Pros and Cons of Living in Northwest Territories

Many people consider Northwest Territories to be the last frontier. Most of these people have never been there and are fascinated by a land that is so untouched and remote. In my opinion, this place has beautiful places with its vast wilderness areas, lakes, and breathtaking views it’s hard not to feel captivated by it all. It is a place where you can truly get away from everything if that’s what you’re looking for!

Moving to Northwest Territories can be a big decision. It’s important to know the pros and cons of living in this part of Canada before making your final call. Here are some things you need to think about when considering whether or not it is right for you:

Pros of living in the Northwest Territories

1. The economy is strong

The economy in the Northwest Territories is strong with many jobs available throughout the year.
Many people who move here find that there are plenty of opportunities to work, so you’ll have a vast options to choose when comes to potential employers. If something doesn’t seem right for you, it’s likely that there will be another opportunity coming your way soon.

2. Many natural wonders

Many people who move to the Northwest Territories are fascinated by all of the natural wonders that this part of Canada has. If you’re looking for a place where nature can flourish, then you will love living in the NWT! The region is full of different ecosystems and wildlife that many find absolutely amazing.

3. Plenty of outdoor activities

There are plenty of outdoor activities available all year long in the Northwest Territories. If you love to get outside and enjoy nature, then this is the place for you! The most popular outdoor activities are:

  • Dogsledding
  • Snowmobiling
  • Snowshoeing
  • Ice Road Tours
  • Cross-Country Skiing
  • Fishing
  • See the northern lights

4. Affortable Rent

The rental price in the Northwest Territories is relatively low compared to other parts of Canada. This makes it an attractive area for retirees and people who are looking at making a move from outside the country.

In addition, there are very few people living in the Northwest Territories. This means that those who do live here have an opportunity to create a small town feeling by getting involved with different community groups and events.

5. Relative safe place to live

The Northwest Territories is relatively safe to live in. The crime rate here is lower than that of many other places, the hospital and emergency services are available year round, and this area has a low population density which makes it easier for people who need help to get assistance quickly.

6. Rich in history

Northwest Territories has a rich history that can be seen in the many historical sites and museums. The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, for instance, is a great place to learn about the history of Indigenous peoples living on this land centuries ago.

7. Friendly people

People are really friendly, there is a sense of community here.

The United Way is a not-for-profit organization that strives to build healthy, safe and prosperous communities in the Northwest Territories. The group provides health services, education programs and employment opportunities for its members as well as other residents of the region. They also work on healing relationships with all Aboriginal groups within Canada by connecting them through culture, knowledge and language. Learn more about their efforts at:

Cons of living in the Northwest Territories:

1. Extreme cold weather

The weather in the Northwest Territories is often unpredictable. The summer months are usually warm, but temperatures can drop as low as -43 degrees Fahrenheit.

The cold weather has a number of detrimental effects on the body, including frostbite and respiratory problems. There is also an increased risk for heart attacks or strokes if you live in the region year-round without adequate protection. Make sure to have the appropriate clothes and equipments during extreme cold periods.

2. It’s hard to find work

The Northwest Territories is a region in the north of Canada. It has lots of opportunities for work, from mining to fishing and tourism. The resources are rich there. However, is not always easy to find a job especially when you are a newcomer.

3. Poor internet connection

One of the questions that many people are asking is, “Is the internet in Northwest territories slow?” While it is true that there are some areas with good speed, the internet speeds of remote areas are slower and more expensive than the rest of Canada.

4. Its an expensive place to live

The Northwest Territories is expensive to live in. It’s hard for people who are newcomers there, and the prices of things like rent can be high if you don’t know where to look or what places have cheaper accommodation.

To live in the North is expensive enough. Adding high electricity rates to that makes living there even more difficult for those on fixed incomes, and it can be hard to find housing with low electric bills nearby.

5.  Remote location

The Northwest Territories is huge, and there are many remote regions where you may find yourself living. There can be a lack of services in these areas, which means things like getting groceries or finding help if something goes wrong with your car could take hours to complete.

If you live in one of the more populous cities (Yellowknife), then it’s easy enough to get around by using public transit and taxis; however, this isn’t always an option for those who live in other places without such options available.

There can also be some difficulties when traveling elsewhere as well: since flights from smaller airports often cost much higher than larger ones on either coast, travel outside the territory becomes difficult.

Is Northwest Territories a good place to live?

The answer is not an easy one. It depends on what you want out of life and your priorities. If you’re looking for somewhere quiet, where the pace of life is slower, then this might be a great place for you. But if you’re looking for more excitement or more opportunities in terms of work, there are other places that may suit your needs better than Northwest Territories.

There are many things that make Northwest Territories great, but there is also a lot of negative factors to consider. It’s worth considering these points when figuring out if this is the right place for you.

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