Positives and Negatives of Living in Toronto


Canada is one of the best countries to migrate to. This enormous country has so much to offer people seeking a new home.

Because it is so big, there are several major cities to choose from. But between the east coast and west, one city stands out above the rest. This is Toronto, the Queen City of Canada.

Toronto is the largest city in Canada. It is highly modern and always ranks as one of the most livable cities in the world. Everything that you need, Toronto has it and more. It is a very special city. This is why floods of immigrants have settled here over the years.

But before you jump ship and move to Toronto, you’ll want to know more first. What makes this place so special? Why do people say it’s so great? Are there any bad things about the city?

Like every city, Toronto does have its positives and negatives. It’s fair to say that the positives outweigh the negatives, but it’s important to know both.

This is why today, we’re going to have a closer look at what it’s like to live in Toronto. We’ll have a look at the things that make Toronto great. We’ll also have a look at the problems Torontonians face.


  • High Standard of Living
  • Opportunities
  • Diverse
  • Beautiful
  • Safe
  • A lot of things to do


  • Expensive
  • Crowded
  • Bad Weather
  • Lonely

High Standard of Living

One thing that pulls people toward Toronto is the standard of living. Who wouldn’t want to live in a comfortable and somewhat luxurious city?

There are so many reasons why Toronto’s standard of living is considered one of the best.

For one, Toronto is a very well-developed city. Look at the cityscape, you’ll see large buildings and skyscrapers all over the place. It is a very modern city with lots of new developments underway.

The roads are enormous. If you’ve never seen 12-lane highways before, you’ll be shocked at how common they are in Toronto.

As said before, Toronto has everything you need. Public facilities are not only plentiful, but they are also excellent. The hospitals here provide top-of-the-line healthcare to their patients.

To make things even better, Toronto has free healthcare for its citizens! Whenever you’re sick or in need of care, you won’t have to pay a cent. It’s no wonder that Toronto has such a high life expectancy, an average of 83 years!

Aside from healthcare, Toronto is also a very well-educated city. When it comes to literacy, sciences, and math, Canada is always a top performer.

And Toronto plays a huge role in this. Higher education is very important in Toronto. It is home to some of the best and most important universities. The best part? You’ll find that getting into a program isn’t going to be difficult here.

To top it all off, Toronto is a very stable city. It is a rich city that shows no signs of slowing down. Toronto wasn’t built in a day, and it surely isn’t going to crash in one either.

This is one of the reasons why it is so secure here. In fact, while so many cities were suffering from the 2008 financial crisis, Toronto was doing just fine. The economy is so strong, that you can put your trust in it.


If Toronto is that expensive, how can anyone afford to live there? It’s because Toronto is also full of amazing opportunities. We’ve already mentioned that the economy of Toronto is very stable.

This is why finding work here isn’t going to be a problem.

People don’t only come to Toronto to have a good life, they come here to work. As the largest city, Toronto is the tech, financial, industrial, and the commercial backbone of Canada. It is constantly dubbed the Silicon Valley of the North. All the big companies seem to be opening offices here.

They love the work atmosphere that Toronto has.

If you’re into arts and culture, Toronto may just be your big break. The art scene here is huge. Few cities provide opportunities and support to their aspiring artists.

This is why artists come here from all over the world to find work.

Entrepreneurs are also doing very well in Toronto. It is a city that embraces innovation rather than kills it. Entrepreneurs don’t only get pushed forward by the culture of Toronto, they also get help.

You can get help from organizations at every stage of your business.

So don’t go thinking that Toronto is expensive for everybody. It is also a city that is booming with opportunities. Put in the hard work, and over time, Toronto will be cheap for you.


If you observe the crowds of Toronto, you’ll find that they are very diverse.

People of all ethnicities call this place home. Toronto is the definition of a melting pot; more than half the population are immigrants.

They come from an astounding 230 different countries.

You’re going to fit right in. It’s even likely you’ll find people with the same ethnicity as you here. Canada also has a reputation for being one of the least racist countries.

So regardless of where you are from, you can make Toronto your city.

The diversity of Toronto makes it a very interesting city. The culture of this city is unique in that pieces from around the world come together into one.

In the city, you’ll find corners dedicated to other countries. There is a Chinatown, Little India, Little Portugal, and more. These pockets make Toronto’s culture so vibrant and diverse.

This diversity is also great for food. In Toronto, you can have any cuisine you want. This is also the perfect place to try exotic foods you’ve never heard of.

Toronto is heaven for foodies. It’s as if they can travel the world and taste everything in only one city!

Diversity does bring some challenges. But Toronto is more than ready for it. This is why the official motto of the city is “Diversity Our Strength.”


When people think of Toronto, they think of a modern cityscape. They think of huge roads and tall skyscrapers. They think of a city that is heading straight into the future.

People rarely think of Toronto as a beautiful city. But if you look around you, you will find that it is not all grey. Toronto is also a city that is full of beauty and color.

If you have a look at a map of Toronto, you’ll notice a lot of green stretches all over the place.

These are parks. While Toronto is heavily into modernizing, they have made sure to leave some parks for the people to enjoy.

These parks provide a breath of fresh air. They’re the best place to relax after a stressful day of work., and the best place to meet up with friends and family.

Some of these parks are so big, you can go hiking or camping in them! It’s incredible how such serene and beautiful parks can exist in the heart of a bustling city.

Aside from trees and nature, the neighborhoods of Toronto are also beautiful. Away from the city center, you’ll find that each neighborhood has its own unique charm.

These tidy little neighborhoods are full of art here and there. Try walking around one of them, you’ll find that there is a lot to take in.

So don’t be fooled into thinking that Toronto is a grey city that is all about work, work, work. If you slow down, you’ll see that there is beauty everywhere in this city.


