What guitars are made in Canada?

Getting a good guitar is an important factor in delivering quality music, regardless of your genre. When purchasing quality guitars, one easy way to achieve this is by going for popular brands that have delivered top-notch options over the years. So, what guitars are made in Canada and can bring magic to the table?

Godin Guitars, Yanuziello Guitars, Norman Guitars, Beneteau Guitars, Seagull Guitars, Bigleaf Mandolins, and Beardsell Guitar are examples of Canadian made guitars that you can purchase. These guitars have varying histories and peculiarities, with these features setting them apart from each other. 

No doubt there are various options, and understanding what each guitar excels at might just be the trick needed to help you get value for money. As such, in this article, we explore the world of guitars in Canada.

What Guitars Are Made In Canada?

Here are some of the best Canadian-made guitars that you can opt for today. 

1. Godin Guitars

Godin guitars are a family legacy. The Godin family, headed by Robert Godin, has made guitars from the “forest to the stage” for over 40 years. La Patrie, Quebec, is the home of these guitars. This is because Godin completes the whole process of making these guitars—from the wood sourcing to the carving of the neck and body, even up to the assembly, in Quebec. 

Usually, these guitars are either electric, acoustic, or bass guitars. Of course, depending on your preference and needs, you can opt for any one of these types. Still, regardless of the option you choose, Godin guitars are a brand to reckon with because of the uniqueness of their sound, style, designs, and craftsmanship.  In fact, many music greats like Deep Purple’s Ritchie Blackmore, Metallica’s Kirk Hammett, and Queen’s Brian May are on record to have used Godin guitars. 

2. Yanuziello Guitars

These guitars are a creation of Joseph Yanuziello, who began producing guitars in 1979. They are in high demand by professionals and amateurs alike all over the world. This is largely due to the aesthetics and playability of the guitars. 

Inspired by his father, Yanuziello went on to live a life of building and tinkering. He did this specializing in the use of exotic and domestic woods to make his guitars. These quality materials used to manufacture the guitars are one of the reasons they are in high demand.  

Yanuziello runs its operation from Wainfleet, a rural township in the southern Niagara Region in Ontario, Canada. There, the guitars come to life and travel across Canada and the world to customers interested in enjoying their sophistication. 

3. Beneteau Guitars

Ontario, Canada, is home to the Beneteau guitars. These guitars are the creation of  Marc Beneteau, one driven by a passion for creating and designing custom guitars. With over four decades of service, the Beneteau guitars boast some of the finest guitars to have come out from Canada. As a result, this guitar remains one of the most sought-after options within Canada and across the globe.

These guitars that come from the finest tonewoods maintain the highest standard possible during construction. Marc believes that the best custom guitars are a collaboration between the builder and the player. Hence, Beneteau guitars are a perfect blend of specifications from the player and the excellent expertise of the builder. The acoustics made by Beneteau exist as a personal service to players. 

4. Seagull Guitars

This is another brand of handmade guitars in Canada. These guitars have been in production since 1982 by the dexterous Robert Godin. They come from the renowned guitar builders’ township of LaPatrie, Quebec, Canada. The wood used for these guitars (including Mandolins and Ukes) comes from trees in the builders’ backyard. 

The guitars boast exceptional aesthetics and great playability. Over the years, optimal performance remains the testament of guitar players that uses any of the Seagull guitars. One thing that sets this brand apart is its handcrafted nature. It enjoys strong tops and attractive finishes that put it as one of the best-handcrafted guitars. It’s also an affordable option that allows players to get optimal value for their investment.

5. Beardsell Guitars

What makes these guitars unique is the disruptive designs they come in. Al Beardsell creates the looks of the guitars and deviates from the norms to produce aesthetically pleasing guitars. This brand emulates Al’s signature 4G body style. This design leverages the large surface area created by a lower bout and extended bridge to ensure more sonic resonance.

The design is not the only alluring feature of these guitars. The tone is also incredibly rich, loud, and with a complex taste. This is why many musicians have opted for the Beardsell guitar among varieties. The Weakerthans, Henry Kaiser, and Lou Reed are some of the legendary names that have tasted the incredibility that Beardsell guitars are.  

6. Proulx Guitars & Violins

Made from Iroquois Falls, Ontario, these guitars are exceptional options from  high-grade wood and strong wood with steel frets. With these guitars, you get a design that meets your specific needs as a player. Each model is special in its tone and design. 

Parts of the guitars, drop-in saddle, solid truss rod, and cast pickguards are all customized to the player’s specifications. They replicate beauty and functionality at the highest level to ensure you can enjoy the best experience with each product. Ease of play and seamless tonality make these guitars stand out.  

Should You Go for These Guitars?

Guitars have always been known to have distinct peculiarities and features, either acoustic, electric, or bass. Usually, your specific needs determine which of the option you choose. Luckily for you, regardless of your choice, you can get guitars of the highest quality across these functionalities in Canada.

These brands boast a wide range of tonality, sonic expressions, and creative looks that offer versatility like no other. So, irrespective of your needs, it’s safe to opt for these guitars. After all, Canada is the hub of the best guitars in the world.

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