Pros and cons of living in Maple Ridge, British Columbia

Nuzzled between the spectacular Golden Ears Mountains and the blue-green Fraser River, Maple Ridge is an ideal place if you want a lively and dynamic lifestyle for you as well as your children. Whether you love the water or mountains, this is a place where you can unravel the wonders of nature and enjoy the miracles it has to offer you.

Maple Ridge is situated in the northeastern part of Greater Vancouver. Present in the lower mainland of British Columbia, the city offers you new opportunities, friendly locals, and vibrant culture, arts, and heritage to keep your stay here exciting.

If you have been thinking of moving to this place, then you need this guide. In this article, we will go over all the small details about the city which are hard to find if you search on the internet. We will thoroughly explain what the city has to offer to you and also what it does not offer. So, let’s begin!

What Are the Pros and Cons of Living in Maple Ridge, British Columbia?

Here is a brief overview of what to expect when you land in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. We have enlisted all the major advantages and disadvantages of living in the city.


A Place to Unwind and Enjoy

This is the perfect place for people who want an active and exciting lifestyle. The city is only minutes away from some of the greatest places in the district. Golden Ears Provincial Park, the UBC Research Forest, Kanaka Creek Regional Park, and Alouette Lake are nearby so you can easily have a relaxing weekend with your friends and family after a tough and hectic week at work. Furthermore, Maple Ridge has over 200 kilometers of multi-use trails

The city is located at nature’s doorstep and whether it is daytime or nighttime, you can find several activities to do around the town!

Top-Notch Amenities

Another great thing about Maple Ridges is that you can easily travel to or out of the land. As mentioned above, it is located near Greater Vancouver. So, this means it is just a short distance away from countless ferry terminals, airports, and it is close to the US border as well! You can travel through the public transit called the TransLink as well to the neighboring cities.

The local hospital; Ridge Meadows Hospital, offers a 24/7 care facility and it provides all the major healthcare services that one needs close by.

Easier to Find a Reasonably-Priced Living Space

Moving into Maple Ridges is also pretty convenient. You won’t have to roam around the town to find an apartment or house. If we compare the rental prices of Maple Ridge to Surreys, the former is 19.71% less expensive than the former. Furthermore, if we compare the apartment price per square meter in the City center, Maple Ridge is much cheaper than Vancouver. The results are the same when you compare the apartment prices outside the city center.

Diverse Neighbourhoods

Maple Ridge is one of the best cities in all over Canada which homes visibly distinct neighbors. Hence, you have a lot of choices here to find one that best suits you and your family. The Albion/ Kanaka neighborhood is famous for hosting events throughout the year. Some of the most famous events are the country fest, home show, and the Caribbean festival. It also has a sports complex that owns an ice rink and curling club.

The Port Hammond is ideal for people who love history and art. It is also a popular location for shooting films and TV series. Did you know that the iconic Flash series was shot here? Yes! So, if you are into history and art, this is the place for you. Another notable neighborhood is Thornhill. It contains many farms and nurseries, so you will always be able to find organic fresh produce here, especially during peak hours. It also has a biking and hiking trail, so it is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. 


The prime location of the city gives you several education options. It is actively running 17 elementary schools and five secondary schools. Furthermore, it has also developed many training partnerships with colleges and universities so that everyone can have a quality education that helps them prosper in their careers. The city also offers some of the best career colleges and trade schools for its young residents.

Furthermore, as we discussed before, one of the best things about Maple Ridges is its unique location. It is close to a metropolitan city and this further enhances the chance of a high-school graduate to get finer education. BC Institute of Technology (BCIT), Capilano University, City University, Simon Fraser University, and Vancouver Community College are some of the best colleges and universities in Vancouver.


Heavy traffic

Since the city is always so full of hustle and bustle, there might be a chance that you experience high traffic influxes frequently, especially during the rush hours. Although the government has been trying its best to solve the prevalent problem, it is an alarming concern.

Moderate Crime Rates

Over the last couple of years, the rate of crime in the city has been increasing. According to, people in the city are most worried about having their car got stolen, people dealing/using drugs and property crimes.

Is It Worth Living or Moving to Maple Ridge, British Columbia? 

Maple Ridge is a fast-growing city that offers you the perfect mix of rural and urban living. The neighborhoods are unique and each offers you several amenities and activities that the others might not. So, make sure to check the neighborhoods before choosing a house or apartment for yourself.

 However, no matter where you go, you would find a lively, friendly, and diverse community. The arts, culture, and heritage of the city are worth praising as well. However, every place comes with its own share of flaws. Some of the most prominent shortcomings of this city are heavy traffic and crime rates.

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