One of the reasons why Toronto is dubbed the most livable city is because of how safe it is. When it comes to safety, Toronto takes the crown for North America and ranks number 6 in the world.

Despite its size and number of immigrants, Toronto’s law and order are firmly in place. It’s a great example for other cities.

The crime rate here is so low. you have almost nothing to fear. It’s very unlikely that someone is going to mug you or steal your belongings.

Drug use is relatively low, and so are incidents of burglaries. This is why you can walk around with no worries.

That said, you should always be cautious. We live in a fallen world, where criminals lurk in every corner. Even though Toronto is home to good-standing citizens, there are still a few people who spoil this.

So don’t do stupid things that may get you in trouble. You never know when you will be the victim of a crime.

A lot of things to do

Toronto is an amazing city when comes to entertainment. Every year Toronto host TIFF (a famous film festival), and all kind of festivals, music concerts, sports events, and tours.

I’ve been living in Toronto since 2016 and I have yet to explore everything the city has to offer. So if you want to live in a city that will provide a lot of entertainment for you, Toronto is the perfect place.


Toronto’s high standard of living comes at a price though. A very expensive price. It is the most expensive city in Canada. And no wonder!

You can’t get the amazing life of a Torontonian without spending for it. You’ll have to work hard for the money to stay here. Some studies show Toronto as the 10th most expensive city in the world. It’s a sad truth, but not everybody can afford Toronto.

While healthcare is completely free, housing is not. Yes, there are efforts to provide a home for every citizen. But these are still really expensive.

A research firm even went so far as to call Toronto’s housing “severely unaffordable”. Only the rich can buy a house here. The rest of the people have to go for a mortgage or rent. And even these can be very pricey.

Another thing you’ll have to deal with living in Toronto is the high tax rates.

A high standard of living and high tax rates go hand-in-hand. Someone has to pay for the modernization of Toronto, otherwise, the city cannot progress. The ones doing this are the taxpaying citizens.

Another reason why the taxes of Toronto are so high is that the free healthcare system has to be paid for. So don’t be surprised when you see how much taxes are in Toronto.

Getting around is also going to cost you a lot. Again, you get what you pay for. The better something is, the more expensive it will be.

Toronto’s public transit is not perfect, but it is enough to let you get to a place to place. As a result, Most people who live in Toronto, choose not to have a car.

Some people say that the best things in life come for free.

That may be true in some ways, but when it comes to cities, this is not the case at all. Toronto is certainly not an inexpensive city. It is a city where you have to work hard. But it is a city that will reward you with a lot of opportunities.


Opportunities attract people like a magnet. Where there are opportunities, there are people. This is why over the past years, Toronto has become a very big and crowded city.

Toronto is a fast-paced city. Stand still during rush hour, you’ll see floods of people moving all around you. You’ll feel as if wherever you go, there will always be a flock of people.

Parks offer you a place to find peace and get away from the bustle of the city. But once you step out, you’ll find yourself in the middle of the crowds once more.

One of the worst things that crowds bring is traffic. Locals will tell you the traffic is hectic here. Rush hours can leave you sitting in your car for hours and hours.

And even though their roads are good and wide, it still clogs up due to the number of cars. That should give you an idea of how packed Toronto is. It doesn’t matter what time it is when you’re on the road, so many other cars will surround you.

If you’re used to small-town living, Toronto may be overwhelming for you. However, the rush of the crowd is one of the things that makes Toronto. So get used to it. Or better yet, learn to love it.


With around 3 million citizens, Toronto must be a city where you can’t be alone. But this is far from the truth. Yes, people are going to surround you all the time. Yet plenty of Torontonians will tell you they feel so alone. Why is this?

Toronto is a huge city. Any friends you make here are going to live far away from you. And making new friends can be challenging.

People are always in a hurry to get to where they are going because it is such a big city. The pace of this place leaves little time for small talk and chit-chat. Toronto’s culture is quite individualistic. To live here, you need to know how to survive on your own.

Another reason why Toronto is this way is due to its work culture. Everybody strives to reach their goals. They pour so much effort into this, everything else is second priority.

People here may seem unfriendly. But that’s just because they are always busy and usually in a hurry. You may find it somewhat sad, but this is the very thing that has made Toronto a very successful city.

That said, you can make friends in Toronto. The people here are work-minded but not robots. It may take more effort, but you can build a community or join one. You’ll find that the seemingly dull people of Toronto are actually all exciting individuals.


If you’re not used to snow, winters in Toronto are going to be bitterly cold for you. It’s no surprise since Canada is one of the most northern countries.

The temperature drops well below 0 degrees Celsius very often. And because of climate change, expect winters to become even colder in the coming years. So prepare your jacket, you’ll need it.

If you’ve experienced bitter winters before, you’ll find that Toronto’s are relatively tame. You might even find that Torontonian winters will be pleasant for you.

If that’s the case, you may find their summers unpleasant. Toronto is the hottest part of Canada. Summer temperatures reach up to 30 degrees Celsius.

Aside from the heat, the humidity is also a problem. You’ll find that it’s actually the humidity that makes summers in Toronto unpleasant. But once again, if you’re someone who enjoys hot summers, then you’ll like this weather.

It’s hard to judge whether the weather in Toronto is positive or negative. This is going to vary from person to person. It all depends on how cold and hot you can take.

But between the extremes of summer and winter, the weather is pleasant and mild.


Moving to Toronto can be intimidating. This large city has so much to offer, but there are also several challenges you will face. It is a city that is always shifting and expanding.

Toronto today isn’t going to be the same as Toronto tomorrow. But by now, you should have a good idea of what to expect. You now know the positives and negatives of living in Toronto.

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