What are the bad areas in Hamilton?

When it comes to one of the commendable countries to live in, Canada is one option that many travelers would reckon with, and the reason is that it offers a blend of aesthetics and the apt aura for one to kickstart a new life.

If you have ever made your findings of a remarkable place to live in Canada, one out of many impressive cities that you would have come across is Hamilton. 

Anyway, before you consider Hamilton, Canada, as your chosen city to live in, the question that you might want to ask yourself is, what are the bad areas in Hamilton?

The answer to this question would outline all of the details that you need to know about Hamilton before finally deciding to travel down to the city. 

Hamilton is a medium-sized city that has a vast inhabitants of about 747,000 people. In the year 2001, a lot of small towns were incorporated into the area which is now known as New Hamilton, and with the state-of-the-art edifices and commercial activities that are conducted in Hamilton daily; it is no surprise that it is considered the third-largest metropolitan area in Ontario, as well as the ninth-largest metropolitan city in Canada. One commendable feature of Hamilton is its diverse population and impressive ambiance that the city emits every year. 

However, while you would constantly hear admirable facts about the city, it might interest you to know that some areas are not so interesting in Hamilton.

In today’s article, we would be highlighting some of those bad areas in Hamilton, Canada. 

If you are considering starting your overseas itinerary in Hamilton, here are some areas that you need to be wary of:

West Hamilton

For many residents of Hamilton, it would come as a shocker to find that the age-long neighborhood that houses the famous Westdale Village is considered a disreputable part of Hamilton.  

Although it is considered a suburb with noble-looking primitive structures and some of the finest learning institutes, the lousiness that it has attracted in the past few years has given it an image that undermines the impeccable history that the area houses. 

If you are the kind of person that craves a tranquil environment where you can go about your everyday business as well as maintain an innovative mind, you might want to stay clear of West Hamilton. 

West Hamilton has a history of hosting some of the rowdiest college parties, and sometimes, some of the roads are shut down to give room for partygoers to continue their jamboree.

This means that if you would be having a ton of appointments with your business partners, you might want to reschedule on some days. 

Aside from these, West Hamilton is a hub to a host of formidable restaurants and bakeries. With its proximity to some of Canada’s top-notch learning institutes, it is still a worthwhile location for those who would love to explore the qualities of the great city. 

 Hess Village

Hess Village in Hamilton is home to some of Canada’s high-end nightlife centers. Unfortunately, over the years, it has earned a reputation for being the location where young ones engage in street fights because of increased drug and alcohol abuse. 

It should come as no surprise the sort of mayhem caused in this neighborhood sometimes, especially since the bulk of those that one would find there are youths who have enough energy to pull a stunt or the other.

However, this has reduced in recent times as you would find law enforcement agents helping to maintain the sanctity of the vicinity. 

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try out some of the A-list bars and nightclubs sprawled around Hess Village.

However, if you need some ideas about some quality bars that you can visit in Hess Village, Papagayo and Sizzle are two out of many amazing choices. 

North End

If you are very conversant with some of the most popular areas in Hamilton, you will agree that North End is one of the reasons why Hamilton is called one of the best metropolitan cities in Canada. 

This neighborhood is home to many corporate workers. The fact that the homes in North End are more affordable than many other areas in Hamilton makes it a worthy choice for newcomers who need decent accommodation.

The only reason North End appears on our list as one of Hamilton’s bad areas is its proximity to some of the obnoxious gas-fuming industries in Canada. Still, if you know that you can sometimes handle a bit of air pollution, you wouldn’t have a problem living in North End. 

Barton Street

For typical residents of Hamilton, seeing Barton Street on our list of bad areas in Hamilton would not be unexpected. Its age long history of housing dilapidated structures is one of the reasons why it is considered a bad area by residents. 

Also, word has it that it is home to some of the most vulnerable populations in Canada. Asides from all of these, the fact that new business establishments and massive reconstruction activities are ongoing in Barton Street stipulates that it has what it takes to redeem its image in a short timeframe. 

Suppose you ever find yourself on Barton Street, in that case, you might want to try out 541 Eatery and Exchange because of its open space social activities that would give you an encouraging feel of how the residents of Barton Street have a nice time together.   

Is it Worth Living to Hamilton, Canada?

There is no such thing as a perfect environment; it is all about perspectives and what you seek in your chosen location.

If you are considering moving to Hamilton, there are a ton of decent locations that would suit your taste, and for some of the bad areas that we have listed, you might want to check in on them to see if there are some features that serve your preference. 

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