Pros and cons of living in Regina, Saskatchewan

Moving to a new area can be one of the biggest, life-changing choices anyone can make. It is therefore wise to know about the positives and negatives of the area before packing up to a new life and reality.

This article exposes some of the pros and cons of living in the second-largest city in Saskatchewan, Regina. The city is ranked right after Saskatoon and recognized as the 16th largest city in Canada.  


1.  Low Taxes

Unlike the rest of Canada which seems to be drowning in high taxes, Regina S. is considered as a tax haven with its low taxes across board. Despite its relatively low population, the province has the lowest sales tax, property tax, and personal income tax in the whole of Canada.

2.  Cheap Public Transport

The City prides itself on its efficient public transport system and advises residents to save money by using the system.

The public transit in Regina costs less than $750 a year compared to owning a private vehicle. Furthermore, residents have the privilege of applying for transport subsidy through a Federal tax credit scheme for transit.

3.  Strong economy

Regina has one of the strongest provincial economies in Canada with a very low unemployment rate. The city is host to the largest steel company in the western half of Canada (EVRAZ Regina), and other companies heavily invested in Saskatchewan’s natural resources.

For anyone moving to Regina, there is a high prospect of employment with good wages within the industrial sector.

4.  Great Public Health

The city government pays special attention to public health services in Regina with three major public health care facilities. Most residents are also covered by Saskatchewan health insurance which takes care of medical emergencies for individuals.

5.  Great Educational Prospects

Education in Regina costs much less than other parts of Canada. Although the City has only one University, parents have the opportunity of sending their children and wards to public, private or independent schools.

The city government also allows children to have home-based education. The City has two public school boards – the Regina Public School Board and the Regina Catholic School Board.

The former controls 45 elementary and nine high schools, while the latter runs 25 elementary and four high schools affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church.

The private schools are run by some protestant churches (Luther College and Harvest City Christian Academy) and the Islamic community in the city (Regina Huda).

6.  Strong Art and Culture Tradition

The City boasts of one of the strongest and longest traditions of Art and Culture in Canada. There are numerous art galleries and events residents of Regina can attend as recreation and entertainment activities.

The City is home to the MacKenzie Art Gallery which organizes contemporary and historical art from all parts of Canada. The gallery also showcases the art and culture of the indigenous people of Saskatchewan who have been in the area for thousands of years.

The City is also host to the Regina Symphony Orchestra which is the oldest performing orchestra in Canada. There is also the Conexus Arts Centre where local and visiting musicians perform from time to time.

7.  Lots of Outdoor Activities

People who wish to move to Regina will enjoy lots of outdoor activities because there is something for everyone. The city is filled with parks, fields for athletes and sports professionals, playgrounds for children, spray pads, picnic sites, and ball diamonds.

The City also has a beautiful natural landscape which has been largely preserved and left alone by the provincial and Federal Governments. This natural landscape is a hiker’s dream and consists of dunes, mountain ranges, rolling hills, national parks, and prairies.

8.  Highly Religious Society

For spiritual individuals or people looking to become more grounded in their chosen faith, Regina is a perfect place to move to.

Most of the City’s residents are Christians and according to a 2006 census, 41.5% of the population are protestant (Anglican, Lutheran, United, Baptist, Presbyterian and other smaller churches). 32.3% of the population are Roman Catholic, and 1.8% belong to the Eastern Orthodox Christian faith.

The census further revealed that 19% of the City’s population have no religious affiliation while 2.9% belong to other religions such as Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism. Regina is also home to the international society of Krishna Consciousness, one of the oldest in Canada.

9.  Opportunity for Growth

Residents and visitors commend Regina as a place for personal, spiritual, mental and economic growth. Life is generally easy, and despite the growing population, there are abundant job opportunities that pay good money.

People who have moved to the city in recent times have complimented the fact that only one job covers the bills and affords them the opportunity to live, contented, and happy lives.

Regina, Saskatchewan presents a lot of opportunities for new residents, but this article will not be complete if prospective residents do not know about the dark side of the moon or the cons that come with living in Canada’s 16th largest City.


1.  High Crime Rate

The entire province of Saskatchewan is plagued by a high rate of violent and non-violent crimes. Due to the high rate of crime in certain areas within the North Central and east of downtown also known as the Core, more people are moving away from the city Centre to the suburbs.

People who intend to move to Regina should do adequate research on the pros and cons of each neighbourhood before renting or buying a home.

2.  The Weather

Saskatchewan and by extension Regina is a landlocked area bordered by mountains and wide expanse of wilderness which the result being extreme weather.

Residents are bound to experience particularly hot summers or extremely cold winters once in a while. Some areas are also prone to flooding from nearby creeks like the Wascana in the summer.

It is also very difficult to drive in the Winter even though the roads are salted regularly and there are police patrols to make sure commuters are safe.

Visibility for private vehicles is greatly reduced during heavy winds and snowfall and the roads become slippery.

Sometimes, the winters gets really cold and lonely as most people would rather be indoors. For most parts of the year however, the weather is mild and temperate.

3.  Zero Nightlife

If you’re used to the bustling nightlife of big cities, you may be disappointed if you move to Regina. Despite its numerous restaurants and bars, most residents stay indoors once it gets dark resulting in a pretty drab nightlife compared to what is obtainable in big cities like Ontario.

Is Regina Saskatchewan a good place to live?

Some people say that Regina Saskatchewan isn’t the best place to live. The crime rate is higher than average and it has a pretty small population. But, there are some big benefits as well! For example, the cost of living is low and it’s not too far from other major cities in Canada.

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