Why is Canada so peaceful?

Why is Canada so peaceful?

You can never overemphasize the importance of peace to every nation. We experience its value in the absence of war, which is why it’s the foundation for all nation’s development. In turn, Canada’s development is inextricably tied to its pursuit of peace in all its dealings. But why is the country ranked the 10th most peaceful nation in the world?

Canada’s lead role as a peaceful nation is due to the consistent devaluation of internal conflict and violence, resulting in the promotion of unity, interpersonal harmony amongst its citizens, and sustainable development. This attitude is what made it the ideal destination for people worldwide.

Canada is famous for its attitude towards peaceful coexistence among its citizens despite their diversity. This is also extended to other nations of the world. In light of this, in this article, we explore why Canada is so peaceful.

Why is Canada So Peaceful? 

In a world where most countries struggle to reduce violence and crime rate, which causes a 13.3% reduction in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the world, Canada has done remarkably well in establishing peace and safety for its citizens. According to the 2021 Global Peace Index, the country is the 10th most peaceful in the world. This is as a result of her deliberate effort to uphold the attitude which promotes peace in society. 

It’s evident in this ranking that there has been a decline in the rate of violence compared to previous years. Beyond this, in conjunction with its citizens, the Canadian government continues to adopt peaceful measures in the resolution of disputes within the society.

What Are the Positive Actions That Fosters Peace In Canada?

Here are some of the actions by the Canadian government to establish peace in the country:

1. Promotion of Inclusion and Diversity

Canada comprises citizens of heterogeneous descent with different cultural backgrounds and origins. The identification and acknowledgement of these differences in the nation have brought about harmony amongst its citizens. And as no one is left behind, a pathway to peace is created. 

There has been a show of commitment in making policies that embrace multiculturalism and bilingualism. This has enhanced their approach towards inclusion and diversity, which furthers peacefulness in the country. 

2. Peaceful Relations

Through its bilateral relations, Canada has created a peaceful relation with most countries of the world. This is evident through their peacekeeping missions, international aids, and development assistance, among others. This action of making as many international allies as possible has solidified national peace. 

Unlike the US, Canada has little to no enemies, so there’s no need for a large budget going towards defense. Instead, a lot goes into the nation’s economy, making it a great place to live for citizens and immigrants.

3. Respect For the Rule of Law

The Government of Canada focuses on upholding the rule of law in resolving any crisis or uprising within the country. For instance, the government contained separatism in Quebec, a culturally and politically unique province, using the constitution. The implication of this is that while military actions can be helpful, they aren’t usually considered to contain unrest in the country. 

This particular demonstration has become a model for other countries like Denmark, Finland, and Norway, in containing civic unrest and other socio-political problems that hamper national peace.

4. Warm Attitude to Immigrants

Xenophobia is a big problem for so many countries, but in Canada, the reception for immigrants is different. According to research from the Environics Institute, the perception of Canadians towards immigrants is positive, and this helps all immigrants settle in nicely. 

Although there has been a remarkable growth in immigration into the country in recent times, Canadians embrace the diversity it brings to their society. This also improves the predominance of peace in the country.

5. Equality

There is equality for every citizen of Canada regardless of sexual orientation or gender, race, religion, age, and origin. Every person has equal rights and opportunities to social services, education, jobs, pension, housing, and so much more. This gives every individual in the country a sense of belonging to the nation’s commonwealth, an act that encourages peaceful living. 

A recent commitment towards advancing equality is evident in the country’s investment of $180 million to achieve gender equality, as announced by the prime minister, Justin Trudeau. This shows how much the government values it to achieve peace. 

6. Commendable Gun Laws

It’s almost impossible for an ordinary citizen to own a firearm in Canada. For the few that do, stringent rules guide its possession and a long process of eligibility. The essence of this is to reduce the gun fatality rate in the country. 

The rate of homicide from firearms in Canada which was 263 in 2019, has drastically reduced due to the government’s $327.6 million investment and several policies which disallow random possession. These practical actions have also helped foster and sustain peace in the country. 

Why Is Peace in Canada So Important?

Peace is a necessary component of development because it fosters virtues like unity and cooperation, essential for nation-building. Therefore, every society that desires a long spell of prosperity and growth needs to pursue peace constantly. 

Additionally, an investment in peace is an investment in sustainable development because it creates a fertile ground for the socio-political and economic growth of the nation. In turn, Canada’s development is a result of it’s investment in both internal and external peace. 

The Canadian government focuses on improving positive peace, which is necessary for sustainable development in the country. Expert research has it that one percent in the improvement of positive stability brings about 2.9% growth in GDP per capita. This type of peace involves eliminating all forms of social violence through positive actions.

The Bottom Line

Canada’s deliberate attitude towards the sustenance of a peaceful society is evident in its constant pursuit of actions that furthers both national and international peace. These, amongst others, are the steps that help her retain her spot on the list of the most peaceful countries in the world.

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