Pros and Cons of living in Cornwall, Ontario

Cornwall is located in Eastern Ontario on the Saint Lawrence River in the Quebec City-Windsor Corridor on Highway 401. The place also serves as the urban center for surrounding regions and is also a safe place to live for families and young people alike. The residential community atmosphere, the closeness of all the modern amenities, the peaceful neighborhoods, and the affordable housing market are just a few of the perks of this gorgeous city.

Cornwall, Ontario, is one of the oldest settlements in the region. However, many business ventures and opportunities help with a stable economic structure and translate into monetary benefits for the residents. The forward-thinking companies that call this city home are always eager to give back to the community and strictly adhere to greener practices to minimize their carbon footprint on the environment. This is why you can enjoy a higher quality of life with fresher quality air in this place.

Since the city is located on the St. Lawrence River, there are plenty of lakefront recreational places, parks, and properties, making this a perfect choice for families with kids. The abundance of good schools, the lack of violent crimes, the accessibility of modern facilities, and the serene small-town feel paints a good picture of this suburban area. It makes this place a superb choice for families with kids. If you would like to read more about the pros and cons of living here, you can continue with the article.

What Are the Pros of Living in Cornwall, Canada?

The city of Cornwall enjoys plenty of benefits due to its unique geographical location that connects Ontario, Quebec, and New York. The residents can head over to the metropolitan hubs within the country or head down to the US with legal documents without driving for days upon end. Highway 401 allows the residents to get anywhere within a matter of hours. Here are the top-most perks and benefits of this place.

Unique Geographical Location

Located at the convergence of the Ontario, Quebec, and New York State borders, this place is an excellent choice for those who want to stay close to all the major business hubs, modern amenities and still want to enjoy the small-town feel. You can drive up to one of the major provinces or make your way into the US within a few hours. Also, the Mohawk Nation of Akwesasne is located on the southern side of the place.

Since the city is located on the St. Lawrence River and Highway 401, road and railway transportation is also well-maintained and convenient. The local train will take you to Montreal or Ottawa within an hour or less.

Accessibility and Friendly Environment

The local authorities have ensured that the city is accessible to everyone. People with any physical limitations or challenges should be able to go anywhere they want without any issues. Therefore, the major hubs across the region are fitted with wheelchair ramps, elevators, and other structural additions to make the areas accessible for everyone. The local authorities work following the Ontarians with Disability Act and eliminate any physical barriers for disabled residents.

Affordable and Online Housing Management

Unlike other places near major metropolitan cities, Cornwall, Ontario, is a rather affordable living place for everyone. The living places and units owned by the Cornwall and Area Housing Corporation are available for everyone below the market rate. This way, the authorities ensure that everyone has a place to live even if they cannot easily afford it. This housing corporation currently offers:

  • 720 apartments for seniors
  • 32 affordable housing units for non-seniors
  • 461 family units

Additionally, the authorities ensure that you do not physically go over to the government offices to get something done. Instead, everything is available online, and you can quickly apply for housing units, pay rent, submit applications for structural repairs, or look for new housing programs right from the comfort of your home.

Healthy Environment

One of the major issues for many families is the non-healthy and hazardous environment in several cities. However, you will not have to worry about that in this place, as local authorities take care of everything and ensure that the environment is habitable, hazard-free, and cleaner than other places.

The city has dedicated its resources to becoming a greener community for the residents. Therefore, there are a few guidelines that all residents must obey to make this place a better one. The Energy Efficiency Working Group (EEWG) analyzes energy consumption in the area and helps the citizens save money on energy with greener methods. Throughout the city, the energy efficiency initiatives have helped the area cut down on energy costs and minimize the carbon footprint on the environment.

There is also a solid waste management program to take care of any waste that may corrupt the air or land. This initiative helped reduce air pollution and land pollution as the city adhered to industry-standard regulations and practices to take care of any excessive waste.

The city also employs a “Large Municipal Residential Drinking Water System” that pumps over 11.8 billion liters of clean water throughout the area. This water is treated to remove any impurities so that the residents can enjoy fresh drinking water.

Recreational Activities

Since the city is located on a lake, there are amazing lakefront parks and recreational areas. This area is also home to the nicest bicycle paths in the province. It extends 40 kilometers around the place and is well-maintained for a smooth ride. The Crysler Park Marina, Charlotenburgh Park, and Long Sault Parkway offer various boat-launch docks for boating enthusiasts. There are also dedicated swimming areas for families with kids. If you do not have a boat, but you want to enjoy the rivers, you can rent or book a boat right at the marina.

The Port Theatre offers dynamic theatrical performances, concerts, live music, and band performances for the residents. The Civic Center is also unparalleled in its activities, and you can catch a live show from the “Great Big Sea” here. If you are into stand-up comedies and funny skits, you can take a trip to the famous Aultsville Hall. Comedians have regular shows there, and you can have quality family time without spending a fortune.

The aquatic center here offers a state-of-the-art swimming facility with ample options for kids and adults alike. There is a two-story waterslide and a toddler pool so that all the different families can enjoy together. This aquatic center is also home to a 5,000 seat arena that plays host to hockey, skating, concerts, live festivals, and wedding ceremonies.

What Are the Cons of Living in Cornwall, Ontario?

There are also several drawbacks to living in this area. These may not be a big problem for the existing residents, but these can be obstacles for potential residents who are thinking of moving here soon. Let’s see what the cons are.

Lack of Job Opportunities

Yes, it is close to some of the nation’s major hubs, but the job opportunities in this city are scarce. Residents often have to travel to nearby cities and places for their jobs. Cornwall is a rather poor city than the surrounding regions, and the available jobs offer less pay.

Healthcare Sector Needs Improvement

There are three distinct hospitals here, but the quality of patient care is negligible and poor. Therefore, most of the residents often go to nearby cities for better healthcare systems. This is why the authorities are currently trying to enhance the healthcare sector and offer improved patient care within city limits.

Drug Abuse

This used to be a problem in the past, but the local law enforcement authorities have taken care of the drug problems and have reduced the use of drugs in the area. There are also specific addiction rehab facilities for youngsters and teenagers who become victims of drug abuse. However, there are lesser instances of such issues now, as the local council pays more and more attention to taking care of drug rings and drug peddlers in the area.

What Do We Have to Say?

Cornwall offers amazing lakefront parks, recreational centers, properties, and options to the residents. The roads connect to all the major hubs around the province, so it is one of the best places to live in Ontario. Moreover, you can also enjoy affordable housing, and the city will help you find a place to live below the market rate. There are also 25 elementary schools in the area so that your kids can get the best educational experience without any issues.

The inter-city and commuter bus will take you around town, and you can get anywhere within minutes. There is also a fully-functional rail service that can take you to other places in the province and help reduce the commuting time. The Cornwall Regional Airport is also a short drive from the city, and you can catch a plane to virtually everywhere in the country. This is an excellent place to live in Canada if you want affordable housing and a clean environment.

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