Is Interior Design a Good Career in Canada?

Canada is a land of opportunities that welcomes thousands of immigrants with different careers plans and prospects. Interior design is one of such careers. So, is interior design a good career in Canada? 

Interior design is a good career in Canada, and several factors make it so. They include job opportunities, sufficient income, job prospects, enjoyable work experience, and control and flexibility. Beyond this, if you want to be an interior designer, it’s essential to know how to become one. 

Generally, certain education and qualifications are necessary to become an interior designer. Here, We discuss what makes interior design a good career and look at the steps and requirements necessary for becoming a qualified interior designer.

Why is Interior Design a Good Career in Canada?

When a career is considered a good career, it’s because it embodies certain characters. Interior design has all these characteristics, making it a great career in Canada. Here are some factors that culminate in making interior design a great career option in Canada.

1. Sufficient Income

One of the primary reasons for pursuing any career is income. While money doesn’t buy happiness, it pays bills. A person who can’t pay their bills might find it difficult to be happy. Although it’s difficult to determine the average salary of an interior designer, it’s possible to make an estimate.

The estimated starting salary of an interior designer is $35,000 to $50,000 annually. With more experience, this increases to between $65,000 to $80,000. For interior designers who’ve established their own companies or make partners in the top firms, their annual salary can be up to or exceed $100,000. This shows that income earned from working as an interior designer is sufficient. 

In British Columbia, the average annual salary is $54,226. The hourly rate is an average of $26 and can be as high as $34.62 or as low as $19. The average annual salary for Ontario is $50,700, Alberta is $38,025, and Quebec is $36,075. This shows that what an interior designer earns depends greatly on location. Generally, the average salary is around $50,000

2. Job Opportunities

When entering a career, it’s important to know whether there are job opportunities or a saturated field. An interior designer can find a job in architectural firms, retail establishments such as furniture retailers, interior design companies, hotels and restaurants, hospitals, construction companies, etc. It’s also possible for an interior designer to be self-employed. 

3. Job Prospects

This focuses on how many jobs will be available in the next few years. In terms of provinces, British Columbia only forecasts about 1.6% growth in interior design jobs by 2024. However, this doesn’t mean it’s the same for every province. With the real estate market in Canada witnessing a massive boom, the demand for interior designers will also increase. 

According to Job Bank, Job prospects are good in Manitoba and fair in nine provinces. Between 2019 and 2028, it projects that there will be 11,900 new interior design jobs. But, of course, filling these openings will be easy as it projects that there will be 12,500 new job seekers.

4. Enjoyable Work Experience

A career should be fulfilling. One of the ways for this to happen is when such a career offers an opportunity for novelty. As a creative job, interior design isn’t a monotonous work at all. On the contrary, it’s a creative job that requires you to think outside the box, make spaces more beautiful and functional, and generally have a good time. Therefore, it isn’t the kind of job you will get bored doing, making it an exciting and enjoyable career path.

5. Control and Flexibility

Everyone likes to control their destiny, and this also affects how well we enjoy a career path. Whether you want to be your boss or work for someone, interior design offers you the opportunity to live your dreams. You can decide to work in various places under the control of a boss.

There’s also the option of being self-employed and being your own boss. Whichever suits you will work. This makes it possible to control working hours, where you work, who you work with, etc.

How to Become an Interior Designer in Canada

It’s essential to know the process for becoming an interior designer in the country, whether you’re immigrating or planning to become one. There are requirements for you to meet, which are mostly education and experience related. The requirements include:

  1. Degree or Diploma: An interior design degree or diploma from an institution accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) is compulsory. Having a degree is better than a diploma, and there are even plans to make a degree the least qualification.
  2. National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) Certificate: You will also need a certificate from the NCIDQ. To get the certificate, you have to pass the NCIDQ exam.  Interior designers not trained in Canada will need a minimum of interior design degree or diploma certificate or Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. Only those that meet the education requirements may qualify for the NCIDQ exam and subsequent registration as IDI members.
  3. Experience: You will also need to complete 3520 hours of qualified interior design experience.

Interior designers can register with Interior Designers Institute (IDI) in their province after getting the NCIDQ certificate. Before writing the exam, such designers can register as Intern Members. In all provinces except the Prince Edward Islands, registering with the IDI entitles you to use Registered Interior Designer (R.I.D.) title.

Overall, it will take about ten years to get the post-secondary education and experience necessary to become a qualified interior designer in Canada.

In Conclusion

Interior design isn’t the most profitable job in Canada, but it’s a good career. It’s an easy job to gain entry into as long as you have the skills and passion for it. The profession also has incredible prospects even though there is competition too. But there are several job opportunities available, so you’re on a good path.

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