Pros and cons of living in Laval, Quebec

Pros and cons of living in Laval, Quebec

Laval is sometimes regarded as a suburb of Montreal, Canada. However, it stands alone as a city on its own and is separated from the island of Montreal by the Riviere des Prairies which is its southern border. It is the thirteenth largest city in Canada.

A city with a population of about four hundred and twenty two thousand people, here are a few things about Laval that would better educate you on the negatives and positives of living in Laval, Quebec.

Pros of living in Laval, Quebec

1.       Linguistically Diverse

A census showed that the majority of residents in Laval, about 60.8% of the population had French as their mother tongue with English coming in second and other languages like Arabic, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese and even Armenian is accounted for amongst Laval’s populace.

2.       Laval has a very diverse economy

The city used to be referred to as a bedroom community but it has since turned that around, with a host of pharmaceutical laboratories and companies, a strong agricultural sector and heavy footings in the retail sector with many shopping malls and warehouses. Laval also has about four different industrial parks.

3.       Laval has numerous places to visit

Laval, like most of the major cities in Canada is one with a lot of tourist attractions and places to sightsee, below is a list of a few fun places that visitors like to check out;

·         Centropolis

·         Armand-Frappier museum

·         Milles-Iles River park

·         Centre de la Nature

·         Cardinal Golf Club

·         Borse-Papineau park

4.       Laval has really affordable housing

Houses are not as expensive as other places compared to the main cities of Canada. Housing is a lot cheaper in Laval and the other cities within the Quebec area at large. The latest referendum by the Quebec City populace is credited primarily for this change making the cost of housing a lot cheaper and more affordable.

5.       Laval has a beautiful nature landscape

With almost every neighbourhood having its own parks, Laval is a natural green city. Its parks are sights to see and create a beautiful and natural serene look to the landscape of the city.

6.       The education system is affordable and really good

This is a main reason for migration to these parts, with a wide variety of vocational and technical centres too. Laval is known for its many colleges and universities. University education in the area is cheaper and more affordable when compared to the rest of Canada.

7.       A lot of retail shops in the area

Within this city, there are a lot of store options not too far apart for groceries and other essentials without having to move a far distance at all.

8.       Transportation

The entire Quebec area has cycling lanes for bicycle riders in its cities and its public transport system extends through Laval too, with an efficient metro railway which is also cheap so moving about the city does not have to be expensive.

9.       Laval is a cultural sanctuary

The aesthetics around the city make Laval a fun site for artists and anyone with an inkling for a peaceful, calm, laid back community. The area is popular for being home to several artists and budding talents.

10.   Proximity to major cities in Canada

Getting to places like Ottawa and Ontario from here is easy because of its location. Quebec is closer to these cities, flights from here are cheaper and trains going to those cities are more frequent too. This means more visits to family and friends in other states even, exploring immigrants, tourists or students might find this as a very interesting benefit too.

11.   Laval is particularly student friendly

Education in Laval, Quebec is very cheap and its communities have affordable housing and cheap transportation which are great benefits for students looking to move to the area.

Cons of living in Laval, Quebec

1.       Winter Storms

Although the weather in the summer could be very pleasant, the winters are very harsh and very cold and in some cases, there are winter storms that could obstruct roads and slow down the city’s work process.

2.       High taxes

The high tax in this area has turned out to be a burden to the residents in this area, with income tax getting as high as sixteen percent. Although a lot can be saved from cheap housing in the city, a lot of this goes into offsetting tax bills.

3.       There might be a language barrier

Only English might not be enough to communicate and establish a bond with the larger part of the city’s population. The bigger part of Laval’s population speaks French, so you might have some issues communicating properly and this could affect a lot of things, even making it harder for people to find jobs.

4.       Doctor shortage

There is a doctor shortage in this part of Canada and so only about 65% of families here report having a family doctor.

5.       Infrastructure reconstruction

The overall infrastructure around this area is not exactly top notch and currently undergoing repairs. The quality of asphalt combined with harsh winters have resulted in a lot of roads falling apart, not leaving out the collapse of the sewer system due to negligence.

A lot of repair and rehabilitation is going on though, but these repairs also result in a lot of road blockades, further traffic and inconveniences that would be a major turn off for someone visiting or new to the city.

Is Laval a good place to live?

There are a lot of perks and advantages to moving into this area, from its serene environment ,sanctuary culture, its demographic diversity, quality education and cheap housing. It is really up to individuals to choose options and see if they are willing to put up with the few disadvantages compared to all the opportunities the city provides.

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