11 best cities to find job opportunities in Canada


Canada has always been a pacesetter in welcoming skilled workers from everywhere around the planet and providing them with numerous job opportunities across Canada to thrive. In recent years, statistics show strong job growth in Canada thus making its job market a powerhouse.

Canada is filled with employment opportunities, you just have to find your most preferred city that matches your profession. Relocating to a new city to find the job you deserve can never be a bad idea.
Here are the top ten cities that make the list

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto has an unemployment rate of 6%.

One of the top-ranked cities in the world is Toronto. It is the most dominant city in Canada when it comes to businesses and industries.

It is where you will find almost all head offices of the financial services industry, including banking and insurance. Everything you can think of inline with light manufacturing and distribution goes on in Toronto.

Tv and film production is also big in Toronto. Considering the low Canadian dollar, lots of United States productions looking to save money by producing their films in Canada will move to Toronto.

Toronto is an economically growing city, attracting immigrants from all over the world therefore the best for brand spanking new job opportunities in Canada.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver has an unemployment rate of 4.6% and a 7.1% employment growth rate.

Vancouver takes pride in housing major industries like film and tv production, shipping, real estate, hospitality, cleantech among others. A lot of wealth exists in this city.

There are job opportunities in all fields here, most especially the entertainment industry and high-tech jobs.

If you have education and experience in one of the industries listed above, there are plenty of opportunities.

You will do fine if you have a legal business background as well.

There’s something for everyone’s taste in Vancouver due to the rapidly growing industries.

Montreal, Quebec

Montreal has an unemployment rate of 5.7%.

Montreal is the French-speaking province of Quebec so if you can speak French fluently, it is the place to be in Canada. It is often referred to as the most European city in North America.

Major industries that operate in Montreal include aerospace, electronic goods, software engineering, telecommunications, tourism, textile manufacturing among others.

It also supports the growth of high-tech and innovation sectors including artificial intelligence, video games, and visual effects.

Looking for a city that offers stimulating work experiences? Look no further.

Quebec City

Quebec has an unemployment rate of 3.6% and a 4.1% year over year employment growth rate.

Quebec City’s most jobs are in health care, retail, and public administration.

However, its job market is diversified and has a huge potential for growth.

Quebec City’s largest employer is the provincial government. It also has key industries including agriculture, mining, tourism, hydroelectricity, and forestry.

Due to the many industries thriving in Quebec City and booming economy, many consider it the ideal city opportunities.

Calgary, Alberta

Calgary has an unemployment rate of 7.1% and a 3.6% year over year employment growth rate. The key industry here is energy; including oil and gas.

The level of unemployment here has decreased due to a combination of low oil prices and a lack of pipeline capacity.

However, Calgary’s economy is becoming increasingly diversified and the city’s workforce is spread across a wide range of industries.

Furthermore, employers from Calgary pay higher starting salaries to new hires than any other major city in Canada.

Other industries that you could work in are transportation and logistics, technology, the tourism sector, film and television, retail among others.

Calgary could be the best place for you if you are looking for a place to settle and a high paying job.

Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton has an unemployment rate of 8%, now officially the most unemployed major city in Canada, and a 1.4% year over year employment growth rate.

However, the city of Edmonton offers outstanding, life long careers to motivated people.

Those that take initiative and lead the way to impact the city positively.

Key industries in Edmonton include manufacturing, transportation, and logistics, environmental engineering, petrochemical, tourism amongst others.

Edmonton offers great opportunities with access to abundant natural resources and major connections to the key North American and Asian markets.

Great quality of life, affordability, great education, and great jobs are amongst the main factors as to why people to Edmonton.

Young and in need of a job? Edmonton is the city for you as it ranked highest as the best place for young people to work.

They offer a broad spectrum of employment for aged 15-29.

 Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa has an unemployment rate of 4.7% and a 3.5% year over year employment growth rate.

One of the most economically developed cities in Canada is Ottawa.

Being the Capital of Canada, Ottawa is the federal capital. Well known for being a government town.

If you have a public service background or education and you are looking to work in the Government sector, Ottawa is the best place to be as there exists a ton of Government buildings.

In addition, Ottawa has a pretty big startup community such that once you get involved, you interact and quickly get to know everyone.

It is the best city for stable employment due to its long term sustainable economy.

Ottawa has also created massive jobs in the local tech sector not to mention the job opportunities created during election periods.

Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario

The twin cities of Kitchener and Waterloo have an unemployment rate of 5.3% and a 4.8% year over year employment growth rate.

Waterloo is well known as an attractive destination with a strong reputation for tech innovation, education, and economy.

For many years, K-W has been one of Canada’s most important high-tech hub.

There exists a large number of tech companies here. It’s proximity to Toronto has propelled the city in a major way.

Kitchener-Waterloo serves as a role model for cities that are looking to move away from the manufacturing industry.

Due to the cities’ affordable housing, Kitchener-Waterloo has also become a popular destination for Canadians who are more business-minded and looking to set up shops.

These factors make Kitchener-Waterloo a city with one of the best employment opportunities in Canada.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax has an unemployment rate of 5.2% and a 1.4% year over year employment growth rate.

In recent years, Halifax has maintained a strong economy compared to other cities in Canada.

Halifax has a lot going on including the fact that it is a major east coast trading area but shipbuilding contracts from the Canadian Navy have been a major driver.

Increased immigration in Halifax combined with its affordable living costs has given higher businesses confidence to invest, and they are hiring like crazy.

Halifax is also an exciting hub for startups and high-tech.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Saskatoon has a jobless rate of 5.9% with a 5.4% year over year job growth.

Saskatoons economy is well driven by agriculture and mining industries. While this continues to be the city’s major emphasis, Saskatoon has expanded into many different employment fields including oil and gas.

Due to its central location, Saskatoon is a major source for distribution and logistics in Canada.

The city also has a growing digital media scene with a number of successful startups.

When you combine these job varieties and the lower cost of living, Saskatoon becomes one of the highest-ranked cities when it comes to finding job opportunities in Canada.

Most international students seeking for post-graduate jobs look at Saskatoon.


Mississauga is the home for Canada’s largest airport that also connects to seven major highways. It also hosts one of the most prestigious higher learning institutions in Canada making it a prime educational center.

The city of Mississauga offers a variety of opportunities to explore your potential.

When it comes to career goals, the city of Mississauga offers an exciting path for your future with a variety of part-time jobs and internship opportunities for students

The city of Mississauga offers business and job opportunities in several key sectors like; Finance and telecommunication, Automotive, Information technology, Aerospace, and many more. It is the largest Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate cluster in North America and amongst the largest in the whole world.


Canada has a thriving economy and offers many job opportunities in exciting fields.

The opportunities are out there because Canada is in need of workers to participate in building their economy. All you got to do is search and apply for your dream job.

Whether you are looking to move to Canada for a job opportunity or you are just starting to consider your options, open your doors to change as it can overwhelmingly benefit your career.

The good news from these findings is that jobs in Canada aren’t concentrated in one geographic area. They are uniformly distributed across all major cities in Canada which is ideal for individuals who’s major motivation for relocating to have a better life.

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