Is Toronto Good for Software Engineers?

Toronto is a fantastic city to live in and one of the most livable cities in the world due to the quality of life it offers residents. As a tech hub, living in the city is beneficial for people in the engineering field. So, is Toronto good for software engineers?

Toronto has been called the Silicon Valley of Canada. This city is a great place for anyone to live, and it’s one of the best for software engineers. Certain qualities make it ideal. They include job prospects and demand, high wages, diversity of the city, livability, and access to opportunities.

However, when it comes to wages, Toronto isn’t the highest paying city for software engineers. In fact, software engineers are in demand in every province. This article discusses what makes Toronto a good place for software engineers and identifies other great cities in Canada for software engineers.


Toronto – the Perfect City for Software Engineer

Software engineers are in demand throughout the whole country. But some cities pay more for them than others. Kitchener/Waterloo, Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary pay the highest. Still, you can get even more value in some cities like Toronto.

Toronto is a great place for software engineers who want to enjoy the best of Canadian life. This city ranks as one of the best cities to live in Canada and the whole world. So, if you are a software engineer looking for the right city to reside in, Toronto should be on your list because it has all you are looking for in a city.

What Makes Toronto a Good City for Software Engineers?

Here are the qualities that make Toronto the ideal city for software engineers.

1. High Wages

Money is a good motivation for any job, and software engineering pays very well in Toronto. A software engineer in the city can earn between $73,400 and $170,000 annually. This isn’t surprising given the high demand for workers. 

2. Employment Prospects

Canada’s low and sparse population means it faces a shortage of skilled workers in several areas. This is why it encourages migration. Software engineering is one of the skills in short supply all over the country. Thus, a software engineer can easily find work anywhere in the country, including Toronto, one of the country’s technologies hotspots.

There are more than 20,000 job openings for software engineers in the whole country, so you can be sure to find your skills in high demand in the city. Moreover, the job opportunities and demand aren’t likely to reduce anytime soon. Job projections forecast 27,500 software engineering jobs between 2019 and 2028, and only 24,000 job seekers will be available to fill these jobs. 

3. Diversity of the City

Toronto is a global city in all respects, and you’ll find people from all walks of life here. The city motto even says, “Diversity our strength,” which shows the city’s multicultural nature. Thus, it’s a good place to settle no matter where you are migrating from, and you’ll easily find people who share similar views and beliefs with you.

What further aids this diversity is its proximity to Washington DC and New York City. While other cities in Canada might offer high wages for software engineers, none can boast of Toronto’s diversity.

4. Livability

Several factors determine the livability of a city. This usually includes safety, access to health services, amenities, cost of living, real estate, unemployment rate, etc. After considering all these factors, Toronto is one of the most livable cities in the world. 

Despite its size and population of about 3 million, it still has a livability rating of 80%, which is exceptional by all standards. No wonder it always ranked among the best cities to live in in the world.

5. Access to Opportunities

Toronto is the economic and financial capital of Canada. It’s also the second-largest financial services center in North America. This means all the top companies in the world have at least an office in the city. So as a software engineer, you stand a better chance of working and interacting with the best when you stay in Toronto.

In addition, the city is the number one startup hub in the country. As a software engineer, working in this city gives you unrivalled access to opportunities that you can’t find anywhere else.

Best Cities for Software Engineer

Apart from Toronto, there are still other cities where software engineers receive high wages. In these cities, the highest paying software engineers earn above $120,000 annually. They include:

  1. Kitchener-London-Guelph region, ON: This region is home to the headquarters of Blackberry. As one of the technology hubs in the country, it’s one of the areas in the country where software engineers can earn over $140k. The salary is between $69,500 and $121,600.
  2. Vancouver, BC: This city isn’t just one of the most livable cities in the world, but it’s also a great place for you as a software engineer. The salary scale ranges from $73,700 to $127,400.
  3. Ottawa, ON: The capital city of Canada is famous for many things. It’s also a great place for software engineers as they can earn between $73,300 and 127,700.
  4. Calgary, AB: This city has the highest annual salary for software engineers in the whole country.  You can earn between $75,000 and $129,500 as a software engineer in this wonderful city.
  5. Victoria, BC: Victoria is more than just a beautiful city. It’s also one where software engineers can make good money. The salary is between $71,500 and $124,100.
  6. Edmonton, AB: Here is another city in Alberta where software engineers can earn a good income. As a software engineer, you can earn between $73,100 and $124,600.

In Conclusion

Toronto is an amazing city to live in for anyone. For a software engineer, it’s a great place because it offers access to several jobs with a good salary and many other opportunities. Of course, there are other cities in Canada where software engineers will also earn well, but none has the qualities that make Toronto ideal.

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