Pros and Cons of Living in Sarnia, Ontario

Moving to a place you know little to nothing about can be exciting because you get a fresh start; a chance to explore new opportunities. However, it can be just as scary because, well, it is a new place. When you are just going for a business stay, studying, or settling in, you must research thoroughly and find out everything you can about the place.

Sarnia is a city located in Southwestern Ontario in Canada. You probably know about it because it has convenient and easy access to most markets and communities in not only Canada but also in the U.S! Known for the beautiful and every-blue Lake Huron, Sarnia offers an amazing quality of life with spectacular schools, efficient healthcare facilities, and affordable living. 

So, if you are thinking of moving to Sarnia, Ontario, and wondering whether the city is safe for you and your family then this article is for you!

I have included everything you need to know about this beautiful city to help you make a sound decision.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Living in Sarnia, Ontario?


1. Well-Connected City

One of the reasons why so many people like Sarnia is because of how close it is to a few major cities! It is only one hour away from Detroit, and London, Ontario.

Whereas, you will only have to drive for three hours to reach the metropolitan city of Toronto. Hence, you will find everything at arm’s length.

2. Home to Many Multinational Companies

Did you know what Sarnia is known as the chemical valley? The city is the birthplace of Canada’s petrochemical Industry. It has three refineries and more than 35 interrelated chemical facilities.

It is often credited for starting off the oil industry in North America.

This has opened the city to international business. Many multinational companies have constructed their branches in the area, especially in the petrochemical and refining sector.

Thus, if these two sectors are your areas of expertise, you can quickly find a job in the area!

3. Abundance of Water

Sarnia is connected with Lake Huron which flows in the great Saint Clair River.

So, if you are someone who loves water and watersports, then Sarnia will definitely keep you happy. Whether it is swimming, boating, fishing, or any other adventure, all you need to do is get out into the water!

4. Healthcare options available with Holistic Care

Another major reason why people are in love with Sarnia is because of the stable and reliable professional health and wellness services that are available for everyone. 

Bluewater Health is one of the first public hospitals in the area and is also known for its professional and caring healthcare workers that give their best to each and every patient. It also has walk-in clinics and many emergency centers.

5. Countless Adventurous Opportunities

Sarnia is filled with recreational activities! As mentioned above, you can go for many watersports. Furthermore, you can also get a Yacht trip and have lunch as you flow through the beautiful blue waters.

Furthermore, it homes the beautiful Canatara Beach which is one of the most popular local attractions in the vicinity. The beach covers the Lake Huron shoreline. It has a kid’s park, animal park, and volleyball parks which are available for all public.

Apart from the beach, the city houses museums, an art gallery, many parks, International Symphony Orchestra, Wawanosh Wetlands Conservation Area and so much more!

6. Knowledge-Based Community

The city is well-known for its remarkable educational standard. The Lambton College is recognized for being the best research and innovation facility not only at the provincial level but also at the national levels!

It ranks as the number 1 research college in Ontario and 2nd all over Canada. Furthermore, there are multiple full-time and halftime programs as well that allow citizens to avail as much knowledge as they want. Hence, there is a work potential here.

7. Real Estate for All Lifestyles and Stages

One of the best things about the city is the variety in real estate. Whether you need a luxury lakefront mansion or a small rental apartment, you will definitely find accommodation that suits you the best.

There are many rental options available for everyone which makes it easier for everyone to find a comfortable home for themselves, irrespective of their finances.

Cons of Living in Sarnia

1. No Hills

If you love mountains, then, unfortunately, you won’t like Sarnia. The entire city is situated on plain land, with absolutely no altitudes.

So, you would have to travel out of the city if you love hiking or mountain climbing.

2. Not so great air quality

Since Sarnia is the home to one of the world’s largest petrochemical and refining complexes, there are multiple pollutants flying in the air. Asthma patients and people with respiratory problems might find trouble breathing in the air.

However, several measures have been taken to reduce air pollution, it is still better that you once visit the area and check out the environment once yourself.

Currently, the air quality level is good. It is around 38 US AQI which is within the optimal range.

However, the major pollutant in the air is ozone and sulfur dioxide.

3. So, Is Sarnia, Ontario Worth Living in? 

Well, this truly depends on what you are envisioning for yourself. Sarnia is a beautiful city that offers multiple job offers and has one of the largest petrochemical industries in the world. With a renowned educational and healthcare facility, the quality of life is great. 

Although, there are a few negatives that we just cannot ignore. One is that it is not a suitable place for people who love the mountains. 

Secondly, though, the air quality has improved a lot over the last couple of years, we cannot ignore the fact that the refineries exhume chemicals in the air, and it can lead to respiratory problems in people.

At the end of the day, make sure to visit the city once and just drive through the neighborhood so you know exactly how people live in this community. This will help you to make a sound judgment.

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