Why Canada needs immigrants?

Immigrants are so much important for the Canadian economy. People are getting continuously attracted to this country from ages. But the question is why Canada needs immigrants? Immigrants have given so much contribution to Canada. They are a vital part of Canada’s economy.

The main reason why Canada needs immigrants are;

  1. Shortage of experienced and skilled employees
  2. Improve Economic growth
  3. Re-shape the population
  4. Age of its current population
  5. Cost-effective
  6. Immigrants bring energy and innovation

The amount of immigrants in Canada is a greater proportion than any other large developed country. The result of this one in every five Canadians was born abroad, a percentage which is almost double that of the US or the UK.

Given these principles, it shouldn’t surprise you to hear that Canada is one of the most committed countries when making things easy for Syrian refugees. Canada has received more than 33,000 Syrians since Trudeau became Prime Minister.

In his first year, Trudeau himself personally went to Toronto’s airport to welcome them into the country.

It’s important to mention, that Immigration in Canada is not free. Every year new immigrants spent a lot of money to pursue a Canadian degree to increase their chances to be eligible in the country.

Since 1967, admission has been based on a points system that considers qualification, experience, professional skills, or knowledge of English or French. In the same way, this system also gives priority to those professionals needed by companies. The tendency seems to be to make these procedures easier.

There are so many reasons for which Canada allows immigrants. These reasons are such as follows:

Shortage of experienced and skilled employees

Canada faces the labor shortage problem. For this reason, they want to hire more and more labor from outside of their country. So, they have to allow immigrants from other countries with specific skill sets. It’s difficult and expensive for the Canadian government to get someone trained into a specific skill set to do a certain kind of jobs that you require that unique expertise.

A few most in-demand jobs in Canada are:

  • Nurse
  • Software Engineer
  • Account Manager
  • University Professor
  • IT Project Manager
  • Industrial Electrician

We all believe that every country has specialized and skilled personnel.  Each country faces a labor shortage in different sectors and industries. Canada also faces this kind of problem. For this particular reason and fulfill the shortage of the employees, Canada needs to allow immigrants and accept it as well.

Economic growth

Immigration is a two-way beneficial work for both the applicant or the immigrants and the country as well. Like every country, Canada also needs professional and skilled people. The professional and skilled people are not only beneficial for a particular company but also essential for the growth of the country. They usually contribute too much to the economic growth of the country. Immigrants include refugees tend to have positive outcomes all across the range of economic indicators.

Although Canada needs immigrates, they are only looking for skilled and educated people. Some people who want to immigrate to Canada and does not give the skilled sets, they Usually spend money investing in Education in Canada, helping the local economic growth.

Re-shape the population

The immigrants are ready to re-shape the population of Canada. They play an important role in re-shaping the population. As per the size and population of the immigrants, Canada stands at the top in the case of immigrants admitted globally. In each year, Canada accepts 240,000 to 260,000 permanent newcomers. This particular number of immigrants does not include students and foreign temporary workers in different sectors.

The new immigration rules, attract young people who want to establish in the country and build a family. In addition, these people help the country growing in population and in addition Increase the number of people who will pay taxes for the government.

Age of population

Population Canada is getting older, and people are living longer which means that there is less labor force for the market. Consequently, once people retire there’s someone who has to sustain the economy. In the future, Young people will be responsible for working and pay taxes.

As a result, the increase of the number of newcomers in the country will solve this problem over the years, and that’s why it’s a great idea to bring in more talented young people into the country that are going to contribute to the economy


By allowing immigrants from third world countries, Canada plays a cost-effective role in its economy. They hire professional and skilled employees from outside their country, especially from the third world country. This is one of the cost-effective ideas of hiring residents.

There are many large companies and industries tend to transfer their employees in the different parts of India, China, and other countries as well. Canada saves a lot of money to hire and train new employees. They tend to hire professional and skilled employees from different countries outside Canada.

Immigrants bring energy and innovation

Immigrants bring energy and innovation to the country the more people you have the more ideas you bring from all around the world. Furthermore, immigrants are more educated than average Canadian because there is an immigration system that attract only skilled people to the country.

As a result, These immigrate creates their own companies, creating more jobs opportunities helping the unemployment rate in Canada and increase the economic growth of the country.

What Canada can offer for a new immigrant

Based on all these reasons, the government of Canada attracts people who are looking for to have a better life. The country also offers a diversity of benefits, such as:

  • The immigration process is far more easy and accessible as well.
  • The people can get successful migrate with their whole family.
  • The immigrants can get the full facility of medical and education in Canada.
  • The migration process is very much easy for the skilled people and the investors as well.
  • The software professionals get so much opportunity in the different IT sectors in Canada.
  • The immigrants can get permanent citizenship within three years of their arrival in Canada.
  • Canada allows dual citizenship as well.
  • Canada is one of the best countries in the world.
  • If you want to start your own business there, you can do it easily.
  • The immigrants also get beneficial Government facilities such as free education, various medical facilities, unemployment insurance, and senior citizen insurance as well.

Additionally, the government of Canada had created a few programs with the new immigration policy in mind. Canada provides a lot of benefits and facilities to the immigrants. These are such as follows:

  • Welfare programs: Canada is very much careful about the residents of their country. So, they take the initiative for so many welfare programs to give benefits to the immigrants. They organize so many healthcare programs for the benefits of the immigrants.
  • Pension plan: Immigrants get Canadian citizenship after three years. The residents are entitled to get the pension. The amount of pension is decided based on the living years of the resident in Canada.
  • Childcare benefits: The residents also enjoy the benefits of childcare facilities. The amounts depend on the income of the person.
  • Education system: The education system of Canada is very much advanced and upgraded. In the Public schools of Canada, the education till the grade of 12th is completely free. They know the value of education and its importance as well.

It’s no secret that Canada faces a shortage of skilled people in their country. Currently, the numbers show that Canadian companies are hiring a big amount of skilled and experienced professionals from India and China. This plays an important role in economic growth. So, not only the immigrants need to go to Canada and settle there for better chances and environment. But also Canada needs the immigrants at a large for the development of their country and filled the gap of the shortage of professional labor crisis.


Canada needs higher ranking professionals and skilled people for several industries and businesses. Now we can understand why Canada needs immigrants, This need is not only for the immigrants and their desire of settling in a developed and obligation-free country like Canada but also for Canada and its needs. Canada cannot deny the importance of immigrants in their economic growth.

So, Canada welcomes so many immigrants each year for its benefits and purposes. Canada’s model isn’t perfect. But compared to the new nationalist and populist tendencies of other countries, Canada shows how desirable openness alternative really is.

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