Pros and Cons of living in Fredericton, New Brunswick


When it comes to moving, knowing the pros and cons of where you will live is extremely important. Canada has a number of great cities that provide its residents with the best amenities and infrastructure. However, anywhere that you may move will have advantages and disadvantages. That is why an honest review can go a long way in helping you decide. We have made a detailed list of all the pros and cons of living in Fredericton, New Brunswick so you can decide if it is the right place for you! 

Fredericton is located in the province of New Brunswick which is a maritime province and connected to the Atlantic. New Brunswick has a lot of French influence and considers French as an official language. The province is known for its abundant forests and mountains. Fredericton is the capital of New Brunswick. It is located in the center of the province and is lined by the Saint Jhon River.  Fredericton is the social and cultural heart of the province. The city has a total area of 132.57 km2 with a total population of 58,220. 


1. Scenic views 

Fredericton is one of the most scenic cities in Canada. The Saint Jhon River runs through the city. The river is lined with valleys and low hills. The scenic beauty makes it a great place for outdoor activities. Fredericton also has a number of scenic trails and parks as well that are ideal for walking, biking, and running. If you are someone who enjoys the outdoors and appreciates natural beauty then the city is for you. 

2. Social life 

Fredericton has a rich and vibrant social life. There are a number of restaurants and pubs in the city that provide great entertainment to its resident. The Play House theater and Black Box theater have a number of productions throughout the year. Moreover, the city is known for having a lot of festivals. The Harvest Festival is the highlight of the entire year. Some of the other festivals include a wine festival, poutine festival, Whiskey festival, and Feist in the field. 

3. Low housing 

A great feature of Fredericton is its affordable housing. New Brunswick generally has lower housing rates than any other province in Canada. The average price of a house in Canada is $488,600 but in New Brunswick, the average price is $175,976. This is true for Fredericton as well. So if you are looking to move with your family or buy a house the city is the right fit for you. Similarly, rent in the city is also pretty low. Rent prices in Fredericton are 135.41% lower than in Toronto. 

4. High-quality education 

The city has a great system of education from public schools to universities. A lot of people move to the city for education purposes. The city not only has a number of public schools such as the Fredericton High School and the Leo Hayes High School but there are a number of renowned colleges and universities. Among the universities, the University of New Brunswick and St Thomas university are particularly popular whereas there are a number of colleges as well such as New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, New Brunswick Community College, and Maritime College of Forest Technology.

5. Safety 

The city is one of the safest cities in the province. It has reported a low average crime rate for many years in a row. Fredericton has a comprehensive law enforcement system as well. The safe nature of the Fredericton makes it ideal for families. 


1. Lack of public transport 

Public transport in Fredericton is seriously lacking. Especially, when compared to other cities of its size and significance. The city has 28 buses on twelve routes but due to the growing population, this is insufficient. With the state of public transport in the city, it is difficult to travel in a timely manner. Moreover, there is public transport facility on Sundays. So, if you are moving to Fredericton then you must have a car of your own on which to get around otherwise you will be extremely restricted. 

2. French language 

The province of New Brunswick recognizes French as an official language. Almost one-third of the population speaks in French primarily. So, if you are moving to Fredericton then you should have at least a basic understanding of French. While English is also spoken in the city you are bound to come across people who only or prefer to speak in French. 

3. No diversity 

Although the city has rich history and culture there is still a lack of diversity in Fredericton. In recent years the city has seen an increase of people from different ethnicities and cultures, but it is far from being a multicultural city like Toronto. If you belong to an ethnic minority then it may be harder for you to fit in or find a community in Fredericton. 

4. Weather

While the weather in Canada is generally cold especially in the winters, Fredericton experiences exceptionally chilly weather. Although the summers can be quite pleasant in the winters the temperature remains below freezing and the Atlantic winds make day-to-day tasks a little difficult. 

5. High cost of living  

Fredericton has a comparatively higher cost of living. While housing is cheap that may make up a chunk of your expenditure other amenities are more expensive in the city than the Canadian average. For example, the cost of food in the city is higher.  This can be a cause of concern especially for people belonging to a lower income bracket. 

Is Fredericton a good place to live?

Being the provincial capital of New Brunswick, Fredericton has many factors to its credit. The city has a rich history and culture. It has many outlets for entertainment be it outdoor activates or festivals. Fredericton also has extremely cheap housing. Some of the disadvantages of the city include lack of public transport, higher cost of some amenities, and a lack of cultural diversity. At the end of the day, the decision depends on the priorities that you have set for yourself. Everyone focuses on different aspects when moving to a city and if you can overlook the few disadvantages of Fredericton that it is an ideal place for you. 

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