Where to live in Toronto as a student?

Toronto has some of the best higher institutions in Canada, which means that thousands of students come to the city every year. If you’re one of those students, you’ll be wondering where you should stay during your study in the city. So, where are the best places to live as a student in Toronto?

Where you live as a student in Toronto will depend on your school. Your school can be downtown, Etobicoke, Scarborough, or North End. These areas have ideal neighbourhoods for students. There’s The Annex in Downtown, Kingsview in Etobicoke, Morningside in Scarborough, and L’Amoreaux in North End.

Each student neighbourhood in Toronto has their advantages. Some are close to entertainment options and the city center while others offer a quiet environment surrounded by nature. Here, we look at the best places to live as a student in Toronto


There are several universities and colleges within the downtown axis of Toronto. These include the University of Toronto – St. George Campus, Yorkville University Downtown Campus, Trinity College, Evergreen College, Niagara College, Ryerson University, etc. So, if you’re attending any of the schools in the downtown area, here are the best places to live:

1.   The Annex

This is an expensive option but worth it. It’s next to the University of Toronto – St. George Campus. The neighbourhood is lively with bookstores, shops, bars, cafes and lots more. The Lee’s Palace rock concert venue, Ontario Museum of art and natural history, and several other venues are also here. Its leafy streets and residential environment make it amazing.

2.   Dufferin Grove

Rent prices are quite average in this eclectic neighbourhood with several old houses. The area has an active nightlife with several urban restaurants and venues.

3.   Kensington Market

This used to be a neighbourhood exclusively for students. But that has changed now. Still, you’ll find many student-friendly apartments here at reasonable prices.

4.   The Garden District

The chances of getting a place to share with roommates and split the rent are slim here. But if you’re planning to live alone, you can find an ideal place in The Garden District. Ryerson University Campus is close to this place.

5.   Seaton Village

This is more or less a family neighbourhood. There are fewer entertainment options and lower prices here compared to other communities, but if your goal is to avoid distractions, then this close-knit community is just the right place for you. Several University of Toronto students live here so that you won’t be alone.

6.   Baldwin Village

Baldwin Village is known for its reasonably priced bars, cafes, and restaurants. You’d get a good and affordable place to rent here too. It’s also close to the University of Toronto.


Schooling in Etobicoke means you’re attending Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology, Humber College, Imperial College of Toronto, University of Guelph-Humber, and the other institutions in the area. In that case, you can live in any of these places:

1.   Kingsview Village

This neighbourhood has several streets and areas that offer prime accommodation for the student. One of the best places you can live here is The Westway. While it’s more expensive than the other areas here, it’s a calm and serene environment where there are a lot of green spaces and few entertainment options.

2.   Clairville

Clairville is mostly an industrial area close to the University of Guelph, Humber Campus and Humber College North Campus. Unfortunately, like the Westway, it’s not exactly a happening area for entertainment.

3.   Smithfield (Mount Olive- Silverstone-Jamestown)

This neighbourhood is close to the Humber College North Campus. But its reputation for being unsafe is something to consider. On the other hand, it’s a relatively quiet place with several amenities and has public transit options that you’d like.

4.   New Toronto

This lakefront neighbourhood is home to the Humber College Lakeshore campus. However, it’s a fewer neighbourhood in its own right with some entertainment options and amenities.

5.   Long Branch

Another lakefront community with lots of greenery but little entertainment options. You can at least study with little distractions and enjoy nature.


Schools in Scarborough include the University of Toronto Scarborough, Centennial College – Morningside Campus, CDI College – Scarborough, just to name a few. Living in Scarborough generally limits your entertainment options compared to other parts of the city. The consolation is that your rent is much less expensive too. Places you can live here include:

1.   Morningside

This community is quite outdoorsy, which is a great thing. Its proximity to the Scarborough university and college campuses also makes it amazing. But the limited transit options are one issue that hasn’t been solved yet.

2.   Bendale

This is a largely residential neighbourhood with lots of diversity. Thus, international students will enjoy living here as they’ll meet many people from different cultures.

3.   Agincourt/Malvern

Here is another diverse neighbourhood with great transport options due to the TTC service. The Southwest Malvern part is quite livable, with several facilities for residents.

North End

North End is a great place with schools such as Northeastern University—Toronto, University of Toronto, Anderson College of Health, Business and Technology, York University, and more being in this area.  If your school is around the North End, you should consider the following places.

1.   York University Heights

This is the area around York University, so it seems like the best choice to make. But the limited public transport options here make it a little less desirable.

2.   Bathurst Manor

This neighbourhood is relatively quiet and consists of subdivisions. This area has amazing options for public transit whether you’re using buses or going to the Downsview subway station.

3.   Hillcrest  Village

This village is close to the downtown, which means better access to all the city center’s goodies. But it’s a little far from campuses on the North End. There are several home options for those planning to stay here.

4.   L’Amoreaux

Housing options in this neighbourhood are almost unlimited whether you’re staying alone or planning to live with roommates.

5.   Don Valley Village

This is quite close to one of Seneca colleges, and the fact that it’s a low-middle income neighbourhood means rents are affordable. It’s also close to the Fairview Mall, which means residents get access to entertainment.

In Conclusion

There are several amazing neighbourhoods to live in Toronto for a student. You simply need to determine what fits you and is closest to your school. The rents usually vary, and so do the housing options available in each neighbourhood.

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