Is it worth living in Canada?

Canada is one of the most liked countries by millions of immigrants who are looking to start a new life overseas. 

Most people ask themselves is it worth to live in Canada? Well, if you are looking for a safer place and somewhere where the health and economic system are constantly growing, then the answer is yes, this is definitely the place for you. The country has made it easy for almost everyone to live there.

Whether it’s to study or work, the opportunities are endless in Canada. There are plenty of pros and cons of living in Canada. Below you will find all of the pros and cons in detail and why the country is so warm and welcoming to all immigrants.

The Pros of living in Canada

1) The economy is growing extremely fast

One of the most impressive things about Canada is the economy which is the 10th largest in the whole world. The nation enjoys a free-market economy and that means that the individuals have economic freedoms that are available to them. The unemployment rate of the country is totally low and in fact, it’s lower than that of other countries around the world.

2) There are plenty of healthcare options

It’s a known fact that Canada’s healthcare system is among one of the best. It’s not really free but the living can usually cost about $5,000 per year to a single person. The living can cost about double for families. They also offer better insurance policies than the insurance policies in the United States. The best part about the system is that, for example, if you visit a doctor or the emergency room or any other care benefits, there is no fee that you have to pay.

3) Crime levels are lower than that of other countries

The rating is 39.03% and in 2018, Canada was placed on number 53 as the “highest crime levels in the world”. That rank is a lot better than the United States because the latter was placed on number 30 and the rating trim is approximately 56%. The country is definitely one of the safes places on the Earth because the crime levels have been steadily lowering down ever since 1991.

4) There are plenty of educations opportunities


The school system is very similar to that of the United States. Students can easily enroll in a K-12 without the requirement of payment from their parents. Granted, it is a lot more expensive to study in a Canadian university in comparison with a European one, but at least it’s cheaper than that of an American university. The best universities in Canada are:

  • University of Toronto
  • University of Calgary
  • Carleton University
  • University of British Columbia
  • Université Laval
  • Montreal University
  • University of New Brunswick
  • Ottawa University
  • Sherbrooke University
  • University of British Columbia
  • Trinity College University
  • University of Waterloo
  • University of Alberta

5) The country is located right next to the United States

Researches have shown that at least 85% of the Canadian population live in big cities such s Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta. The people from Ontario are just 100 km away from states like Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan, which gives them a lot more opportunities than the other provinces.

6) Renting a place is cheaper and safer

It is much easier to rent a place in Canada then to rent a place in the United States. On top of that, it’s a lot cheaper as well. Roughly, it’s about 26% cheaper to live north of the border. High rents can be expected in the areas of Toronto and Vancouver, where the lifestyle can be a lot more expensive. But, of course, there are also plenty of small towns that you can rent and not just in the north but in the heart of Canada.

7) The diversity of people in Canada, which is home to people from all over the world

Canadian diversity is popular worldwide. The reason for this is Canada has several people with different backgrounds living together. This multiculturalism makes Canada an interesting and receptive place for people who want to find a better place to live. By bringing together people from all over the world makes Canada a very rich in its cuisine, language, and religions.

8) Canadians are very warm and welcoming people

When I arrived in Canada, I realized the kindness of the Canadian people. Canadians, in general, are open and friendly to foreigners and immigrants. All Canadian friends that I knew during my years living in Canada, were open to get to know me better and tried to help me face the challenges as an immigrant in this country. In general, Canadian are very nice to newcomers and they are patient to understand the different accents and levels of English.

The Cons of living in Canada

1) The healthcare can have its disadvantages

Unfortunately, healthcare can have some disadvantages for people, especially the ones who live in a rural area where there are no more than 1 or 2 healthcare providers. Even there are others, there could be a delay because of the small number of caregivers in the same area. That disadvantage is only about the small and rural areas only as it’s much easier to find healthcare in the middle of the day or night in the urban areas.

2) Living in Canada can also be expensive

It could be a good idea to move to Canada but you have to make sure that you are financially prepared because it can cost a lot. Moving to the metropolitan areas such as Toronto and Vancouver can cost you a lot. Living in Canada can cost a lot more than living in other countries and that is mainly because of the utilities and other necessities. Food, for example, is a lot more expensive than in the United States. Another example is clothes. In Canada, clothes can be about 20% more expensive.

3) Challenges with the immigration process

There are only 250,000 immigrants that are permitted to move each year in the country. That is because of the country’s tough sets of immigration laws that are some of the most complexes in the world. Working in Canada for a short time, for example, can cost up to $1,500 fees and that’s one of the downfalls of it.

4) Dealing with harsh weather



The climate in Canada is not one of the best and it changes quickly. The majority of the country is usually colder with temperature below of -10 C during the winter, Except the Vancouver area. Make sure to have the right clothes and be prepared for the cold if you arrive during the winter months.

There are many pros and cons of living in Canada, but most definitely the pros are a lot more the cons and almost all of the charts in 2019 prove that. There is a reason people all over the world choose Canada as their new home after all. Canada is the perfect choice for a safe and happy life.

The economy is growing fast and it’s attracting many skilled workers who want to live in Canada, if you are interested in live in Canada, make sure to check if you are eligible in any immigration program.

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