Pros and cons of living in Aurora, Ontario

Pros and cons of living in Aurora, Ontario

It is important to be fully aware of all the advantages and disadvantages of a city before you make the decision to move to it. A detailed review or list can not only give you a realistic idea of the practical aspects of living such as the cost of living but also show you if the city is a right fit for you or not. Each place has its pros and cons, and it is up to you to decide if the pros outweigh or the cons. We can provide you with a detailed review of what it is like to live in Aurora, Ontario so that you can make an informed decision. 

The town of Aurora is located in the province of Ontario, which is one of the more famous provinces in Canada. The province is home to Canadas largest city, Toronto, and the capital of Canada, Ontario. It is located towards the eastern side of Canada and is boarded by the United States of America. The city of Aurora itself is located in the central York region and is considered to be the best place to live in the region. The city is situated on the Oak Ridges Moraine and is considered to be the 10 wealthiest cities in Canada. Aurora covers an area of 49.85 km2 and has a total population of 55,445 people. There are many great features of the city such as 


1. Scenic beauty 

The city of Aurora is lined with two natural landmarks that make it an extremely beautiful city to live in. To the south of the city is Lake Ontario and towards the North lie lake Simcoe. Both of these areas offer beautiful scenery as well as a number of recreational activities. Lake Simcoe has a number of trails, picnic spots, and outdoor activities for the residents to enjoy. You can jog, bike, or even enjoy a leisurely walk around these trails. The lake also has Georgina Island, which is a native reserve and offers a lot of insight into Canada’s indigenous landscape and people. 

2. Low cost of living 

Fortunately, Aurora is an extremely affordable city. If you are considering moving to Aurora then the cost of living must be the first thing on your mind, especially if you have a family. When compared to other cities close to Aurora such as Toronto the cost of living is substantially low. The rents in the city are almost half of that in Toronto. For example, the average rent for a 3 bedroom apartment is approximately 1700$. Other amenities such as groceries and food items are almost 50% cheaper. If you are looking to buy a home for your family or invest in real estate then Aurora has a number of affordable options in that regard as well. The average cost of a house in Aurora is $679,45 which is extremely low when compared to Toronto. 

3. High wages 

Luckily for the employees of the city, they earn more wages when compared to other cities. In fact, many people move to Aurora for jobs. If the average salary is compared between workers of Aurora and Toronto there is a vast gap. The average salary in Aurora is $3,945.59 while the salary in Aurora is $3,945.59. You are able to enjoy a higher standard of living in Aurora than elsewhere. Living in Aurora will also give you the opportunity to save money if you wish. 

4. Economic activity 

The city of Aurora is a business and commercial hub. There is a substantial economic activity within the city. It is home to many large companies that bring business to the city and offer employment opportunities to the residents. Some of the big companies that have set up offices here include Amazon, Bulk Barn Foods Limited, and Bulk Barn Foods Limited. 

5. Close proximity 

The city is located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and can be easily accessed through 404 Highway. The distance between Toronto and Aurora is 50 km which can easily be covered in 40 mins. By living in Aurora, you are able to enjoy all the perks and benefits of Toronto without the hassle of the big city. Aurora is also close to other major cities such as Pickering, Brampton, and Whitby. In fact, residents of the city frequently travel to these places for work.


1. Taxes 

Since Aurora is located in the province of Ontario it must follow the province’s tax regulations. The taxes for residents of Aurora can get pretty high especially if they belong to the highest tax brackets. The taxes approximately amount to 20% of the lowest tax bracket and almost 50% of the highest tax brackets. This is because residents have to pay both the federal tax and the provincial tax. So perhaps the savings you are able to make from the low cost of living will be evened out when it comes to taxation.

2. Population 

The city is experiencing a boom in its population in recent years. Over the last 15 years, the population of Aurora has grown at a rate of 2.54% per year. The last two Canadian censuses saw an overall growth of 2242 people. An increase in the population can lead to a strain on the limited resources of the city. Amenities such as houses, schools, and parks can easily become overcrowded causes distress to the residents. 

Is Aurora a good place to live?

Choosing where to live is indeed a difficult decision for anyone. Hopefully, this review will provide a clear picture of all the good things and bad things about living in Aurora. Overall, the city provides the best facilities and infrastructure that the biggest cities in Canada can provide. It offers its residents the chance to adopt a luxurious and high standard of living. The high wages and low cost of living make it an ideal place to relocate for a job or to start a family as you will be able to save up. All in All, Aurora is a good city to settle down and live in. 

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