

6.  Family Friendliness

Both Toronto and NYC have child-friendly neighborhoods where you can easily live with your family. While both cities might seem like fast-paced urban centers, there are many facilities such as schools, parks, museums, zoos, and more for children. The fact that there are a lot of schools in the area and the cultural diversity of these cities can be great for kids. However, it’s far cheaper to raise a kid in Toronto than in NYC. In addition, Canada generally has better childcare programs and initiatives than the US.

7.  Weather

The comfortability of the weather matters when finding where to live. Toronto and NYC have four distinct seasons, but the temperature is different, especially in the winter. Even though winter is harsh in both countries, the snowfall and blizzards are more severe in Toronto than in New York. But the difference isn’t that much.

8.  Entertainment Options

As economic hubs, both cities have excellent entertainment options. These are areas with amazing nightlife. NYC has Broadway, several jazz clubs, top restaurants, sports teams, and many places to visit. While Toronto might not have all of these, it has its fair share of sports teams, restaurants, clubs, and the rest. But it’s hard for any city to beat NYC when it comes to entertainment.

In Conclusion

Apart from the fact that both cities are the biggest in Canada and the US, Toronto barely compares to NYC. With a population of over 8 million in the city itself and more than 20 million for the metropolitan area, New York City is a monster on its own.

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