Pros and Cons of living in Longueuil, Quebec

Pros and Cons of living in Longueuil, Quebec

Longueuil is the fifth most populous city within its province, located by the riverfront along the South Shore of Montreal, this city in Quebec with about two hundred and forty-seven thousand residents is famous for its green spaces amongst many other things. 

If you are looking to make a move to a different city, this article provides some insight about Longueuil, Quebec, and could help you with making your move. First, we take a look at the pros of living in Longueuil.

Pros of living in Longueuil, Quebec

1. Longueuil is a green city

Longueuil has a lot of green spaces you can escape to from time to time. The city has a lot of parks and woods which you would really like if you are the type of person to unwind in nature.

There are two very popular golf courses in the suburbs around the city, and recreational parks like Boise du Tremblay and Parc Michel-Chartrand just to name a few.

2. Proximity to Montreal

The island of Montreal is a very popular metropolis within this region of Canada and Longueuil is the closest to Montreal of all the suburban cities along the South Shore. If you have a job on the island of Montreal, Longueuil is just ten minutes away.

3. Housing here is affordable considering its proximity to the Island of Montreal

The proximity of the Island of Montreal to Longueuil is a major reason for its rather large population and so accommodation here is quite affordable considering just how much it takes to live in Montreal too.

4. Retail and other services are close by

Longueuil is a type of city where you can find everything you need to buy, it is not one of those suburban cities where goods and services are not readily available, you do not have to travel too far. From grocery stores to clothing stores, retail stores, hospital services, schools, and banks, services are readily available here.

5. Fun activities in Longueuil

You could go cross country skiing and hiking or maybe on an excursion to a  wildlife reserve like the Boise du Tremplay. Longueuil is popular for its music festival too, the International Percussion Festival which is a loud music festival.

In the summer you could visit the island -the Charron Island sitting on the bank of the St. Lawrence river is a totally green space with a beachfront and a lovely place to visit.

If you like grand parks, you could check out the Parc de la Cite, a large park in the Saint Hubert borough that features a lake, a hill, and a large field. You could go cycling, rollerblading, or hiking in the summer or enjoy ice skating on the lake in the winter.

6. Safe city

Longueuil is not a crime hub and the crime rates within the city are very low, the roads are very safe to move about, even till late at night. The residents are not violent and are welcoming of new faces within the city.

7. Retail businesses have a thriving market

The retail industry is a booming industry in this city, with a lot of stores and customers. If you are looking to establish a commodity or service providing business in this city, it is a good city for you to thrive.

8. Democratic city

The citizens of Longueuil enjoy freedom of speech, it is a democratic state and its laws are citizen encompassing and freedom oriented.

9. Education in Longueuil is good

The area has both anglophone and francophone public and private primary and secondary schools, with tertiary institutions including campuses for the Universite de Sherbrooke and Universite de Montreal  

Cons of living in Longueuil, Quebec

1. French speaking

A large population of Longueuil is french speaking, so if you are not exactly fluent in French language, living here might be a little difficult to enjoy this city to the max.

2. High tax rates

Like the rest of Canada, the tax rate in this area is a little high and has a major effect on the quality of life of the residents in the area.

3. There are not so many jobs available in Longueuil

Longueuil is mostly popular because of its proximity to the island of Montreal and most of the residents here work on the island, asides from the retail jobs here and services as a result of its parks, gardens, and fun locations there isn’t much of an industry in these parts of the country.

4. The cost of living in Longueuil is relatively high

Longueuil is a little bit more expensive than its surrounding cities in the province, its location makes the cost of everyday living within the city more expensive than the average Quebec city.

5. Winter is very cold

Winter in this city gets extremely cold, the winter period is very harsh, it lasts for a long period and could go on for up to six months usually lasting from December up until March.

6. Longueuil is a crowded city

Loungueuil is a densely populated city, it occupies a hundred and fifteen square kilometers and has a population of about two hundred and twenty seven thousand people, it feels crowded in the summer too with an influx of immigrants into the city.

7. Longueuil communities are not the most friendly

It might be harder to make friends in Longueuil, it’s residents are not the friendliest set of people and the members of the communities are not exactly closely knit. If you are new to the city and not part of a work community or if you do not already have relatives here, you might find it really hard to blend in here.

In conclusion, Longueuil is a small city with a lot of its own unique perks, famed for its proximity to a hub -the island of Montreal, the city has carved out its own identity. So regardless of the options that make the city more appealing to you, a move to the city promises exposure to nature and a new range of fun activities. Hopefully, this article has given you a few more tips that would point you in the right direction.

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