Pros and Cons of Living in Markham, Ontario

Markham is spread over an area of 81.99 square miles, and it currently has a population of 328,966, making it the 16th largest city in Canada. The city is home to thousands of tech companies and industries, making it a technology hub with a high employment ratio. You will find all the global tech industries here, such as IBM, AMD, Hyundai, Motorola, Oracle, and Huawei. It used to be a town and changed its status to “city” in 2012.

Markham is known to be a safe place as the crime rate is very low. Additionally, it is only 19 miles from downtown Toronto, offering the residents plenty of options for amazing nightlife and access to all the modern amenities found in the big city. The city has both 19th century well-preserved home and modern-era towering skyscrapers. The suburban areas in the place will offer you a good night’s sleep after spending a long day at work. Since it is home to 1000s of tech companies, the residents do not have to go to other cities for work.

The city is rich when it comes to parks and recreational areas. There are museums filled with historical items and artifacts, art galleries, indoor bike arenas, community centers, swimming pools, shopping places, and theatres to help enhance your living experience. The annually held fairs also add to the social status of the place, and you can have fun living in Markham. If you want to explore the different aspects of the city, keep reading below.

What Are the Pros of Living in Markham, Ontario?

Markham, the melting pot of cultures, is not only an excellent place for families with kids, but it is also an excellent choice for singles and newlyweds. The plenty of business opportunities and tech companies in the area, combined with hundreds of recreational places and fun spots, makes it an amazing option for everyone. Let’s see the different pros of living in this place.

A Hub of High-Tech Companies

Among the best things about this city is the fact that it is home to thousands of tech companies, offering ample professional career opportunities to the residents. The city has a high employment ratio, and the residents do not have to go on long drives to other cities searching for work. They can walk to the companies inside the city limits and come back to their homes on the city’s suburban side to have a good night’s sleep without the loud noises of the business area.

Historic Neighborhoods

Do you want to live in a place with a rich history and plenty of historic sites? This city is rich when it comes to well-preserved historic sites, and the old neighborhoods still have some of the old buildings from the 19th century. The “Main Street” is filled with old homes that have now been converted to boutiques, shops, and restaurants, but they still showcase these buildings’ glory.

Another interesting neighborhood in this place is Unionville. It is one of the city’s oldest areas and still has buildings dating back to 200 years ago. The buildings here have also been converted to shops, galleries, and boutiques. If you want to see historic buildings still in their true form, you can head down to the “Markham Village” and see everything in its true form without any conversions to modern-era businesses.

Therefore, if you or your family are interested in living in a place where old meets new, it is for you. You will find all the modern businesses sand technology advancements in this place, but you can also visit the 200-year-old buildings and establishments.

Recreational Activities

One of the first things that families see in a new place is the abundance or scarcity of recreational venues, opportunities, and activities. This city is rich when it comes to recreational activities and offers an annual fair that is well-known in the entire region. Other than the annual Markham Fair, there are also plenty of other options in the area that will offer family-oriented outing and recreational experience to the families and also offer an amazing experience for singles.

You can head over to Angus Glen Community Centre or the Markham Pan Am Centre if you are looking for the best indoor swimming pools in the area. You can register for swimming lessons at these centers, or you can take your family for fun Sunday. You can also visit Milliken Community Centre for swimming activities or social gathering events where the residents meet up and participate in different social events to strengthen the community ties further.

If you are looking for indoor skating rinks, you can walk over to R.J. Clatworthy Community Centre or Markham Village Community Centre. These places have well-maintained indoor skating rinks and biking arenas for sports enthusiasts. If you are interested in track and gym, the Thornhill Community Centre would be perfect for you.

There are also nine different golf courses in this area. Five of these are public and open for everyone, whereas the remaining four are private, and you will have to get a membership for those. The York Downs Golf & Country Club offers the best golfing and networking experience to the residents and outsiders.

If you and your family would like to catch a comedy play, funny skit, or dynamic theatrical performance, you can make your way to the Markham Little Theatre, FLATO Markham Theatre, or Unionville Theatre Company. You can also take your kids to the famous Markham Youth Theatre, which offers specific symphony shows and live music shows for kids and pre-teens.

The Markham Fair

Canada’s oldest and largest community-based volunteer organization is the Markham Fair that is held annually in this city. It is held around Thanksgiving, and it is considered to be one of the best events in the country. People from other towns, cities, and places come to this city to participate in the fair.

You will find everything in the fair, such as monster trucks, midway rides, kid-friendly games, live bands, music concerts, horse shows, demolition derby, etc. If this is not enough, there are also other options for entertainment, such as sheep shearing competitions, gymnastics events, food trucks, and eating contests. There are over 80,000 participants every year at this fair.

Amazing Hiking Trails

If you are more interested in exploring the natural scenery and views around the place, you will find a 2.3-km-long hiking trail in the Milne Dam Conservation Park. This hiking trail will take you around the park, and you can stop by some of the most picturesque places to capture memorable pictures. There are picnic areas, well-maintained and clean bathrooms, and wooden benches along the trail to make it more accessible by everyone. You can enjoy wetlands, forests, and hundreds of different species of birds that call this park home.

What Are the Cons of Living in Markham, Ontario?

Several factors may pose issues for some people who are thinking of moving to this city. These cons will further help you make a well-informed decision.

Vehicle-Dependent City

Even though there are sidewalks all over the place, it is still a vehicle-dependent city as the sidewalks are not that planned, and the area is spread out. You will have to get around in a car, and it will become much harder to navigate the streets on foot.

Expensive Downtown Restaurants

The restaurants in the downtown area are well-known for their high prices and sky-high costs. Therefore, most of the residents rarely visit any of these restraints and buy from their nearby shops and restaurants for half the price. The downtown area is also mostly Chinese-owned restaurants and Asian shops, so the prices are higher than in other places.

Retirees and Loud People

Most of the neighborhoods are filled with retirees living with loud kids. You will have to deal with plenty of people from different age groups, and you may have to deal with loud noises since most of these retirees have trouble hearing and ten to speak louder at night.

What Do We Have to Say?

Markham is a truly unique place with a few cons that can be quickly overlooked. The proximity to the downtown Toronto area, amazing recreational opportunities, the world-famous annual fair, historical sights, hiking trails, and a low crime rate speak highly in favor of this city. Also, the high employment rate due to thousands of different tech companies in the area makes it a remarkable place for families with kids and working parents. The parents can head over to their office and still come back to their homes for lunch with their families.

The city also gives a suburban feel to the residents, and they get to enjoy the closeness and warmth of a small town instead of it being a hub of tech companies. This city is a harmonious combination of everything you could look for in an ideal living environment. There are all the modern amenities in the shopping malls and shops around the city, and you are guaranteed to find everything inside the city limits.

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