What Is the Best Place To Live in Windsor, Ontario?

Did you know that Windsor is the third-largest city in Southwestern Ontario? However, the city’s most defining feature is its proximity to Detroit, Michigan. Windsor and its American neighbor share the Detroit River, where the former is on the south bank and the latter on the north side. Moreover, both neighbors are also known as the Automotive Capitals of their respective countries.

With an ever-growing population, large automotive boosting industry, and mostly hot and humid weather throughout the year, Windsor is a brilliant place to call home. According to Zolo, it is the most affordable city to invest in real estate. Every neighborhood has a unique personality, and we are here to help you choose the best place to live in Windsor, Ontario.

1. Downtown Windsor

Featuring a unique mix of waterfront community and the hustle-bustle of a city center, Downtown Windsor is the heart of the city. It is the perfect balance of commercial and cultural living. Bordering the Detroit River to the north, the area has a beautiful park and many watersports amenities to offer as well, thus making it a family-friendly area. Residents have a plethora of housing options, ranging from traditional architecture to more modern condo-style living. 

With easy access to public transportation, Downtown is the perfect place for the working-class communities because of the shorter commutes. You will also find that the downtown area is most famously known for its distinctive artistic vibe. The Capitol Theatre, Windsor Art Gallery, and Charles Clark Square are within walking distance from each other. Moreover, locals and tourists also enjoy the seasonal Windsor International Film Festival (WIFF) and SummerFest celebrations that bring the whole city together for a few days of fun and festivities. 

For our fellow foodies, Downtown has a variety of local and franchise eateries to offer. However, if you can’t make up your mind, we suggest visiting the local Downtown Farmer’s Market. It is held every Saturday and features amazing delicacies from all of Windsor under one roof!

2. Riverside

Riverside is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in all of Windsor. Like many other areas, Riverside was once an independent town acquired by the city in 1966 and converted into a haven many people today aspire to become a part of. A quick drive through Riverside Drive along the Detroit River will show you how picturesque this area is. You will find a variety of luxury homes and high-rise apartments with a perfect view of the Detroit skyline. Other than that, the area boasts some of the best fine dining restaurants on the riverfront in Windsor. 

3. East Riverside

A fairly new and upcoming community, the East Riverside area has a wonderfully calm and serene vibe right within the city. Perhaps the most attractive feature of this area is its proximity to multiple green spaces, a large water body, and many shopping and restaurants options. Many residents enjoy the perks of a waterfront home with easy access to the beach. The East Riverside community offers a unique city lifestyle experience.

4. Forest Glade

One of the most suburban areas in Windsor, Forest Glade is a planned community built with the sole purpose of family rearing and quiet community living. The area is a planned community with the sole purpose of family rearing and quiet community living. Here you will find many developments that were first initiated in the 60s, thus making this neighborhood one of the oldest in the city. 

Forest Glade offers the perfect place for laying down some roots. The area has multiple accesses to different trails, a brilliant community center, a library, and several public and Catholic schools as well. There are also many local eateries and bars for a quick bite in and out of town. You will find that this area’s historical significance makes it the very place everyone wants to live in.

5. Old Walkerville

Old Walkerville was once a community built specifically for the employers of the Hiram Walker Distillery. The area has a lot of historical characteristics that add to its appeal. Its architectural grandeur combined with local eateries and entertainment makes this a perfect sightseeing neighborhood for locals and tourists alike. The area has a large artistic community that avidly contributes to the city’s local arts and entertainment.

6. South Walkerville

If you are looking for a place to retire, South Walkerville is the perfect area for retirees in Windsor. This is an old residential area with classic homes and buildings. You will also find the Windsor Metropolitan Hospital in this neighborhood thus, ensuring easy access to healthcare for retirees. The beautiful Optimist Memorial Park offers chess tables and many quiet reading spots for the old souls. 

7. Bridgeview Area

The Bridgeview area is vastly a student residential area perfect for University of Windsor attendees. Located just west of Downtown Windsor, students can enjoy the perks of cheap student housing with easy access to the city center’s vivacious nightlife and amenities. There is also Windsor’s largest conservation area located in this neighborhood thus, ensuring a lush green space for the young minds to relax. In actuality, this is a purpose-built neighborhood to accommodate the needs of over 15,000 students attending the University.

8. South Windsor

The most diverse and biggest neighborhood in the city, South Windsor offers a variety of housing options to match anyone’s budget. If you head South-East, you will find some of the most elegant architectural structures from the late 50s and 60s in the Fontainebleau area. On the other hand, you will find some beautiful apartments from the 70s in the South-West. If you are looking for something modern and luxurious, head towards the Devonshire mall, Dougall Avenue, or near St. Clair College. The area’s diversity is apparent through the variety of food establishments from every corner of the world! Moreover, the area is bustling with recreational activities for all age groups ranging from pools to parks and gyms. There is also a movie theatre in the area for a cozy night.


One can comfortably say that Windsor, Ontario, is the best of both worlds. The city’s diverse population and historical essence ensure a place for everyone. From bachelors to families and even retirees, there is a neighborhood for everyone matching their needs and preferences.

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