Pros and cons of living in Lévis, Quebec

Lévis, Quebec

Just like you and I, loads of people want to live in Canada’s second-most populated province, Quebec. This is due to the benefits associated with living in this city. However, it’s not without some factors that might come off as negatives. So, what are the pros and cons of living in Lévis-Quebec?

Living in Lévis-Quebec allows you to experience beauty, affordable electricity, reduced housing costs, various outdoor sports, and a variety of weather. However, you’ll need to make do with daunting weather during winter, likely higher heating costs, language barrier, and higher taxes, among others.

Regardless, you’ll need to consider the details more carefully before deciding whether to choose Lévis, Quebec, as your chosen destination. As such, in this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of living in Lévis, Quebec.

Here are some things to expect when you decide to live in Lévis, Quebec:


1. Breathtaking Beauty

One thing you can expect to enjoy when you live in Lévis-Quebec is scenic beauty. This location is at the heart of three national parks that are well renowned for their camping sites, a variety of wildlife, and exciting hiking trails. 

So, if you’re a lover of wildlife and nature, easy access to Forillon, La Maurice, and Mingan Archipelago is something you can look forward to by living in Lévis-Quebec. You get 927km2 of nature all to yourself in one easy and quick drive. 

Other fantastic attractions include historical buildings and sights, lively restaurants, diverse cuisines, sky hills, and ferries. You can enjoy the St. Lawrence River, visit the Joffre Yard, or bask in the grace of the Chaudière Falls. 

2. Lower Cost of Living

One of the most affordable cities you can live in Canada is Lévis, Quebec. The cost of living is 25% lower than the national average. This is partly due to the lower cost of goods of services and utilities that’s also 16% lower than the national average. 

There are also loads of high-income job opportunities. Beyond this, Lévis, Quebec provides access to quality education, improved public services, and transportation facilities. So, you can enjoy a good quality of life in this location. 

3. Sports Attraction

Thanks to the weather, there are various sporting activities that you can enjoy in Lévis, Quebec. If you’re a big fan of outdoor sports, you’ve got nothing to worry about. From hiking to cycling to canoeing and kayaking, you can enjoy all these during summer to mid-autumn. 

Mid-autumn to early spring also allows you to spice things up as you can engage in winter sports. For instance, you can engage in skiing, outdoor hockey, and snowboarding, among others. 

4. Affordable Housing Costs

The housing cost is generally lower in Quebec. For instance, housing in Montreal and Quebec City is 28% and 45% lower, respectively, than the national average.  This is why they’re both ranked second and first on the list of the cheapest cities in Canada.  

It gets even better as the cost of housing is lower outside these two cities. As such, you’re likely to find a real estate measuring 1200 to 1500 square feet in Lévis, Quebec, for less than CAD 155,000.

5. Cost-Effective Electricity

The cost associated with residential electricity is relatively lower in Quebec compared to other provinces. In fact, it’s sometimes considered the lowest in North America as the average cost of a kWh is $0.073. This is against the national average of $0.179.

Beyond the lower cost of electricity, you can also count on renewable energy in Lévis, Quebec. Currently, Quebec generates electricity through hydroelectric dams. So, you can enjoy lower costs while still protecting the earth in this destination.


1. Harsh Winter Weather

Living in Lévis, Quebec, comes with harsh weather conditions during winter. Of course, you might find the weather relaxed and fun. However, it’s also possible that you find the freezing temperatures uncomfortable, especially if you’re elderly or suffer from bone and muscle issues. 

Winter can also come with storms that make transportation via air or road difficult. So, you might experience slowdowns during this hectic period.

2. Language Barrier

The language barrier is one of the most important things that come with living in Lévis, Quebec. You might have difficulty settling in if you’re not fluent in French. This is because around 80% of people living in Quebec are native French speakers. Even more, the names of places and shops, street signs, and the process of filling forms are all in French. 

So, if you have no French background, the whole experience can be cumbersome. Although on the bright side, Lévis, Quebec, might be the best place to learn French by immersion. 

3. High Taxes

Living in Lévis, Quebec also comes with high tax obligations as Quebec is now popular for its residents’ high tax exposure. For instance, a yearly net income of CAD 31,000 attracts a 23.39% tax rate, Canada’s highest. This rate can climb to as much as 48.87% of your yearly earnings if it falls within the CAD 500,000 bracket.

Beyond this, you’re also subject to double taxation from the federal government of Canada and the province of Quebec in some cases. For example, you pay 5% as sales tax charged by the federal government. You then pay another 9.975% as sales tax charged by Quebec. As such, your tax obligation on those taxable items rises to 14.975%.

4. Possible Increase in Heating Bills

Winter comes with cold temperatures, and you’ll usually resort to heating systems to help you keep up. In turn, this means that you’ll need to spend more during this period. This cost can be quite high due to the increased cost of natural gas in Quebec. 

For instance, natural gas costs 63% more in Quebec than it costs in Ontario. Of course, you can opt for electric heating systems. However, the constant use will still see your heating bill rise considerably during this period, especially if you spend lots of time at home.

5. Difficulty Purchasing Hard Liquor

If you love spirits and wines, then living in Lévis, Quebec, might be an issue. This is because they’re not readily available for purchase. Precisely, the Societe des Alcools du Québec, a government-owned alcohol distribution network, has a monopoly over the sales of wines and hard liquor. So, you can only purchase it through them.

However, if you’re okay with beer, you’ll have no problem as you can get them in corner stores and convenience stores.

Is It Worth Moving to Lévis, Quebec?

Usually, no location is perfect and without drawbacks. As such, what matters when deciding to move is whether the pros outweigh the cons. No doubt living in Lévis, Quebec, comes with a wide range of advantages. Still, there are some drawbacks. So, consider what’s essential for you before making a decision.  

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