What is the crime rate in Pembroke Ontario?

Pembroke, Ontario is a beautiful city located in Renfrew County, Ontario. With a population of approximately 14,000 people, it is a relatively small city. Like other cities across Canada, Pembroke has its own unique crime rate statistics. It is said that crimes in Pembroke Ontario are not as frequent as in other cities, but still important to keep a watch on.

According to the most recent statistics released by the Canadian government, in the last year reported, the crime rate has been relatively low. The overall crime rate in Pembroke was reported as 4,810 crimes in 2018. The majority of these crimes were related to property crimes such as thefts and burglaries. The rate of violent crime in the city is relatively low, with only 179 incidents reported in that same time period.

One factor that may contribute to the low crime rate in Pembroke is the city’s strong police presence. The Pembroke Police Service is responsible for law enforcement and has twenty-four police officers on staff. These officers are well-trained individuals who work tirelessly to protect the citizens of Pembroke.

Another factor is the tight-knit community of Pembroke. With such a small population, people tend to know each other on a more personal level. This can make it more difficult for individuals to commit crimes without the risk of being recognized by someone they know.

Overall, the crime rate in Pembroke, Ontario is relatively low. While it is important for residents to be aware of potential risks and to take precautions to protect their property and personal safety, the city continues to be a safe and secure place to live. As with any city, residents should remain vigilant and continue to work with law enforcement to maintain a safe community for all.

How has the crime rate in Pembroke, Ontario changed over the past 5 years?

According to statistics reported by the Pembroke Police Service, the crime rate in Pembroke, Ontario has shown a significant decrease over the past 5 years. In 2016, there were a total of 1,078 criminal incidents reported in Pembroke, while in 2020, the number decreased to 813. This represents a decline of roughly 25%, which is a substantial improvement in the safety and security of the community.

Furthermore, the types of crime that have been reported in Pembroke over the years have also seen a shift. Crimes against property, including break and enters and thefts, have gone down significantly. In 2016, there were 491 property crimes reported, but in 2020, that number decreased to 347. On the other hand, crimes against persons, including assaults, have seen a slight uptick. In 2016, there were 295 such incidents reported, while in 2020, that number went up to 303. However, overall, Pembroke has become a safer place to live in and the community should be proud of this accomplishment.

In conclusion, the Pembroke Police Service has done an admirable job in reducing crime rates in the community over the past 5 years. The efforts of law enforcement, combined with community involvement, have contributed to creating a safer living environment in Pembroke. Despite the slight increase in crimes against persons, Pembroke residents can take solace in the fact that the overall crime rate has seen a notable reduction in the past few years.

Are certain types of crime more prevalent in Pembroke than others?

Pembroke is a bustling city located in the southeastern part of Ontario, Canada. It has a population that ranges around 16,200 people, and as with most cities, it has had to deal with crime at different levels. While all types of crime can occur in Pembroke, certain crimes tend to be more prevalent than others. For instance, petty crimes like theft, shoplifting, and vandalism are more common in the city than more severe crimes like homicide, rape, and arson.

One of the reasons why certain types of crime are more prevalent in Pembroke than others could be due to the city’s demography. Pembroke has a predominantly young population comprising of students and young professionals. Consequently, petty crimes are likely to occur more frequently, given the age group’s careless and impulsive nature. Additionally, the city’s economic climate could play a role in the type of crimes that occur more often. High levels of unemployment and poverty in certain areas of Pembroke could lead to crimes like shoplifting and theft, as people struggle to make ends meet.

While certain types of crime may be more prevalent in Pembroke than others, it’s worth noting that the city is relatively safe. It has a lower crime rate than many other Ontario cities, thanks to the police department’s efforts and the residents who cooperate with them. Nonetheless, the police continue to work towards reducing crime in the city and creating a safer environment for the residents.

How does the crime rate in Pembroke compare to other cities of similar size in Ontario?

Pembroke is a city situated in the province of Ontario, Canada. With a population of around 14,000 people, it’s natural to wonder how its crime rate compares to other cities of a similar size. According to Statistics Canada, Pembroke’s crime rate per 100,000 people is relatively low. Pembroke is considered to be one of the safest cities in Ontario. However, it is important to note that crime rates can vary across different neighborhoods, and certain areas of Pembroke may have higher crime rates than others.

Compared to other cities of similar size in Ontario, Pembroke fares well in terms of crime rate. Cities such as Brockville and Belleville, which have populations of similar sizes to Pembroke, have higher crime rates. However, it is essential to remember that comparing crime rates between cities can be challenging due to differences in the types of crimes committed and the demographic makeup of each city. Overall, it is safe to say that Pembroke’s crime rate is low compared to other cities of similar size in Ontario.

Are there any measures being taken by local law enforcement or government to reduce crime in Pembroke?

Pembroke is a city in the state of North Carolina, that has seen a rise in the crime rate over recent years. With an increasing population and changing economic conditions, the city has struggled to keep up with the demand for public safety. To tackle this issue, local law enforcement and government officials have implemented several measures to curb crime.

One such measure is the creation of a community policing program, which aims to strengthen the relationship between law enforcement and residents by promoting trust and transparency. Through this program, police officers engage with the community by attending events, conducting neighborhood patrols, and addressing specific concerns. This has resulted in a notable reduction in crime rates in Pembroke.

Another measure being taken is the installation of security cameras in high-crime areas, which can aid in identifying potential criminal activity and serving as evidence for investigations. The local government has also invested in improving street lighting and road infrastructure, making it easier for law enforcement to monitor activity in certain areas.

Overall, the measures taken by local law enforcement and government have shown promising results in reducing crime in Pembroke. However, there is still much work to be done to ensure the safety and well-being of its residents.

Can residents of Pembroke take steps to reduce their risk of becoming a victim of crime?

Pembroke, like any other city, has its fair share of crime. However, there are steps that residents can take to reduce their risk of becoming a victim. The first step is to stay aware of your surroundings. This means keeping an eye out for suspicious people or activities, especially at night or in isolated areas. It’s also a good idea to walk in well-lit areas and to try not to walk alone if possible. This is especially important for those who may be more vulnerable, such as the elderly or those with disabilities.

Another important step residents can take is to secure their homes and vehicles. This means locking doors and windows at all times and not leaving valuable items in plain sight. It’s also a good idea to invest in a security system or at least have good lighting around your property. Additionally, be careful not to overshare on social media about your whereabouts or plans, as this could make you a target for burglary or other crimes. Overall, being aware and taking precautions can greatly reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime in Pembroke.

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