Pros and Cons of Living in Kamloops, British Columbia


The city of Kamloops, British Columbia, lies within the Thompson-Nicola Regional District, at the meeting point of the North and South Thompson Rivers. The second-largest city in the interior of B.C., Kamloops combines nature with modern living for an exceptional living experience. Kamloops is home to over 100 tournaments per year and currently has a population of approximately 100,000 residents. The city’s thriving and diverse economy, safe neighborhoods, and enough outdoor recreation opportunities have drawn residents to the region. 

We have highlighted what life is like in the city of Kamloops in this guide; what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s ugly. Whether it be outdoor adventures, highly rated schools, or anything in between, Kamloops is a city with a lot to offer families. So, here are some of the pros as well as the cons of living in Kamloops, British Columbia.


1. Pumped Social Life

Kamloops is definitely not short on things to do and see. There are dozens of community events and activities held in the city every year, celebrating everything from holidays to cultural events. Kamloops is known as the “Tournament Capital of Canada.” There is always something happening for enthusiasts of all types. 

Throughout the city, there are a number of popular events to attend:

  • Kamloops Wine Festival : It’s one of the most popular fundraisers for Kamloops Art Gallery, where wine and art lovers gather for fun, celebrations, and support the local arts scene. 
  • Kamloops Film Festival: A ten-day festival celebrating both local and international film is held every March at the Paramount Theater. 
  • River Beaver Classic: A yearly mountain bike festival that doubles as a fundraiser for local trail maintenance efforts. 
  • Kamloops Rotary Ribfest : Each year at Riverside Park in western Canada, the largest RibFest is held. The event is specifically targeted at raising funds for local charities in the city by offering great food and fun for the entire family.

2. High-Quality and All-Inclusive Education System

The School District Kamloops/Thompson administers the education for students who live in Kamloops. During the 1996 school year, the School District 24 Kamloops with the School District 25 Thompson merged. There are 51 schools in District 73 and schools throughout nearby communities examples are Barriere, Chase, Blue Rive, Logan Lake, Clear water,  Brennan Creek, etc. In the School locale 73, student enrollment ranges from kindergarten through grade 12, serving approximately 15,000 students. 

There are also plethora of private schools are available within the city. Parents interested in private, faith-based education can select from Kamloops Christian colleges, Our Lady Perpetual School, and the St. Ann’s Academy. In addition, Kamloops has a French-language school: ècole Collins-d’or, a primary school administered by the Conseil School Francophone de la Colombie-Britannique School District. Kamloops is home to Thompson River University, an institution of higher learning offering undergraduate, graduate, certificate, and diploma programs. Some satellite campuses can be found throughout the region, in places like Barrier, Clearwater, Ashcroft, and Williams Lake. 

The university’s open-learning division is world-renowned for being the largest online and distance education provider in Canada. Additionally, Sprott Shaw College and Thompson Career College have campuses in Kamloops, are other post-secondary options in the city.

3. Rich Outdoor Life

There are numerous trails in Kamloops and nearby lakes, parks, and more for outdoor enthusiasts. Kamloops has over 100 lakes within an hour’s drive, making them ideal for water sports and fishing. Fish such as salmon and trout are stocked annually in Canada’s lakes by the Freshwater Fisheries Society of British Columbia. 

Mountain biking in Kamloops is also a very popular outdoor activity because of the desert-like climate and terrain, which means there are plenty of suitable trails and paths to enjoy throughout the year. In addition to Kamloops Bike Ranch and Pineview Valley, Lac Du Bois Grassland is also popular. 

4. Perfect for Golf

Golfers rejoice! 

Kamloops has the highest concentration of golf courses per capita in Canada. Golfers can choose from a variety of courses that provide beautiful rolling territory, clean greens, and some challenging holes for both recreational and avid players throughout the city. The number of golf courses available means that there is always the chance to play. There are numerous courses in the area, including; Rivershore Estates, Talking Rock Golf Course, Bighorn Golf and Country Club, and Pineridge Golf Course. 

5. Best for Retirement

The low population of Kamloops makes it an excellent place for retirement. It also promises a great life with an array of good food and exciting recreation opportunities provided to the residents of Kamloops. Additionally, the city has 82 parks! A few of the most popular parks in Victoria include Riverside Park, Peterson Creek Park, McArthur Island Park, and Kenna Cartwright Park, which is the largest park in the province.


1. Very Dry Summers and Cold Long Winters 

There are no pros without cons, right?

Kamloops can be very extreme when it comes to weather conditions. The summertime sun is scorching while the winter days are dangerously icy and long! In fact, freezing temperatures are possible six months of the year. 

2. Rattlesnakes

Yeah, you read right! Snakessss….

If you are afraid of snakes, well, you might want to fight your fears or skip Kamloops. But if you are a lover of reptiles, you would find this fact more as a pro than a con.

3. Not much nature variety

Although Kamloops has very good recreational sites, it is not the most scenic place to live. It doesn’t seem to have the nature variety that you would find in other neighboring communities. It has this kind of dry western movie-style scenery with shrubs and rocky outcrops everywhere. You should get the picture already!

Is Kamloops a good place to live?

Despite this, Kamloops, B.C. is one of the most desirable cities in the interior of B.C. All over the province and country, buyers are attracted to its climate, location, and more. Kamloops blends well-rated schools, family-friendly neighborhoods, amenities, and plenty of outdoor activities. With a strong economy and exciting events and activities, the city plays hard and works hard!

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