Best cities to live in Quebec

Quebec Province is famous for many reasons, and one of such is its livability. While it’s known chiefly for Montreal and Quebec City, this province has even more amazing cities that you can live in. So, what are the best cities to live in Quebec?

With a population of 8,575,779, Quebec is the second most populated province in Canada. Its total area of 1,365,128 km2 also makes it the largest province. Within this area are amazing cities such as Quebec City, Lévis, Boucherville, Laval, Sherbrooke, Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Laval, and Gatineau.

Even though Quebec has more than 100 cities and municipalities with more than 10,000 residents, particular ones stand out as the most liveable. In this article, we look at the best cities to live in Quebec.

Best Cities to Live In Quebec

Here are the best cities to live in Quebec:

1. Boucherville

This city of 42,730 people has an exceptional livability score of 93. It has a breathtaking environment with lots of green space and golf courses. It’s also one of the warmer places to live in Quebec, with temperatures between 8°F to 79°F and rarely below -9°F. The cost of living here is great at 2% below the Quebec average, and its real estate price is 13% below that of the province.

Here, you don’t have to worry about security because its crime rate is 43% lesser than Quebec’s average and 66% lower than the national average. The unemployment rate here is 4% as of the last census, which makes it one of the lowest in the country; more so, its average household income is $129,737. Boucherville’s economy is self-sustaining, with companies like Roma and Uni-Select located there. Montreal is just 30 minutes away. 

2. Quebec City

This is the second-largest city in the Quebec province, with a population of 765,706 inhabitants. It’s the province’s capital and offers a beautiful environment where the natural scenery and spectacles blend with elegant artificial architectures and facilities all over the city. So whatever fun or outdoor activity you may have in mind, Quebec City has the environment for it.

With a livability score of 81/100, the city is high on the list of most livable metropolitan areas in the world. In addition, its cost of living and real estate prices are 8% and 39% lower than the province average, respectively. The crime rate in the city is also 3% below the province average and 42% below the national average, which explains why it emerged as the safest metropolitan area to raise children in Canada.

Quebec City blends history, culture, nature, and modernity to create a unique community brimming with innovation and hospitality.

3. Lévis

It’s on the east of the Quebec province and quite close to Quebec City. As such, it’s the perfect suburb city to live in for those who want to be close to the capital city without the hassles of city life. With an exceptional livability rating of 83/100, its cost of living is 9% below that of the province, and its crime rate is 60% lower.

The amenities here are equally great, and residents have access to high-quality health care services. In terms of recreational facilities, the breathtaking environment includes campsites, golf courses, and other places for all kinds of outdoor leisure activities. If you’re a big fan of arts and culture, the cultural scene here is also vibrant.

4. Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville

This city of only 27,000 inhabitants has an excellent livability rating of 90/100. The cost of living is 2% below Quebec’s average and 20% below the national average. Security-wise, only a few cities beat its crime rate, which is 67% lower than the national average and makes it a great place to raise children.

It’s merely 30 minutes from Montreal, and with CAD 119,000 as its average household income, the economy is quite vibrant. No matter the parameters by which you judge a city, Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville will always be at the very top. The city has the Mont-Saint-Bruno national park right beside it.

5. Sherbrooke

This is one of the largest cities in Quebec in terms of population. Sherbrooke is home to 170,000 residents and is known for its beautiful environment with various valleys and rugged terrain. Its sporting life is quite vibrant, too, with multiple soccer fields, golf courses, swimming pools, hiking trails, and more.

It’s considered a student city with various educational institutions and has about two students for every nine residents. The livability rating here is remarkable at 75/100, and its cost of living is 9% below the Quebec province average.  The crime rate is also lower than Quebec’s average and 43% below the national average, which means it’s a safe place.

This city perfectly blends nature and urbanity to provide a serene and entertaining environment. The transportation system is quite great here too, and if you’re concerned about your carbon footprints, the cycling network makes it eco-friendlier. It’s also very close to the United States, with the border 30 minutes away.

6. Laval

Here is another of Quebec’s most populous cities. Laval has a population of about 422,993 people despite its young history as it emerged in 1965. With the rapid population growth has also come industrial development and this city which is close to Montreal, definitely has a lot to offer inhabitants.

Its livability rating of 85/100 is exceptional and only underlines how great it’s to live in this city. Despite its large population, it has a quiet and peaceful scenery once you leave the central area, and there are lots of entertaining and outdoor activities to engage in. From golf courses to the Maeva indoor surf and various parks such as the Centre de la nature, there are several places to go. It also has Carrefour Laval, which is the largest shopping centre in Quebec.

The cost of living here is 4% below Quebec, and housing is very affordable too, at 52% below the national average. Safety is another area where this city excels as its crime rate is 54% lower than the national average.

7. Gatineau

With a livability rate of 77/100, Gatineau is a fantastic city to live in. It has a population of 280,000, which is quite perfect, coupled with its affordable costs and high standards of living. It’s one of those cities where residents can enjoy a balanced combination of nature and urban life. Its cost of living is 16% below the national average, even though a little above the Quebec average. 

Housing is very affordable here at 62.5% lower than the national average and 25% below Quebec’s average. In terms of security, the crime rate is 28% below the national average. In addition, residents here get access to the best infrastructure and facilities, including the Canadian Museum of National History.

8. Montreal

Quebec is a beautiful, diverse, and culturally rich province in Canada. The people of Quebec are very friendly and welcoming. It’s easy to find someone who speaks English, even though the majority of the population does not speak it as their first language. The food is great French Canadian cuisine has some similarities with French cooking but also many differences too! There are lots of festivals throughout the year that celebrate everything from folk music to winter sports.

What Makes Quebec Livable

The province of Quebec boasts of high standards and low cost of living, an excellent healthcare system, a beautiful environment, diverse communities, low crime rates, etc. Apart from the cities above, several other cities in Quebec are also wonderful, offering residents amazing quality of life. So, it’s always a good choice to consider living in Quebec. You might, however, want to consider the pros and cons of living in Quebec before deciding.

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