Best cities to live in Prince Edward Island

Best cities to live in Prince Edward Island

A thought about Prince Edward Island evokes mental pictures of coasts, beaches, golf courses, parks, and several other activities in a holiday package. This is valid. However, Prince Edward Island has some of the best cities to live in, with many bustling yet safe neighbourhoods. So, what are the best cities to live in while Prince Edward Island contemplating a move? 

The best cities in Prince Edward Island, Canada’s smallest province, have so many attractions and activities that are defined by the arts, culture, and history of the people. These cities that boast accessibility include Charlottetown, Summerside, Stratford, Cornwall, Three Rivers, and Kensington.

Many people living in these areas enjoy a good standard of living which comes at a relatively low cost. We bet you’re looking to know what stands these cities apart. As such, in this article, we highlight the best cities to live in Prince Edward Island and what you need to know. 

Best Cities to Live in Prince Edward Island 

All the best cities in Prince Edward Island share similarities with minute differences. They are primarily identified with the sea and varieties of outdoor activities by residents. These cities include:

1. Charlottetown

Charlottetown is the capital of Prince Edward Island and boasts of citylife attractions in a relatively small town. However, the history of this city, the energy of its people, and the varieties of arts and cultural activities make it one of the best cities on the island. It ties with Halifax as first on the list of the best places to live in Canada.

It has the bustling of citylife as it’s home to many governments, educational, and health institutions. The cost of living for a single person per month is 1,237C$ without rent and 4,429C$ for a relatively moderate family. The implication of this is that the quality of life in this city is very high, so it’s an excellent place to live. 

2. Summerside

Summerside is another large city on Prince Edward Island. It’s famous for its shipbuilding history, which has considerably influenced its economy from earlier times. Presently, the growth of the city’s economy is affected by industries like information technology, aerospace, and food manufacturing. 

With over 1000 businesses, residents have so many job opportunities. So, if you fancy a reserved area with all city amenities, affordable living, quality education for students, less tax, and flourishing downtown, this is a place to be. 

3. Stratford 

Stratford is different from other cities because here, you can live and work. There are vast employment opportunities for residents, all of which are in proximity. This gives you low expenses on transport and easy commute to wherever you want to be. 

The economic growth of this municipality is on the rise as tourists find it a great place to be, and its effect on the standard and cost of living is moderate. The livability score of this city is 80 of 100, and the crime rate is 32% lower than the island average. 

4. Cornwall

Cornwall is another exciting city on Prince Edward Island. It’s a very calm place to live, with its exceptional livability score of 80/100. The cost of living here is moderate as it’s 5% lower than the average cost of living on the island. You can also buy a home or rent an apartment here because the real estate prices in Cornwall are 36% lower than the island’s average. This goes to tell you how wonderful this place is to settle.

5. Three Rivers

Three Rivers is a great city to plant your roots and grow something extraordinary. As the name suggests, the city is an amalgamation of small municipalities to make one. They boast a rich culture and warm attitude from their people. Although the Three Rivers amalgamation had its challenges, now the city is fast-growing with more people moving in.

It has a safe and serene neighbourhood where you can raise a family and settle. Although there are limited job opportunities here, there has been job growth in the city recently.

6. Kensington

This city is the perfect description of the place you call home. It’s a small town which offers so many benefits to its residents. You get to enjoy cheap housing and a vast green environment. As well, its proximity to places like Summerside and Charlottetown makes it the place people want to live. 

The livability score of Kensington is considered average because its household income is 10% lower than the average household income in Prince Edward Island, which is why most people who live here work in Summerside or Charlottetown to get an improved income. But it’s a safe place to live as the crime rate is very low and the schooling system is excellent.

Things to Know About Prince Edward Island 

There are so many perks attached to living in any city in all maritime provinces. First, there’s an assurance of a good and enjoyable life around people with the best attitude. Living on Prince Edward Island isn’t any different. However, there are specific things you need to know before choosing any of the best cities on the island. 

1. Cost of Living

This remains one of the most important things to consider about a place. In Prince Edward Island, the cost of living is relatively low. The cost of housing, utility, and food is quite affordable, and this is the edge the island has over other maritime provinces.

2. Accessibility 

The way the island is, every other municipality is in proximity to wherever you’re. So, even if the transportation system isn’t so great, you can quickly locate other places on this island.

3. Festivals and Culture 

This is a fact you can’t take away from the islanders. Every day here feels like a holiday because of the several cultural events available. In fact, Prince Edward Island has more holidays and festivals than other provinces in the country.

4. Low Job Opportunities 

There are low job opportunities in most areas on the island. The unemployment rate, which was at 9.60% in May 2021, has increased to 12.50% at the end of June. This is one important thing to know about the island.

5. Lack of Transportation

The transportation system on the island isn’t encouraging. So, if you don’t have a car, this can significantly affect your commuting. 

The Bottom Line

Prince Edward Island is a fantastic place with some of the best cities to live in Canada. Moving to any of these places is enjoyable, but you have to consider other things that affect settling in any of the cities. As always, with the right information, you can always make the smart choice.

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